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8 Charming Outdoor Party Decoration Ideas

We have been in the party-planning mood recently here over at the blog. We have specifically been into outdoor parties. If you, like us, love the idea of a charming outdoor garden party, here are some lovely outdoor party decoration ideas to inspire you!

outdoor party decoration ideas

I could not get enough of these excellent decorators this week!

The spreads featured in this week's post are stunning, and I hope they bring you as much joy as they've brought us.

There is something absolutely magical about outdoor party decorations.  The summer season with its warm weather is a great time and popular choice to have an outdoor party but not the only time of year. Anytime from early spring to early fall, or even late fall depending on your weather, is a good time to host an outdoor celebration. Our Thanksgiving dinner and Mother's day brunch were both outdoors, and it was terrific!

Outdoor Party Decoration Ideas FAQs:

How Can I Decorate my Backyard for a Party?

There are many considerations when you're planning an outdoor party. The party theme, who will be attending and food and drink options. Of course, it's always a good idea to check the weather. We've collected eight amazing ideas for decorating for outdoor entertaining, many of which will work for your own backyard event.

Is it Expensive to Decorate for an Outdoor Party?

Decorating for an outdoor party doesn't need to be expensive. There are many ways to decorate without spending a lot of money. You'll likely find simple decorations you need around the house and what you don't find there, you can find at the dollar store or even thrift shops. Tea lights, fairy lights, fresh flowers and even fruit are a great way to make your outdoor space feel elegant and classy. The best way to decorate for your backyard party is to work within your budget and give yourself plenty of time to find inexpensive items.

Outdoor Party Decoration Ideas

From ambient string lights to vibrant floral arrangements, to beautiful landscapes, these outdoor party decoration ideas have it all!

We have some real stunners this week, so get ready to be inspired. No matter what your special occasion, you're sure to find a great idea for your own outdoor event.

Deck Party Ideas

outdoor party decoration ideas Joyful Derivatives
Photo courtesy: Joyful Derivations

Elegant. Glamorous. Beautiful. Need I say more?

But I will say more!

Rachel gets us with both her classy voice of tableware and chairs and her gorgeous color palette. The gold is eye-catching up against the subtle powder blue.

The splash of pink from the flowers ties it all together so well!

Gazebo Party Decorating Ideas

Charming Outdoor Dinner Party Decor Ideas Angelas Cozy Home
Photo courtesy: Angela's Cozy Home

This outdoor party decoration idea is so unique, and I love it so much.

Angela, you must have some sort of magic touch to be able to take a couple of wooden pallets and turn them into a gorgeous picnic!

The different heights of the floor pads will accommodate guests of various heights. From the table runner to the centerpieces, to the sweet rug peeking out from underneath the table, I love every bit of this.

outdoor party decoration ideas painted pink peony co
Photo courtesy: Painted Pink Peony Co

This porch looks beautiful. Especially with the elegant dining table decor on it!

The pink floral theme throughout the set up is sweet and perfect for an outdoor dinner party with the girls!

The outdoor rug blends gorgeously with the comfortable seating. It looks comfy and classy, and I love it!

And I can't forget to mention that little bird's nest peeking out as part of the centerpieces. So sweet!

Party Patio

outdoor party decoration ideas sanctuary home decor
Photo courtesy: Sanctuary Home Decor

This spread is to die for.

Are those little pieces of birch trees as decor? They work so well with this table. The napkins also tie in so well with that lovely purple and white flower arrangement.

I can imagine having wonderfully charming dinner with friends and family at this table… Hope we're invited to the next beautiful meal!

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Nighttime Outdoor Party Ideas

Photo courtesy: French Country Cottage

Is this in a different world? Because it is absolutely MAGICAL!

Having a seat at this table must transport you to another reality because, between the lighting, the glassware, and that magnificent bouquet, this dinner party is an extraordinary sight. I can't think of a more perfect way to celebrate.

Picnic Decor Ideas

outdoor party decoration ideas dabbling and decorating
Photo courtesy: Dabbling and Decorating

Another gorgeous, creative picnic!

This set up is so cute, Ann. The tablecloths, the flowers, and the centerpieces give this picnic a perfect amount of southern charm. I love the bright colors. With the food set aside from the seating area, you have plenty of room to sit comfortably at a small table that's easy to transport.

And I hope you brought a painter because that view looks like it could be straight out of a Monet.

Outdoor Party Ideas for Adults

outdoor party decoration ideas blesser house
Photo courtesy: Blesser House

This table exudes summer to me.

The watermelon color scheme is so unique yet fits incredibly well for this hot season. And the rosé wine is a great option and a fun way to color match.

The lovely, colorful flowers also look stunning atop the intricate table runner.

I also love the table and chairs! They make for a charming foundation for the outdoor dinner party decorations.

Greenhouse Party Ideas

outdoor party decoration ideas cider press lane
Photo courtesy: Cider Press Lane

There are so many things to say here, so let's start with the location; who would have thought of having a dinner party inside a greenhouse would be so beautiful? Talk about the perfect place for a garden party table.

Well, Kelly did, and she was right! This dinner party is beautiful.

The decor is perfect for a garden party (greenhouse party?).

The flower pots are beautiful, the mix-matched chairs are so charming, the table itself is rustic and grand, and the lights up above are the perfect cherry on top.

Kelly's dinner, however, goes beyond the decor and is serving an excellent purpose. She organizes these Freedom Dinners to raise money for charity. 10% of the proceeds from the dinners go to the fight against human trafficking. Isn't that awesome?!

Check out her website to find out more about the dinners!

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We had some incredibly talented decorators this week. Make sure to go and give each of these ladies' links check because it is worth it! Their stunning outdoor party decoration ideas certainly brought us a lot of joy and inspiration, and we hope it did you, too! You should also check out these posts of mine:

Let us know what kind of outdoor party decoration ideas you have! We love hearing from you!

Happy Decorating!

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