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Have I ever shared that I love to decorate just about every area in my home?  Since we just finished painting the dining room, our cat Stinkerbelle's food station needed some love too.  So, here is a post breaking down the things you will need to create a pet bar station idea like the one for our fur baby.

Pet bar station with kitty sitting at her rae dunn bowls

Remember my paint project in the dining room?  You know the post called Paint a Room like a Professional?  Well, it's the reason for a new space for Stinker. It was an excellent opportunity to make some changes. I have to warn you that this pet bar station idea is a work in progress. But it will work for cat and dog owners alike.

Then why am I showing you now, you ask?

Because I couldn't resist featuring Stinkerbelle's new Rae Dunn bowls.

Aren't they adorable!

Okay, so where do we begin?


What do I need for my DIY Cat Feeding Station?

For my DIY cat feeding station, the key elements include a base or tray, a food storage container, food and water bowls, and a treat container. Don't worry, these tips will work perfectly for our dog lovers, too. When done right, a pet feeding station is almost like adding simple decorations that coordinate with the rest of your home decor.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Cat Feeding Station?

As pet parents, we want to make our pets as comfortable as possible and ensure they have easy access to their feeding station. Cats tend to like a quiet place to enjoy their food and water so, if possible, avoid places in your home a lot of people pass through. A quiet hallway, laundry room, or living space that's used infrequently is a great spot for your DIY cat feeding station. Unless your pet is especially social, you would likely do best in areas where family gathering is common.

If you have more than one pet and one is prone to resource guarding, you may consider separate areas for their feeding stations.


Start with the bottom and move your way up.

For Stinkerbelle's pet bar station idea, I decided to use an old piece of aged wood, but you can use a cutting board, tray, piece of marble, place mat, food mat and the list goes on.  But the main thing is to use something that is safe and will keep their bowls from moving all around.

And if you want it to coordinate with your decor, look for a style and color that fits right in.

Just remember to think outside the box and be creative. The options are endless.

Pet bar station idea plastic storage container, rae dunn bowls and mason jar treat canister


The second main item is the food storage container.

I have future plans of finding a tin container, but for now, I decided to spray paint my current plastic piece.  Painting it turned out great and it gave it the clean look I was hoping for.

You may be able to fit the storage container on the tray with everything else, or it can sit next to the tray.

Pet bar station idea plastic storage container, rae dunn bowls and mason jar treat canister


These Rae Dunn bowls are the main reason for sharing this post with you.

Other than the super cute, fun text, I really like the finish on the bowls. This is one of my favorite features. It is smooth like silk, and they clean up easily.

So far Stinkerbelle likes them too!

Look for some bowls that fit the decor of your home if you like for everything to match.  If not, then go for whatever makes you smile and is safe for your kitty. If your cat is older you may consider elevated food and water bowls which is a great way to give your pet easier access to their food and water. They're also great for bigger dogs or older small dogs.

Pet bar station idea rae dunn meow bowl for kitty


All animals need a treat when they're behavior is good. Having a place to store their treats is important.

There are a lot of unique concepts out there for treat storage but I thought simple was best. Since I love the farmhouse look, a simple mason jar did the trick!

These treats now have a pretty home right by her super cute Rae Dunn bowls, and the mason jar adds some stylish decor to the space. It's the prefect finishing touch to my DIY cat feeding station.

Pet bar station idea rae dunn meow bowl for kitty and mason jar


Well, there you have it.  Stinkerbelle's new pet bar station idea.

I think she loves it! I'm sure your furry best friend will too.

On the big day of the reveal she took right to it. She was even nice enough to pose for some pictures.

Pet Bar Station idea with Stinkerbelle the kitty in a white bow at Life on Summerhill

And eat all the food in the bowl while I was trying to take some good photos of her.

Pet bar station idea with kitty eating at bowl

And then decide to take a nap since her belly is full and napping is what cat's do best.  Haha!

Pet bar station idea with kitty yawning

Here's a to-do list of what you will need to make your kitty or dog a pet bar station.

I hope this pet bar station idea has inspired you to create a special and safe place for your animal to eat. As pet owners we love to see our fur babies happy and healthy. Your furry friends will be thrilled and you'll be happy with the new look. Even small kitchens will likely have plenty of room for this set up.

Have you created a DIY cat feeding station? And if you have any unique or fun ideas for your fur babies please comment and share. We love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!


Tuesday 8th of October 2019

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Thursday 26th of April 2018

I think your kitty bar is an adorable idea. I won't be able to do it because I have too many cats, and I would need several of them. There are certain cats that can't eat chicken due to allergies and another cat that can't eat too much because of weight. Yada yada. But if I had just one cat like your Stinker I would do it in a heartbeat. I also love Rae Dunn cat dishes and bowls. I must have between 12 and 15 that say drink, slurp, sip, devour, eat, nosh, purr, meow, Etc. Some have pastel green or pink insides.

Linda McDonald

Thursday 3rd of May 2018

Oh my goodness! Your cat family sounds adorable and I love that you have so many Rae Dunn bowls! Tag me sometime in a photo on Instagram so I can see all your family. Thanks for sharing!