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Today I am going to show you how to create art with these watercolor botanical free printables.  These botanical free downloadable art prints are a timeless way to decorate your home, and with this easy project, you will add style and character to your space in no time.

botanical free downloadable art prints

There is something peaceful about plants which makes these free downloadable art prints so unique.

With three sets of botanical prints, you can use them on a wall gallery like our gallery round-up we featured last year, free-standing on a bookcase like these bookcase makeover ideas, or just a single framed piece of art on the wall.

But I plan to use them on my back porch so this DIY will show you how to frame these beauties and hang them on your porch.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below. All opinions are all my own.

Free Downloadable Art Prints

To begin your project, you will need to print the free printable wall art on cardstock.

To download the free printable artwork to frame simple subscribe to my email, and you will receive access to the free printable library.  Not only will you have access to these botanical prints but you will find many more printables to decorate your home.

botanical free downloadable art prints

Now let's gather more supplies to begin this framing project.


Okay, we have our supplies let's get started.

Remove the Interior

First, remove the interior pieces like the backing and glass if you have glass.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project

Sand the Wood

Now sand the wood with the sanding block.

This sanding block is a medium grit block, but a light grit will work too.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project sanding

Remove Grit from Sanding

Next, take a damp paper towel and wipe away any grit from sanding.

Be sure that you barely put water on the paper towel.  My paper towel is more dry than wet.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project cleaning

Apply Vaseline

Now apply some Vaseline in areas where you do not want the paint to bond.

Be very sparing with applying.  It does not take much.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project applying Vaseline

I used a tiny tiny bit on my finger and gently applied it to the areas where I didn't want the paint to bond.

I wanted a lightly distressed look, so I only did a few places here and there.

Paint with Fusion Mineral Paint

For the fun part and that is applying the Fusion mineral paint to the frame.

I recommend following the grain when applying the paint.  Move in long even strokes being sure to have enough time to start and finish your first coat.

Fusion mineral paint dries quickly, so it is essential to be able to apply the first coat all at once with no breaks in between.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project paint with Fusion mineral paint

You will notice as you glide the brush over the Vaseline that the paint beads right off.  That is a good thing on the first coat.

Apply Second Coat of Paint

Remember me saying it does not take long for the paint to dry?

Well, after about 30 minutes apply the second coat of paint.  This time be more generous with the color if you want to cover some of the Vaseline marks.

I found that I liked the look more if I applied more paint to those distressed areas, but it is a personal preference.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project showing where paint didn't adhere to Vaseline

Sanding and Distressing

We are almost finished with this project.

Lightly sand the paint to get a more smooth finish and then use the sanding block to hone away paint on the edges, corners and more.

Sanding random areas and over the Vaseline areas will allow it to have more of a distressed look.

Again, it is a personal preference on how much distress you want.  I did a little here and there as you will see in the final photo.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project sanding over the paint to distress

Mark and Score the Botanical Free Printable

Next, set the free printable on top of the backing for the interior of the frame.  Once you have, it centered make score the edges so you can see where to cut the botanical printable.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project print and score edges to cut print

Then mark the corners which will make it easier when you cut it on a cutting board.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project mark corners to cut

Now take the printable to a cutting board, or you can use a ruler to pencil in the lines and cut with scissors.


Next, use outdoor decoupage and brush it on the centerpiece. The piece that sits behind the photo when you place it back into the frame.

Then use the outdoor decoupage on the back side of the free printable.  Place the two together and use a squeegee or credit card to remove any bubbles and excess decoupage.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project mod podge printable

Once you have the botanical printable adhered to the back of the frame centerpiece go ahead and apply more decoupage to the top of the printable.

Use crisscross and circular motions to give the piece an artist look.

Place Botanical Free Printable Inside Frame

Look at the back for any hanging hooks or holes.  Make sure they are at the top, and the printable is sitting in the right direction.

Next, drop the free printable that has been decoupaged to the backing into the center of the frame.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project adding printable to frame

Press Down the Hooks on the Back

Press down the hooks on the back.  If your frame has other ways of holding the art inside follow those directions.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project secure the printable

Farmhouse Style Framed Watercolor Botanical Art

Yay!  Now you have an original farmhouse style framed watercolor botanical art.

botanical free downloadable art prints DIY frame project displaying printable on back porch

You can use this printable to decorate your home, make cards or more.  The options are endless!


Remembering me talking about using it on my back porch?  Well, I am trying something new this year and bringing more plants to my back porch.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep the plants alive.  Maybe this is why I created these watercolor botanical printables.  They don't need watering, sunshine or anything and they will never die.  LOL!

I hope this post has given you some ideas for your next project.

If you use the printable, please come and comment on how you used them.  I would love to see what fun ways you decorated your home with these botanical free printables.

Happy Decorating!

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