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Did you know second to loving tiered trays, we understand that y'all are wild for anything and everything Farmhouse. We decided that if you haven't had a chance, now is the time for you to add something to your farmhouse. Shiplap!

farmhouse shiplap

We're talking about all things farmhouse shiplap today here on the blog.  But what is shiplap?  Well to learn what it is go to our other post “Farmhouse Wainscot Ideas and Shiplap too” and see how we incorporated it into our decor here at Summerhill.  Now on to see some amazing shiplap designs.


Farmhouse shiplap has become trendy in the last couple years, thanks to Joanna Gaines on the show ‘Fixer Upper.' We're super excited to show you today, how you can incorporate the farmhouse shiplap look in almost any room in your home. We also, have a sweet friend that did a post on her blog to show you how easy it is to install shiplap yourself!

Sugar Color Style

Farmhouse Shiplap Sugar Color Style

When you have shiplap on a wall, it is not necessary to add a whole lot of extra decor. We love how Megan added a large chippy mirror on her farmhouse shiplap wall. Her living area looks elegant with all the white pureness it incorporates.

Katlin Sumner Designs

Farmhouse Shiplap Katlin Sumner Designs

An accent wall is so important in a room. The wall where the head of your bed is located, is an easy choice for that accent wall. Katlin's bedroom is gorgeous with her shiplap wall simply decorated with a rustic window and a couple bedside lights.

Wioleta Kelly

Farmhouse Shiplap Wioleta Kelly

Wioleta's kitchen is so dreamy. Can you imagine being swept away out that window while washing dishes. It's beautiful the way the window is framed with the shiplap. We call the center seat on the barstools so we can gaze out the window.

Little Love NestFarmhouse Shiplap Little Love Nest

Laundry maybe your least favorite chore, but if you had a laundry room that was this pretty you might not mind spending time in it. Shiplap on all walls of this space, make it feel like you've been whisked back to another time. Do you love the single nod to Rae Dunn? Who doesn't drink coffee while folding laundry!

Small Town Girl Life

Farmhouse Shiplap Small Town Girl Life

Looking at this farmhouse shiplap wall might not produce much work output. It's so lovely and organized. But it doesn't get much better. This workspace is super charming!

Life On Southpointe Drive

Farmhouse Shiplap Life on Southpointe Drive

Our sweet and talented friend Holly, over at Life on Southpointe Drive, has written a post and given step by step instructions on how to Install DIY Shiplap: The Easy Way. So, if you haven't, but are looking to install shiplap in your farmhouse, hop over to her post. You'll be so encouraged at how simple a very trendy look may be achieved.

Shiplap Wallpaper

When I was growing up my grandmother has an old farmhouse home with shiplap on the breezeway. Whenever I see shiplap it reminds me of her so I decided when redecorating our guest bedroom to add a shiplap accent wall.

Shiplap wallpaper accent wall

To make this project easy on me and cheaper I used shiplap wallpaper. So far everyone who sees the guest bedroom thinks it is real.

Plywood Shiplap Wall

In my daughters bedroom is a shiplap wall made from plywood. Because my daughter loves vintage anything she wanted a bedroom design that bespoke time gone by.

Plywood shiplap accent wall idea

Her design ideas was inspired by Cottagecore and an accent shiplap wall placed vertically and painted a different color was what the room needed for that cozy feeling. Here are direction on how to make a plywood shiplap wall.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is shiplap going out of style?

I get asked this question often and here is my best answer. I do not think shiplap will ever go out of style because it is a type of millwork. Millwork in homes has been around for centuries and when it comes to wood work like shiplap, and board and batten they will be around forever. Your design style can easily change by changing the paint color on the shiplap wall and changing your decor but the shiplap doesn't have to change.

Which direction does shiplap go?

The most popular way to hang shiplap is horizontal but you will find applications where it is vertical. So to answer your question there is no right or wrong way.


We hope that you fee inspired to add this look to your farmhouse. If you already have shiplap in your home, we loved to see!

Happy Decorating!

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Tuesday 20th of March 2018

I have had shiplap put on one wall in my kitchen, and I LOVE it!! I wish I had it everywhere.❤️❤️❤️

Linda McDonald

Saturday 24th of March 2018

Julia, Shiplap is a look that can add so much to any room for sure! Thanks for stopping by!