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Crafting Christmas Cheer with Paper: Printables for a Festive Season

Ah, the holiday season! A time for family, feasting, and of course, decking the halls with festive cheer. But let's face it, store-bought decorations can be a bit, well, predictable. This year, why not infuse your home with a touch of personal magic? Enter the world of paper printables, a treasure trove of charming and affordable DIY delights waiting to be unleashed. These printable Christmas crafts will be holiday cheer to your home.

christmas craft printables

For our family, printable Christmas crafts have always held a special place. From childhood memories of crafting paper bag stars to evenings spent making whimsical garlands, these simple projects have a way of weaving joy into the season. It's an inexpensive, accessible form of creativity, often requiring little more than what we already have on hand and a fun way to spend time with family members.

What is Trending in Christmas Crafts?

Printable Christmas crafts are one of the top trending items in Christmas crafts. They're inexpensive, easy, and a great way to decorate.

DIY wreaths are also trending, and it just so happens we have a printable wreath DIY we're going to show you.

DIY ornaments are also trending, so you should check out How to Make Velvet Ornaments: DIY Christmas Decor. But let's get back to the super fun printable holiday crafts!

Printable Christmas Crafts

This love for papery delights blossomed into our Etsy shop this Christmas season, where we now share over 300 designs, a delightful blend of holiday-specific and evergreen printables.

Today, I want to delve into some of our favorites, sharing how we've incorporated them into our own Christmas décor and sparking your imagination for your own festive endeavors.

What Can I Make from Printable Christmas Crafts?

You will not believe how many fun things you can make from printable Christmas crafts. They're an easy way to be creative and share your holiday spirit.

We're going to dive into fun crafts like garlands, gingerbread house candle holders, advent calendars, wreaths, and more. These easy Christmas crafts will leave you feeling jolly.

12 Days of Christmas Garland

This 12 days of Christmas garland wonder, available in our shop, is a symphony of festive charm. Drape it across your mantel for a touch of whimsical elegance, or let it cascade down a bookshelf or window for a playful pop of color.

12 Days of Christmas fireplace mantel decoration

For more detailed instructions and inspiration, check out my dedicated blog post on crafting this 12 Days of Christmas masterpiece.

Christmas Village Candle Holder Centerpiece

This enchanting printable is a two-in-one treat! Not only does this printable craft create an adorable candle holder centerpiece, but it also doubles as a gingerbread house coloring page, perfect for keeping little hands entertained.

It's so much fun for kids of all ages to do. Not to mention a perfect way to keep them busy during Christmas break. Choose the vibrant pre-colored version or unleash your inner artist with the black and white option.


For complete assembly instructions and more styling ideas, head over to my DIY Christmas village candle holder post.

Nutcracker Garlands Printable Christmas Crafts

Feeling a touch more whimsical for Christmas time? We've got you covered with two delightful Nutcracker garland printable decorations for the festive season.

Petite Pastel Nutcracker Garland

The first, a petite pastel wonder, is like a sugary sprinkle of Christmas cheer, perfect for gracing a child's bedroom door and a simple way of adding a touch of whimsy to your hutch.

Christmas decorating with nutcrackers

Watercolor Nutcracker Garland

For a bolder statement, opt for the larger, vibrantly colored Nutcracker garland printable. Its eye-catching hues will make it the star of any holiday display.

Decorating for Christmas with Nutcracker garland printables

You'll find more decorating inspiration in my post on adorning your home with Nutcrackers.

Stocking Advent

Advent calendars are a delightful way to countdown to the big day, and this paper stocking advent is a surefire hit. Fill each stocking with tiny treats like chocolate coins, peppermints, or a fun activity for a delightful daily surprise all the way to Christmas Eve.

Hang it anywhere from your living room wall to your bedroom door, and let the anticipation build with each passing day.

Christmas craft printable advent calendar

For detailed assembly instructions on this fun idea, be sure to check out my blog post on crafting this paper stocking advent calendar.

Paper Cookie Wreath

Wreaths are a classic holiday decoration, but this year, I decided to give them a papery twist. This no-bake cookie wreath printable is as charming as it is easy to make.

No bake printable Christmas cookie wreath

Simply gather these supplies:

Print and cut out all the cookies. Then arrange the greenery on the frame, layer in the cookies with hot glue. Add a twine bow and hot glue more cookies on the tails and voila!

You've got a sweet and stylish wreath that's perfect for your front door, china cabinet, or anywhere else that needs a touch of Christmas cheer.

DIY printable cookie wreath

Need a hand hanging your wreath? I've got you covered with a whole host of helpful blog posts: how to hang a wreath on a glass door, how to hang a wreath with ribbon, and how to hang wreaths in windows to share the Christmas fun with everyone.

Paper Snowflakes

These delicate beauties are a timeless Christmas classic and one of my favorite printable activities. The printable templates available in my “how to make paper snowflakes” post make creating them a breeze, and the best part? They're free!

How to make a snowflake out of a paper bag

There are so many different ways you can decorate with your paper snowflakes. Hang them from hooks, suspend them from the ceiling, or let them dance in the breeze on your porch (for best results, make sure they stay dry!).

I'd love to hear your great idea on how to decorate with your paper snowflakes.

Gingerbread Man Garland

And last but not least, we have this sweet and simple gingerbread man garland. It's a project the whole family can enjoy, and the results are endlessly charming holiday fun.

Gingerbread man garland printable christmas crafts DIY

Simply cut out the gingerbread men, make tiny slits on their sides, and thread them onto a ribbon of your choice. It's like they're carrying a plump tummy full of Christmas cheer!

Christmas craft idea using printable gingerbread men and making them into a garland

Here are a few helpful tips. First, tape the end of the ribbon that you are using to thread through the gingerbread men. This holds the ribbon together and makes it much easier to thread.

Second, hang your gingerbread men garland straight onto a shelf or onto a wall. They want to lean forward so by doing this it helps them to stand up straight.

DIY Christmas gingerbread men garland printable christmas craft decoration

Great places to decorate with these delicious paper gingerbread men are just about anywhere. Over a hot cocoa bar, hutch, furniture, walls, windows, fireplace mantel, and the list goes on.

Our guys fit in perfect on the hutch with all the Santa mugs. You cannot help but smile when you see them. I thought it was a cute idea to use red and white ribbon, it reminds me of candy canes.

Christmas Letter Garland

Okay maybe one more idea and this one you can change out for other holidays.

Grab some paper, scissors, and your creative spirit – let's cut out some merry letters! Spell out “Merry Christmas,” “Ho ho ho,” or anything that makes your heart jingle.

There's no better way to personalize your Christmas party or celebration. Then, string those paper pals onto some twine, like threading a magical holiday necklace like I did on this pennant banner garland, and scallop letter garland.

Now, where to hang your great Christmas craft? China cabinets and hutches get a whimsical touch, windows spread cheer to the neighborhood, and walls, doors, even the mantelpiece – the possibilities are endless!

So gather your crew, crank some carols, and make this Christmas one to remember, one snip and string at a time. Remember, the best part is the memories you make along the way while making your Christmas craft projects!

Final Thoughts on Printable Christmas Crafts

So there you have it! A whirlwind tour of some of our favorite printable Christmas crafts and how we've used them to bring a touch of handmade magic to our holiday décor at the most wonderful time of the year.

Remember, this is just a starting point. There are so many fun activities and easy crafts you can do with the whole family. The world of paper printables is vast and full of possibilities, so don't be afraid to get creative with fun Christmas crafts and explore!

Do you have any favorite Christmas paper crafts or printable ideas? Share your printable Christmas activities in the comments below.

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Happy Decorating!