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9 Dreamy Cottagecore Bedroom Ideas to Make a Perfect Oasis

Let's talk about cottagecore bedroom ideas to create the perfect aesthetic for your room. I will share all the details of how we transformed my niece's bedroom into a dreamy retreat right in her own home.

Cottagecore bedroom ideas

Once upon a time, I wrote about Cottagecore decorating, and to my surprise, many people have loved it. After helping my niece decorate her bedroom in this style, I thought you might love a tour and appreciate some cottagecore bedroom ideas.

This is a tour to see all her cottagecore bedroom ideas. And when done, you can create a dreamy retreat too.

Now let's take a tour of her room. Then I will share designer tips and tricks so you can create a cozy cottage feel in your bedroom.

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Cottagecore Bedroom Ideas

A cottagecore bedroom design is more than color, style, and combination of textures. In my cottagecore decor ideas post, I explain how it creates a mood and feeling. An idealized life in the country.

So when planning this style of room, you want to use traditional design elements. But you want to create a scene or stage using cottagecore room decor.

The first place to begin when designing your Cottagecore bedroom is to decide on your exact core aesthetic. For my niece's room, we went with a vintage aesthetic.

Cottagecore Bedroom Checklist

I want to start by sharing my cottagecore bedroom checklist. This list is a great place to start when creating any bedroom but this time, I added more details to create this idealized space.

When shopping for your bedroom, look for vintage items or antique furniture at thrift stores, second-hand stores, garage sales, and grandma's attic – with her permission, of course. Also, look at regular stores for items that have a vintage look.

When I first married my husband his mom had an attic full of decor. The house they lived in was her parent's before her. It was an old late 1800s house. You can imagine how old some of the items were in the attic.

It also helped that she kept everything. I even found a bureau mirror frame in the attic. It now sits in my house with a chalkboard inside, and I share how to make this easy handmade chalkboard.

Now that we have a checklist of items we need in this room, let's take a tour so I can walk you through how to create a cottagecore bedroom for your home.

Cottagecore Bed Decorations

I like to recommend starting with the largest item in the room when it comes to decorating. And I usually encourage you to pick out an inspiration piece to base all your colors and style, but, in this case, we are focusing on natural materials, fabrics, and neutral colors to fit the nostalgic look so I suggested linen and cotton for the texture of the bedding.

Linen duvet over with paisley throw folded at the end of the a bed in a cottagecore bedroom

So we went with neutral colors with a paisley design throw folded neatly at the foot of the bed. Floral patterns would have also worked well. Then we tossed a sham to match at the top and included some throw pillows.

Accent pillows on a bed in a cottage core bedroom

Layering accent pillows can make an ordinary bed extraordinary and give the room a cozy feel.

LInen bedding in a Cottage core bedroom

But the icing on the cake for this bed is the leafy vines that run around the top of the canopy. Adding all this greenery began the journey into that idealized bedroom.

Leafy vines wrapped around a canopy bed in a Cottage style bedroom

Now that we have the bed in place with the perfect cottagecore charm, let's place the furniture around the room and I will explain why we chose each piece and its placement.

Vintage Furniture for a Cottagecore Bedroom

Our first mission was to find nightstands that would fit our cottagecore look.

Vintage Nightstands

This is where we got lucky because as I started decorating this room I started asking if they had any other old pieces of furniture around the house we could use in my niece's bedroom. And you will not believe it when I tell you that this beautiful bureau was tucked inside of a closet. What good news!

Antique bureau used as a nightstand in a Cottagecore bedroom

It was the perfect piece to act as a nightstand, add storage, and fit the cozy cottage look.

Next, we needed something on the other side of the bed, and since my niece loves to read, we borrowed this bookcase from their old playroom. Again, it had that vintage vibe, and what says cozy more than a bookcase filled with books?

Bookcase filled with books for a teenagers cottagecore bedroom

Cottagecore Reading Nooks

Just in case you are wondering why I made nooks plural let me show you why.

First, there just happens to be the perfect little reading nook in this bedroom. My niece has a room with a dormer window and it has hanging chair written all over it. LOL! The natural lighting here could not be more perfect.

Hanging chair in a reading nook in a teenagers cottagecore bedroom

If you have a nook anywhere in your bedroom, consider making it into a cozy reading niche. But since my niece loves to read and had this other beautiful chair we thought two reading spaces would be fun.

So we found this wicker drum and anchored the chair by the bookcase to give her a second cozy spot. Wicker baskets go wonderfully with the cottagecore decor and offer additional storage. It's a lovely spot for a good book and cup of tea.

Cottagecore reading corner with wicker drum for end table

Vintage Armoire for Storage

Last is this armoire which is one of her favorite pieces of furniture. It belonged to her daddy.

She loves it mostly because of all the drawers and compartments inside. It was the perfect piece to fit into her cozy cottage vibe.

Antique armoire in a cottage style bedroom

So we turned it into the corner next to the chair but what we did on top is where we combined imagination with accessories.

Now let's talk about accessories. This is where this cottagecore aesthetic will take hold with wall decor and decorations.

Cottagecore Wall Decor

Now we are starting to get down to the good stuff, and that is all the wall decor.

Remember me saying this is an idealized space? Here are a few ways you can make that happen on your walls.

First, use mirrors with frames like the period you are trying to recreate. My niece has this ornate vintage mirror nestled perfectly next to her armoire. Adding mirrors will double your room space and make it feel larger or, in some instances, give it more charm and sparkle.

Gothic mirror decoration for a Cottagecore bedroom

Second, make a gallery wall of decor that gives the room the feeling you are going for.

Gallery wall in a Cottage core bed room

We pulled together some of my niece's favorite things like lavender, dried flowers, butterflies, and some of her art to make a cottagecore gallery wall. Floral prints would also work well. Thrift stores are a great resource for decor. Check out my post with the best decorating ideas from thrift stores. You can also check out my post about my free printable wall art.

Frog art and butterflies in a cottagecore bedroom

Third, look for wall art such as larger vintage art or posters, in our situation, that gives the vibe you love. We simply tacked them to the wall. As she changes her mind, she can easily change out her posters.

Poster art

Fourth are shelves. Shelves are a great way to get the cottagecore look because you will fill them with many wonderful smaller decorations or traditional crafts. We added shelves over her bookcase and another handmade bookshelf in her reading nook.

Shelves filled with decorations to get a cottagecore aesthetic

And last, since she loves to play the guitar and ukelele, we decided they were perfect for wall decor, and it gave them a great place to store them. There was just enough wall space on each side of her closet to fit all her instruments.

Isn't that so pretty!!

Decorating with guitars and ukulele

Cottagecore Table Accessories

We are in the homestretch of these cottagecore bedroom ideas, and this is where we had the most fun. When decorating with accessories, look for these items.

Plants, Dried Flowers, and Natural Elements

Using plants around a room is the perfect way to create a cottagecore vibe. Faux plants work just as well if you don't have a green thumb with live plants!

Plant decorations in a Cottage style bed room

In addition to using lavender in the mason jars on the wall, we placed sprigs in bottles and plants on shelves and furniture. You can use the dried wild flowers of your choice.

Lavendar in jars hanging on walls

Bottles and Jars

There is something about bottles and jars that have a mystical quality. You always wonder where the bottle has been and what it was used for, but most of all, who are the people who used it?

A great way to get that core aesthetic is decorating with bottles and jars, as we did here on the shelves. You can usually find inexpensive and interesting bottles and jars at flea markets or thrift stores. Keep an eye out for vintage vases as well.

Vintage bottles and jars in front of a sea oil painting sitting on shelves

You can leave them empty or place things inside like shells, flowers, and such.

Candleholders and Candles

Candles are the perfect decoration to give any room a cozy vibe. So for this bedroom, we used some brass candleholders and jar candles. Not only do they fit the vibe, but they make the room smell pretty.

Candles and candleholder in a cottagecore bedroom


Books are the easiest way to decorate tabletops. We stacked old books and then place decorations on top of them as we did here.

Jar of buttons and a mushroom sitting on top a stack of books

Vintage Timepieces

Grab vintage timepieces for great decor items when you shop at vintage stores. My niece wanted an old-time typewriter in her room. She found this typewriter while vintage shopping, and we thought it would look so pretty on top of the armoire.

Old vintage typwriter in a suitcase on an armoire

Fairy Lights

And last, we tossed some fairy lights on top of the armoire with the old-fashioned typewriter. When the lights are on, it creates the dreamiest feeling that this room once belonged to a writer like Emily Bronte or Jane Austin.


We have covered all the elements to make a bedroom feel that cottagecore aesthetic. Except for a cozy rug. We tossed this sheepskin rug under the hanging chair to anchor the nook more and type in the whole book nook design. What a wonderful place to curl up with a good book.

Adding a rug under a hammock swing in a cottagecore reading nook

Now let's go back over everything so you can decorate your bedroom in a cottagecore style.

Final Thoughts

First, decide on the idealized setting you are wanting to create. To tell you the truth, we didn't have an exact core theme, but when it was over and I started writing it down, I realized her room is a 19th-century writers-core space with nature-core, reminiscent of simpler times.

I am pretty sure we just made up our new cottagecore style. LOL!

Now that you have the core aesthetic, look for furniture, accessories, and bedding to fit that style. Place your furniture into their spots, then dress your bed with accent pillows and cozy throws.

Naturecore bedroom design

Next, add wall decor and accessories to the tables and shelves.

Table decoration for a cottagcore bedroom

Last, don't forget a cozy rug, especially if your floors are wood or tile. In fact, go for a larger rug if it is a solid surface. Here are more decor vintage-inspired ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

I hope this inspired you to give your bedroom a cottagecore vibe. If you want more inspiration for your cottagecore home, check out these cottagecore room ideas and this vintage aesthetic bedroom. We even show how to make a shiplap with plywood so you can make your walls look like they came from another time period.

If you have any questions about the cottagecore lifestyle, please feel free to ask in the comments. And I would love to know what style Cottagecore you are considering for your bedroom.

Happy Decorating!