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There is something attractive about an old window. The chippy paint, the weathered glass, the frame that appears to have a story or two to tell. Whatever draws you to it, old windows make fantastic accent pieces to your farmhouse or cottage.

Old Window

Giving an old piece like an old window a new life is precisely what the farmhouse look entails. There are numerous ways to use an old window in your home. We're pretty excited to show you some inspiration in this post.


Farmhouses incorporate well loved and unwanted pieces. They bring history and pieces back to life. It's what attracts so many pieces. Memories are something we all love to relive. Each old window has a story to tell, and the way we incorporate them into our homes can bring those stories to life.

Grey Home On Dye

Old Window Grey Home On Dye

When you think of an old window, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't romance. However, that is exactly what Sarah's vignette portrays. There is no doubt she feels blessed to be in love, and this window might have the story of looking in on a wedding in a tiny chapel on a mountain.

Our Home On Woodhill

Old Window Our Home On Woodhill

Using old windows to make a curio cabinet is a genius repurpose. Adding a piece like this to your dining room will add so much character and be a fantastic place to hold all of your farmhouse pieces. A display case to show off your goodies is a must.

Treasures Redeemed

Old Window Treasures Redeemed

Lisa's bedroom is chicly decorated. An old window accents her bedside table so sweetly and hanging a boxwood wreath on it adds so much life. It's crazy how chippy painted objects can still look so pure in a white bedroom.

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Lindsay's CottageOld Window Lindsay's Cottage

Old windows go hand in hand with old window shutters. This gallery is lovely up the staircase at Lindsay's home. You often see family pictures up a staircase. What a fun twist this is, taking a stroll down memory lane with windows and shutters.

Fancy Fix Decor

Old Window Fancy Fix Decor

This window feels like it will give you a peek in Nicole's garden. It's bright, and the sun feels as though it is pouring in the room. Just like a mirror, using an old window in your decor gives the illusion of a larger room.

Farmhouse Luv

Old Window Farmhouse Luv

Don't you feel like you could sit on this porch for hours and be swept away to another time? Decorating the outside of the home isn't usually our first project, but doesn't this look so inviting. An old farmhouse window on the porch adds character. It's like a peek into the history of the home before stepping foot inside.

House Of Bless Design

Old Window House Of Bless Design

Accenting a windmill piece with an old window on each side makes a beautiful focal point in the room. Finding two of the same old window doesn't happen, so when it does, you show it off as Brenda does. Adding a console table under the focal wall and keeping the decor on it simple is another breathtaking way to bring farmhouse character to a room.

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Nicole Lynn Cooney

Old Window Nicole Lynn Cooney

There's a story behind what's displayed in this old window. It holds my assistant, Nicole's, flowers she received the night she was engaged in the top left corner and the other three window panes display flowers from her bridal bouquet at her wedding. It's often hard to know what to do with dried flowers that you want to keep. Displaying them in an old window is the perfect way to showcase a memory. And yes, you can peek her tiered tray in the picture.


If you don't have an old window already somewhere in your home, don't you want to run to an antique shop and see if they have one you can hang up now? These distressed old windows give character and inspiration to a room.

Happy Decorating!

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Virginia Baker

Tuesday 27th of March 2018

Everything is beautiful.

Linda McDonald

Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Thank you Virginia! There are many talented decorators out there for sure.