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Love mercy is about showing someone grace even when undeserved. Follow along to see how you can offer this precious gift when it is hard to do.

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Showing mercy to someone can sometimes be hard to give. It can even be hard to swallow if you're the one receiving the mercy.  But where does mercy come from and is a possible to love mercy?  Here is a story shared with me about this very topic and how mercy was given under tough circumstance.


Gracie sat on the end of the bed crying while holding her Bible close to her chest. Her 12-year-old sister Faith Anne lay on the bed next to Gracie, listening to her tell of God's love and mercy. In the room, next door slept two beautiful little girls, ages 6 months and 2 years. These were Gracie's babies. Gracie's husband had left her for another woman. Faith Anne stayed with Gracie to help her with the girls, and she listened as Gracie read the Bible to her night after night. Gracie believed that God would restore her marriage and bring home the girls’ daddy. As tears ran down her cheeks, she would pray and read. Just when they were all about to give up and move back to their hometown, Gracie’s husband decided to come home. This event changed Faith Anne's life. As an adult now, she shares how watching her sister read and pray was the beginning of wanting to know more about God. Her sister showed love and mercy to her unfaithful husband. Gracie would tell Faith Anne that God showed that same love and compassion for his people by sending his one and only son to die for them. (John 3:16)


So where does mercy come from? And how does a person have the gumption to offer it to someone who is so unlovable? Well, mercy can only come from God. When someone has purposefully hurt you, it can be almost impossible to see them through merciful eyes. But what is mercy exactly? Mercy is when you are spared the bad things you deserve. Gracie's husband did not deserve a second chance, but her love for Jesus offered it, and he eventually came home. Mercy is extended through the love of Christ that lives within you. Our human nature doesn't have the desire or motivation to offer mercy. We like to see people get what they deserve. But are we walking in Jesus footsteps if we desire such justice? In Romans 12:19, we read, “Vengeance is mine, said the Lord.” If you want to be merciful, line yourself up with Him. Spend time with him in the Bible and pray. If you handle all your problems through Jesus’ eyes, eventually mercy becomes a part of you.


Jesus had a great depth of love to offer the world. That love will grow inside of you until mercy flows out to those who meant harm. But the story didn't stop when Gracie's husband came home. Years later, the woman who had an affair with her husband got married and had her first baby. The baby was born with something wrong and was dying. Gracie's love for people led her to help this woman through this hard time. Eventually, the baby died, but God’s love flowed through Gracie to this woman. She didn't get what she deserved; instead, she received mercy. “Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly.” -Micah 6:8

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I hope you enjoyed this message and would love to hear if you ever received mercy or had an opportunity to offer it with the strength of the holy spirit.


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