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Monogram seersucker swimsuit top bandeau


Wait a minute… it's still winter!  But can you feel it?  Before we know it spring will be here and you will be slipping in your bathing suit so your winter bleached skin can soak up some golden spring sun.  Ahhh, sounds great doesn't it?

Here in Florida we may be feeling a bit more spring fever than our friends in snow country, but let me remind you to start packing your beach bag because before you know it spring break will be here!  So that's why I started designing Tiny Tulip's new Seersucker Bathing Suit.

Keep your eyes out for seersucker this year.  The past couple of years it's popularity has been building and this year it is poised to be the next BIG thing!  And it is the very epitome of  preppy.

So here's a little information about this absolutely precious seersucker bandeau bathing suit.  It's an all around tube bandeau top which is not only adorable and fashionable but also wonderfully comfortable.  And the seersucker ruffle is the icing on the cake!

Actually, the best part of the suit is the seersucker detail–just the right amount to go with your personal monogram.  What even makes it nicer is that you get to select your combination of colors of bandeau, seersucker and monogram at Tiny  (The new suit is scheduled to be in stock after February 4)  Combine it with your favorite bottoms and add some of your delicious beach accessories like this Southern Girl Prep koozie which you can find at and you will be ready for your next trip to the beach!

So say “BYE- BYE” to the cold and snow and say “HELLO” sun and fun!