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17 Best Christmas Tree Base Ideas For Festive Decor

When you set up your Christmas tree, you'll want the right skirt, and we've got the perfect Christmas tree base ideas for this holiday season. We're sharing popular Christmas tree collars in different textures and colors. There are many options for choosing the perfect tree collar for your home, from woven baskets, to metal bases and even crocks for you to pick from.

Christmas Tree Base Ideas from a white and red collar, wicker collar and white metal collar.

Christmas tree skirts have always been the perfect decor for under your tree, but a tree collar is the newer option for your Christmas tree base. And whether you have real trees or artificial trees, we have the perfect options for your decor style.

The assembly is simple and there is no need to straighten a messy skirt on the floor anymore. Come check out these options.

Christmas Tree Base Ideas

It's fun to update your holiday decor from year to year and one of these Christmas tree collars would be a great addition to your home.

Basket Tree Bases

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a flocked artificial tree surrounded by a woven basket tree collar and laced with a white ribbon

I love how a tree collar frees up floor space around the base of your Christmas tree.

The neutral colors of this basket collar allows me to change my Christmas decor from year to year if I choose, without the worry of buying a new base.

Woven Tree Collar

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a Woven Tree Collar with handles.

This woven tree collar is by Crate and Barrel. They have loads of tree collars that are so beautiful!

It's perfect for the basket lover and even better if you're home is decorated with farmhouse decor.

Rustic Rope Tree Collar

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a Rustic Rope Tree Collar from Target

The textures of this rustic rope tree collar are from the Wondershop collection at Target.

Update: Target is out of this tree collar, but here is another decorative tree base that is very similar.

This Christmas tree base will allow you to match your home decor and add some charm and a rustic look while you're at it.

Chic Black Tree Base

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a Chic Black Tree Base from Target

Kirkland's has this chic black Christmas tree base.

The look is classy and the lines are clean with the woven wooden strips.

Update: This tree color is out of stock but here is a similar black woven tree collar that is also gorgeous.

Red & White Tree Collar

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a Red & White Tree Collar from Crate & Barrel

Update: This Christmas tree base is out of stock, but here is a beautiful red one I found on Amazon has many more beautiful designs.

This candy cane striped Christmas tree base from Crate & Barrel is made of recycled plastic bottles. They have lots of beautiful tree collar options on their website.

The braided and stitched look of this tree collar would add the perfect pop of color under your tree.

Galvanized Bucket Christmas Tree Base

Christmas tree base ideas like this galvanized bucket with a real Christmas tree inside that is decorated with lights and a white and red ribbon.

In my Christmas Decorating Porch Ideas post, I show you my mini Christmas tree that I've nestled into a galvanized bucket for an easy DIY idea. And if you don't have a bucket, a wooden crate is another good option of how to add Christmas tree decorations to your front porch.

It creates a perfectly beautiful look for the outdoors but would be perfect inside your home as well.

Antiqued Tree Collar

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with an Antiqued Tree Collar from Pottery Barn

Update: Pottery Barn is out of this collar, but I found this galvanized tree collar that is very similar.

Pottery Barn has this antiqued zinc tree collar. Its rustic touch belongs in a farmhouse. But it is also a beautiful and creative addition to your Christmas decorations.

Galvanized Tree Collar

The wording on this galvanized tree base adds so much character and is a click away on Amazon.

With the distressed finish, you will be able to create a great festive look in your home.

Galvanized Snowflake Tree Collar

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a Galvanized Snowflake Tree Collar from Pier 1

Update: This tree collar is out of stock, but this snowflake tree collar I found is so pretty!

Pier 1 doesn't make narrowing down the Christmas tree base ideas easy. But they do have many different sizes and styles. This galvanized snowflake tree collar is so cute and adds childlike wonder to the decor.

White Enamel Christmas Tree Base

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a White Enamel Christmas Tree Base from Amazon

A vintage look is created by this white enamel Christmas tree base from Amazon. This will be the perfect addition if your decor is black and white.

Gold Hammered Tree Collar

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a Gold Hammered Tree Collar from Crate & Barrel

Gold decorations are trending right now, and this gold hammered tree collar fits right into that look. This style gives your holiday decor an elegant look.

Crate & Barrel nailed this look, and it will easily become a classic piece.

Crock Base For A Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a Christmas Tree In A Crock

Stoneware crocks have had so many uses over the years. I love how this tree looks with a crock base.

You can check out how I got this tree to stand inside this crock in my post, A Christmas Tree Santa Will Love To Leave Gifts Under.

Crock For A Christmas Tree Base

Christmas Tree Base Ideas with a Crock for A Christmas Tree Base

This is a 5-gallon crock that will hold a Christmas tree perfectly. When decorating a farmhouse for Christmas, adding a stoneware crock is a great idea!

Shop the post:

Decorative Tree Base Crate

Decorative tree base crate

Crate-style decorative tree bases look so beautiful under Christmas trees. The grey one looks fantastic contrasted with a white flocked Christmas tree. Click warm gray wooden tree collar to check it out.

Plaid Decorative Tree Collar

Plaid decorative tree collar

This tartan Christmas tree collar has such a cozy and charming Christmas feel to it. Look at the fluffy white trim on the bottom. The red, black and white plaid design will pair nicely with traditional Christmas decorations.

Tartan Christmas Tree Skirt

Hearth and Hand plaid Christmas tree base

So far, all we have talked about are Christmas tree collars, but for many years Christmas tree skirts were the trend, and they still are trendy.

Look at this adorable green, red and whtie tartan tree skirt by Hearth and Hand. All their Christmas decor is beuatiful this year until I gathered our favorite in this Best of Hearth and Hand blog post.

Studio McGee at Target plaid Christmas tree skirt

Another favorite is this plaid Christmas tree skirt by Studio McGee at Target. This is such a timeless and transitional design that it will fit in with many design styles. You can find the best of Studio McGee at Target decor in this post.


If you had never heard of a Christmas tree collar before reading this post, we hope you now have the inspiration to add one to your holiday decor. They are great pieces that will last through the years and make a statement without taking up more space.

If you're looking for more Christmas decor inspiration, be sure to check out:

Now that you are considering a tree collar under your tree consider these lovely free printable farmhouse Christmas DIY gift tags to add to your lovely Christmas presents.

Happy Decorating!


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