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Going back

Thoughts while walking yesterday. I love how my mind goes to wandering while I'm out walking or running (well, more walking than running now-days). It's like a switch gets flipped on and the mind begins to flit about here and there and then just settles on something.

Have you ever heard the saying “you can't go back”? Well, I think that is a yes / no statement. I know that it is supposed to communicate the notion that things change and will never be the same. And that is true. I get that. But a big part of me also believes that you CAN go back. As a matter of fact I seem to “go back” all the time. Is it just me, or do most people “go back” as they grow older?

Heck, I'm going back all the time. Sometimes I physically go back to a specific place that I used to frequent. Maybe it's a swimming hole, or a mountain, or a patch of woods that I once enjoyed. You sometimes CAN go back. Sometimes this can be bittersweet / sad. But, even if the place is gone completely (like a place I used to hunt that is now a neighborhood) it can lead to some happy feelings. Other times I just go back in my head. You can go back in your memory and even though you may be sad that things have changed, it is still comforting and good to call them up and remember. You take them out, examine them from all angles and put them back until next time. And enjoy them all over again in the process.

Sometimes it all runs together. People, places, songs, food, even smells. We are constantly going back in some way or another. And it's all good.

That's all until the next walk!

(This post was written by my husband, Marty.  He has a passion for American history, walking/running, mostly walking' and Jesus. I'm so blessed to have him as the editor of this blog. From time to time he will share with us on Life on SUMMERHILL.)