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Outdoor Thanksgiving Table Decor that Gives a Cozy Feeling of Hygge

This outdoor Thanksgiving table decor idea will give all your guests a warm and cozy feeling. Hygge Thanksgiving table decorations that will bring friends and family together for all the right reasons. There is so much more than just decorations so join me as we venture into table inspiration that will warm all your guest's hearts this holiday season.

hygge thanksgiving table design

This outdoor Thanksgiving table decor idea began with the term hygge. Hygge is a popular way of decorating right now so I thought why not bring it to my Thanksgiving table designs.

Moving the meal from the dining room to the back porch adds a new element to the celebration. I mean who wouldn't feel love sipping on tea and breaking warm bread on your back porch?

This year join me and give your outdoor space a hygge Thanksgiving table design. Many times we focus on the decorations and food, and we forget about how the whole evening will make people feel.

So for this holiday season, we decided to take Thanksgiving to a whole new level and introduce you to creating a style with a feeling too. The Thanksgiving table scapes we're designing are all about that cozy feeling.

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Let's talk about how to decorate an outdoor Thanksgiving table setting that is not only about the dinner plates and tablecloth but about creating a warm and cozy feeling. A hygge inspired table but you might be wondering what is hygge?


Hygge is a Danish term and it means, according to the dictionary, a cozy, comfortable, friendliness feeling of contentment or well-being. Let's see how that translates to our Thanksgiving table scapes.


Now that we know what hygge is let's talk about setting an outdoor Thanksgiving table. Here is a list of what you will need to set an outdoor Thanksgiving table.

Now that you have a list of what you need to create an outdoor Thanksgiving tablescape let's start planning your table design.

Thanksgiving Hygge Tablescape

There are so many ideas rolling around on Pinterest but what makes this table different is that it goes a little deeper than just your ordinary Thanksgiving table decorations.

Our goal was to create a hygge feeling which is a Danish word that doesn't have a translation in the English language.  It is a feeling or mood where a guest can enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Can you imagine eating dinner at a warm, comfortable, and inviting table with friends and family?  Where the table is comfy and the food warms your belly. If so let's look at the table that is just the beginning of a relaxing casual evening. Now let's start with the tablecloth.


hygge outdoor thanksgiving table pumpkins


When we started thinking about this evening and having a hygge feeling, we thought of anything that felt or seemed cozy. This tablecloth is ideal for any hygge Thanksgiving table scapes.

What says warmth like a sweater, so we shopped for a sweater knit blanket to use as the tablecloth. It's a great way to set that cozy feeling. The texture makes a fantastic background to build on. With a table cloth like this cozy one, we don't need any more layers like a table runner or piece of wood as I did in pioneer easy Thanksgiving table decorations.


hygge thanksgiving table napkins

In addition to finding ways to warm the hearts of our guests, we couldn't resist adding a tiny pie to all the place settings. It has Thanksgiving written all over it.

To add decorative detail to the pie, we cut some sackcloth material and tied it into a sailor's knot on top.  Place it on a pure white dessert plate and voila you are finished with your unique decorative element, and you have dessert solved too.

Let me recommend using your everyday dishes but if you want white here is a tip for finding white dishes for cheap. Check your local Dollar Tree or you can order them online. They have white plates and salad plates you can purchase.

hygge thanksgiving table pie

Then instead of a traditional cloth napkin, we selected some kitchen towels instead.

It was just the little bit of color this table needed.

hygge thanksgiving table decor


But wait till you see the silverware and place card, or leaf in this case. You know details make a whole design and here is one feature that polishes the look.

Check out the turkeys on the silverware. Doesn't that just make you giggle or gobble in some cases?  LOL!

Okay, enough with these corny jokes.

hygge thanksgiving table turkey silverware

Now, look at the place card.

It is just about the easiest cheapest place card ever because it is a leaf from the Thanksgiving centerpiece and has each person's name written with a chalk pen. The natural beauty speaks for itself. Simple and cute all wrapped up in one.

The best part? There is no need for place card holders. Simply tuck the place cards under the spoon and you are all done. It's an inexpensive and beautiful way to add rustic style.


One crucial aspect of creating a hygge thanksgiving table is the centerpiece.

It's important that your dinner table designs are simple and easy so you aren't overwhelmed and exhausted before your guest arrive. So to keep that trend pick up some fresh flowers or greenery like eucalyptus from the grocery store and a white vase.

Using real flowers and greenery brings the outdoors right to the middle for the table for this harvest season feast. It doesn't take a lot to create an elegant centerpiece, as you can see.

Now place it in the center of the table and let's add some personal style with more decor to sit around the centerpiece.

hygge thanksgiving table centerpiece


Then there is the fun part of looking through your kitchen for anything that is old and maybe has some history. In our case, we used an old 1800's rolling pin that has been handed down for generations.

hygge thanksgiving table rolling pin

And then added traditional Publix pilgrim salt and pepper shaker, some beautifully worn wooden spoons, a sprinkle of real acorns, and borrowed a wool small pumpkin or two in our case. Any kind of real or faux pumpkins will do even white pumpkins.

hygge thanksgiving table publix pilgrims

And don't forget to add those tiny pies to each place setting. They take center stage in each place setting.

Everything is starting to look cozy, warm, and delicious!

hygge thanksgiving table wooden spoons


Since we are going for casual, comfy, and cozy then we thought pillows, blankets, and mismatched chairs would be just the ticket.

We simply used an existing table from outside added a wooden bench with some soft pillows and then added some blankets for guests on the back of the chairs.

hygge thanksgiving table chairs



Remember our focus is a hygge thanksgiving table.  Well, we cannot ignore the rest of the space so we added more warmth around the room.

Check out these ideas to finish your look.

hygge thanksgiving table fireplace


What says warmth like a fireplace?  But what if you don't already have a fireplace then try an electric one for size.  This not only created heat but it gave that warm glow that defines that danish feeling.

And for fun, we painted some pinecones to decorate the top along with a few feathers to finish the look. Decorating with pine cones is a cheap and the easiest way to add decor.

hygge thanksgiving table pinecones

Another fun element to our outer seating areas is these jars and cotton.

Previously we talked about how cotton is the popular fall decor this year.  So we had to add it into the equation along with some fall-inspired plaid.

hygge thanksgiving table cotton


Now for the candles!!

Every dinner should have some candles somewhere so instead of placing them on the table we added them to the railing.Your Thanksgiving table scapes are no different. It is one of the most important elements to creating hygge in this Thanksgiving table decoration. Looks like you're ready to host your hygge Thanksgiving meal.

hygge thanksgiving table candles



So what did you think? Are you ready to try setting an outdoor Thanksgiving table filled with family heirlooms and mini pumpkins? Because this table is outdoors the color scheme has nature and fresh air written all over it.

hygge thanksgiving table eucalyptus

Let's go back over some details to creating a hygge thanksgiving tablescape.

Remember hygge is all about enjoying life with family and friends.  It's about a warm feeling that is cozy and comfortable. So to create a space that is pretty but instantly says this will be a night to remember.

And you don't have to have a back porch for this outdoor Thanksgiving dinner. You can use your front porch or set the table inside your home. If you have a sunroom that would be a fun outdoor environment to create this table too.

For more warm and cozy Thanksgiving decoration ideas try these DIY fall paper decoration leaf garland and these outdoor Thanksgiving dinner table ideas. You might also enjoy Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Give You Reason to Be Thankful. Be sure to check out Ultimate Guide for Thanksgiving Table Runner Ideas. And if you need help with your Thanksgiving menu try these delicious outdoor Thanksgiving meals.

What is your favorite element of the Thanksgiving dinner table design?

Happy Decorating,

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