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Sissy has cancer.  One day she was telling her friend, Mary Katherine, how thankful she is for her friends.  Especially how grateful she is for MK.  Having cancer has been hard and scary. But Sissy has discovered something that most teens don't find out until they have grown.  And some never discover it at all.  Sissy has learned how to be thankful when Facing Storms.

Facing Storms

Photo Courtesy: Pigoff Photography


In chapter 5, verse 18 of the Bible book of 1 Thessalonians, there is a great scripture.  The verse says, “to give thanks in all circumstances.”
Whenever you're traveling along life's road and encounter a massive new challenge, you find yourself searching for a way to handle the ordeal.
Well, every obstacle is different, but 1 Thessalonians 5:18 can help with any challenge we might face.  Let's dig a little deeper into God's Word and try to understand what this means.


Earlier in my Christian walk, I thought this scripture said that I was to thank God FOR everything. For example, in Sissy's case, I would have thanked Him for my cancer. But recently someone pointed out that the verse says to give thanks “in”  all circumstances, not “for” all circumstances.   They explained to me that God isn't asking you to thank him for the terrible, awful thing that has happened.  But to look around you at all the blessing he has placed there to help you through it. In Sissy's case, her friend, MK and all MK has done to help her has been such a blessing.
I think this scripture goes even deeper than that. I believe that it helps a person to look outside of themselves and their problem and focuses their attention on God. It helps us to remember why God placed us here in the first place–to reach out to the unsaved and disciple those who are already in the Christian walk.


You see, when Sissy got cancer she thought her world was coming to an end.  But then she started thanking God “in” her present situation and through that God used her to reach out to so many people. People watched her being transformed through God's help and in this trial. Not only did this scripture draw her closer to God, but it also leads others to a closer relationship with Him.

Living in the light of God and her positive attitude resulted in thanksgiving.  Which helped bring about spiritual, mental and physical healing.


For this new year, 2017, whenever you are facing storms with a mountain to climb or a valley to pass through.  Let me encourage you to stop and seek what God has planted there to help you through it and thank Him!  For you see, Sissy's friend MK didn't know much about Jesus until Sissy got cancer. But now, because of Sissy and her thankfulness in all circumstances,  MK has become a Christian and leans on God herself when faced with her storms.