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Today we wanted to share with you the idea of decorating with gingerbread houses. You can incorporate works of art your loved ones have made or replicas purchased at a home decor store. No matter where your gingerbread house came from, it deserves to be displayed center stage.

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses

If you have a family tradition of assembling gingerbread houses yearly, then you know the work that goes into each beautiful piece.

Maybe you don't have a baker's tomb but have purchased ceramic or wooden gingerbread houses.

We can't wait to show you some great ways to put your decorated gingerbread house on display in your home.

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Tanja, at Enchanted Parties Montreal, owns a business focused on party-throwing. This party was a gingerbread house decorating party and the decor is breathtaking.

It would be fun to throw a party like this on a beautiful day outdoors. We have lots of outdoor party decoration ideas.

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses by Enchanted Parties Montreal with gingerbread house decorating party decor

Using gingerbread house cookies and full houses as part of party decor is a brillant idea. You don't only have to be decorating gingerbread to in-cooperate them in your decor. Consider using them if you are hosting a cookie exchange or a simple gift exchange. Gingerbread houses make beautiful centerpieces.

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Gingerbread Houses As A Table Centerpiece

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses by The Revelry Co. with gingerbread houses as a table centerpiece

If you have a runner on your dining room table and want the perfect centerpiece, be inspired by Rachel & Jaime's, from The Revelry Co. The colorful winter wonderland that they have created awakens your imagination.

A dessert Christmas party would be fun to host with this tablescape.

Exquisite Gingerbread House

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses by Silverodlan with an exquisite gingerbread house

If you have the talent that Merja, over at Silverodlan, has then your gingerbread house can stand alone as decor on your kitchen countertop. A snowy wonderland can be captured by sprinkling some powdered sugar on a platter that you set your gingerbread house in the center of.

Adding twinkling lights inside your gingerbread house adds even more glamour, don't you agree? Last year I made a Apple Candle Village that in-cooperates another twinkle to your home.

Gingerbread Houses Amongst A Coffee Bar

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses by EJN Decor with gingerbread houses amongst a coffee bar

Scattering gingerbread houses throughout your coffee bar that have purchased from your favorite home decor store is a great idea. The neutral colors don't distract from other decor.

Evelyn, from EJN Decor, incorporates her wooden gingerbread house Target dollar spot finds in a great way.

Gingerbread House With Rae Dunn Pieces

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses by The Crazy Krafters with a gingerbread house next to a Rae Dunn display

Shannon, from The Crazy Krafters, has an adorable Rae Dunn display adorned with gingerbread men, women, and houses. The garland and rolling pins are the perfect accessories for this vignette. This is sweet farmhouse decor.

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Gingerbread House Cookie In A Glass Jar

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses by Farm To Table Creations with a gingerbread house cookie in a glass jar

Once you've decorated your gingerbread cookies, finding a way to display the uneaten ones is brilliant. Kelly, from Farm To Table Creations, created this enchanted area with her gingerbread house cookie inside a jar with sugar and bottle brush trees.

This looks as sweet as I bet it smells.

DIY Wooden Gingerbread Houses

One Christmas I made these fun and super cute wooden block gingerbread houses. I have a post you can read here to follow along with my tutorial and create your very own unique wooden gingerbread houses.

I love how these turned out and they look great just about anywhere. I styled them on the mantel with and minimal garland to create a clean simple look.

A Gingerbread House On A Tiered Tray

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses by Buttermilk Chic By Wendy with a gingerbread house on a tiered tray with lots of other goodies

Wendy, over at Buttermilk Chic By Wendy, assembled this wintery tiered tray and in-cooperated a Rae Dunn inspired gingerbread house. There are so many yummy details on this tray!

Gingerbread People & Homes On A Tray

Decorating With Gingerbread Houses by Cherished Treasures with gingerbread people and homes on a tray

This display that Annette, from Cherished Treasures, has in her home is perfect to warm a heart at Christmas time. This collection of gingerbread people and homes centered around this tiered tray is pure show-stealing.

The best thing about these gingerbread houses is the fact that they are a DIY  project from the white porcelain houses found at the Target dollar spot. They are precious and will keep from year to year.

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There are countless ways for decorating with gingerbread houses during Christmas. And did you know you can leave them out past Valentine's day too?

Here is where we made gingerbread houses out of wood for Valentine's day but since it is Christmas they will be perfect for the holidays too.

We hope to have gotten your wheels starting to turn and can't wait to hear the ideas that you've come up with on your own.

Happy Decorating!

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