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Are you looking for cozy book nook ideas? We have several reading corner designs that you'll love. Creating a book nook for kids with the perfect book nook chair is on our agenda to show off.

Book Nook Ideas

We can't wait to share with you some cozy reading corner products for your book nooks. From reading nook pillows, to a reading nook table. We will show you how to create a reading nook in a small space. So let's jump into how you can make a cozy reading space for your farmhouse.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.

Book Nook Ideas

If you're reading this and want to know, what is a book nook? Let us answer that for you by showing you some of our favorites. You'll be curling up with your favorite book in the most cuddly spot in no time.

A Cozy Reading Nook In Your Bedroom

A cozy reading nook in your bedroom by Shay Farm 7

If you're looking for the right room in your home to set up a reading nook, look no farther than where you roll out of bed. Carrie, from Shay Farm 7, did just that. She set up her reading area at the foot of her bed.

We love how she has nestled her books in a little wooden crate.

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A Book Nook With Coffee

A book nook with coffee from Stefie Reads

The most important accessory in your book nook might just be your favorite cup of coffee.

Stefie Reads has found a cozy spot with great lighting to settle in with a good book.

Having a tiny vase with some fresh greenery opens up your imagination as you open a new book.

A Reading Corner in Your Home Office

A reading corner in your home office by Nested Sancuary

Molly, over at Nested Sanctuary, set up a reading corner in her home office. She has a sweet cushy pillow and a chunky knitted blanket in a chair right next to her book shelving.

This little corner looks like a great place to take a break from your work and reward yourself with a little reading time.

A Book Nook on a Window Bench

A book nook on a window bench by Warehouse 67 Design

The designers from Warhouse 67 Design came up with this stunning book nook idea.

Can't you just imagine crawling up on this window bench or daybed and snuggling in with a book and then drifting off into dreamland? It's a rustic chic spot for a farmhouse.

A Reading Nook With Oversized Chairs

A reading nook with oversized chairs by Cali Girl In A Southern World

These oversized chairs are perfect for a reading nook. Having the option to curl up your feet in the chair under you or even kicking up your feet on a knitted footstool is perfection.

Lighting a candle is a great idea that Meeghan, from Cali Girl In A Southern World, had in her reading area.

A Book Nook in a Craft Area

A book nook in a craft area by Blessed Farmhouse Loving Mama

Misty, from Blessed Farmhouse Loving Mama, created a book nook in a craft area. What a great idea!

As a mom, it can be hard to find some quiet time. So, creating a reading area where your little ones will already be entertained is pure brilliance.

These comfy chairs remind us of the post we wrote about slipcover sofas. Maybe our next post should be best slipcover chairs!

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A Book Nook for Children

A book nook for children by Montessori Mother

This great little reading area is from Montessory Mother. There's not only a great little bench for the kids to climb onto, but they can cuddle on the plush rug with a book.

This shelving is great and the books can be swapped out to keep the kids interested and coming back to see what's new.

A Reading Area in a Playroom

A reading area in a playroom by Sydney Gerten

Look at this adorable playroom!

Sydney Gerten's has incorporated a reading area into a playroom and that's a great idea. Knowing that reading can be fun, is an excellent way to instill the love of reading in your children.

The floating shelves on this wall are simple yet just right for this room. Also, what farmhouse doesn't look amazing with wallpaper and this herringbone wallpaper is perfect. If you want to see more farmhouse wallpaper ideas, hop over to our farmhouse style wallpaper, all focused on the newer farmhouse trend.

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Cottagecore Reading Nook

Adding a rug under a hammock swing in a cottagecore reading nook

Last is this charming and cozy reading nook we created for my niece's Cottagecore bedroom. Adding a hanging hammock swing with ivy inside her dormer window is the perfect aesthetic. She loves to read and play her ukulele when sitting in this niche.


Are your wheels turning now on what your book nook can look like? We love the idea of creating a cozy little reading corner.

Who says you have to be reading a book? You could always pull up your favorite blog and read through posts that will inspire you.

For more ideas, try these cozy book nook ideas or how to build a reading nook.

Happy Decorating!


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