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Stacy and her sister were enjoying coffee at Starbucks during their usual Sunday before church prayer time. After their parents had passed away, they decided to find one day a week to spend time together, catch up from the week before and pray. It was their special time to connect and spend time together. But today Stacy shares that she wants to paint her kitchen, and she just couldn't decide on a color. Her baby sister, who happened to be an Interior Designer, suggested she paint it a soft white. “A soft white kitchen?” said Stacy. That's not a good idea with my golden retriever and two small sons. Plus it doesn't have any color. It would be dirty all the time, and I would spend too much of my time cleaning it. Stacy wasn't so sure about this idea, but she trusted her sister.


Eventually, her little sister talked her into taking a week to think about it and promised to send her some pictures to look at. White is a refreshing, simple, and clean color. If used correctly it can be a fantastic choice. Here are a few suggestions if you are thinking of painting something white or going for an all white design.

  • Picture courtesy of Country Living Magazine

Unlike what most people believe there are an unlimited number of shades of white. To keep this simple, there is a cool white and a warm white. Whenever you're selecting a white start by looking at the room you are working on. If you have to work with existing furniture, cabinets and such, ask yourself if your room has more warm tones or cool tones. If it's warm, then look for a white that has a brown undertone. If it has a more calm tone, then look for a room that's more of a blue undertone. It's that simple.

  • Picture courtesy of Country Living Magazine

So, now the decision of whether you can live with a white room. Stacy has a mental block against white, and that's why her sister suggested she take some time to think about it.

Decorating with Whites can be a challenge when it comes to cleaning. It does require daily touch-ups, and if you happen to be a germaphobe, then white might be a good choice for you because it doesn't hide dirt and germs. ? Overall white can be a great color to use in your decorating. Don't be afraid! If you like bright and airy then white may be the new color for you.