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Crafting Your 12 Days of Christmas Garland Printable

Embrace the festive spirit by crafting this beautiful 12 Days of Christmas garland decoration for your home—the perfect holiday activity. If you're a DIY enthusiast, a Christmas decor lover, and a fan of the 12 Days of Christmas song, this blog post is tailor-made for you. Let's dive into the world of crafting and ideas for decorating with your garland.

12 Days of Christmas Garland printable craft decoration

I love the Christmas carols of the holiday season. One of the more popular songs this time of year is the Twelve Days of Christmas. It is a timeless classic beginning with “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me – a partridge in a pear tree.” It is such a fun song to sing and even more fun to use as inspiration for Christmas decorations.

Which brings me to my most recent Christmas printable decoration – the 12 Days of Christmas garland. This garland is touches traditional Christmas themes that will bring a touch of nostalgia to your Christmas decor.

12 Days of Christmas Garland DIY

This DIY garland is absolutely beautiful in a watercolor technique. Each day has a number with the item painted in watercolor from the song. For example, two turtle doves has a number 2 and then doves in the picture. The whole set creates a beautiful garland for your home.

If you love this song and/or watercolor then you will enjoy hanging this garland in your home. Now let's get started making your 12 Days of Christmas carol garland.

What Materials Do I Need?

Materials to make a 12 Days of Christmas garland with paper

Crafting Instructions:

Before you begin gather your supplies and download your 12 Days of Christmas printable from out Etsy shop. After you download the printables go ahead and print them on regular paper or cardstock.

If you do not have a printable you can send them to a print shop like Fedex copy, UPS stores, and Office Depot.

Step 1: Precise Cutting

Carefully cut around the 12 Days of Christmas frames, leaving a small white border outside the frame and along the folding piece at the top.

Cutting out each number from this 12 Days of Christmas garland printable

Step 2: String Setup

Position the string at the desired hanging point for your garland and trim the string to match that length, adding a few inches on each end for flexibility.

Step 3: Layout Arrangement

Lay the string flat on a surface and arrange all 12 Days of Christmas pieces in sequential order beneath the string. This step allows you to visualize the overall design.

Step 4: Secure Folding

Fold the folding piece under, ensuring the string is enclosed, and secure the folding piece behind the design using tape. This creates a clean and seamless look.

Demonstrating how to make a garland for the 12 Days of Christmas

Step 5: Hang and Adjust

Hang your garland and adjust the designs along the string for even distribution. This is where you bring your creation to life!

What are Decorating Ideas with 12 Days of Christmas Garland?

1. Wall Wonderland

Hang your garland on a wall to transform it into a festive focal point that spreads holiday joy. We have hooks in our kitchen sitting area so it is easy to hang garland on the wall but if you do not have hooks you can use command hooks.

12 Days of Christmas garland printable decoration hanging on a wall for the holidays

2. Christmas Tree Trimmings

Christmas trees are such fun to decorate in different ways every year. Adorn your Christmas tree with the 12 Days of Christmas garland for a unique and charming touch.

12 Days of Christmas Christmas tree decorations

This looks particulary pretty on a tree filled with ornaments.

3. Christmas Mantel Magic

Drape the garland on your fireplace mantel to create a cozy and warm holiday ambiance.

12 Days of Christmas fireplace mantel decoration

Garland looks so pretty on mantels! This location in my home gives it better visibility than almost anywhere else. You can hang your 12 Days of Christmas garland under a greenery garland or simply between the stockings on the mantel.

4. Furniture Highlight

Enhance your any piece of furniture such as a hutch, china cabinets, or footboard on a bed with the festive garland, turning it into a delightful holiday showcase. My hutch was to small for this garland but if you have a wider hutch this garland will look so pretty.

Final Thoughts on the 12 Days of Christmas Garland

I hope you enjoyed this fun craft project. It's perfect if you enjoy homemade decorations but could use a little help getting started.

As you explore the many ways to decorate with your personalized 12 Days of Christmas garland, revel in the joy of crafting and the festive spirit it brings to your home. Embrace the season's creativity and make this garland a cherished part of your holiday traditions.

Where would you hang the 12 Days of Christmas garland? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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Happy Decorating!