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If you're hoping to achieve the perfect farmhouse kitchen, we've gathered together beautiful finds to make it simple. An Amazon farmhouse kitchen is just around the corner once you've read this post and decide what you're missing. You might be surprised to have some of the items we suggest laying around the house.

Amazon Farmhouse KitchenDecorating your kitchen is just like making the perfect recipe. It takes beautifully found items, just like it takes the best ingredients. Then the room comes together and looks perfect, as does a recipe that tastes great in the end. An Amazon farmhouse kitchen will come along with just a few clicks of your mouse.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  All opinions are all my own.


Y'all seem to love the Farmhouse Kitchen post we released at the beginning of the year. So we thought we'd help you find some of the items the kitchen owners used to make their's the perfect farmhouse kitchen.

You'll be able to purchase so much from Amazon that you'll want to title it your Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen!

Farm Fresh Utensil Crock

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Farm Fresh Utensil Crock

Organization is a must in the kitchen, and it is so pleasant to be able to grab items you're looking for right within reach.

This crock is super cute for any farmhouse.

Your great grandmother's wooden spoons and rolling pins will look perfect displayed on your counter in this.

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Vintage Striped Dish Towel

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Vintage Striped Dish Towels

Every kitchen needs tea towels.

As dish rags, hand towels, or napkins, they are a must!

These towels have that classic grain sack-with-blue-ticking look to them and would make an excellent addition to your farmhouse kitchen.

Butcher Block

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Butcher Block

If you don't have an island, and your kitchen doesn't have the room for one, this butcher block is a great solution. It isn't too large, and it is perfect for food prep area. This butcher block would move around easily and could be tucked away in a pantry if needed.

There are even side knife slots for a little more storage!

Artificial Lavender Potted PlantAmazon Farmhouse Kitchen Artificial Lavender Potted Plant

Lavender budding season is just around the corner, and they seem to be a trending flower this spring. They are a beautiful, muted color, and they add a sweet pop of color to your kitchen.

That Amazon farmhouse kitchen that we're working to help you create would be great with a dried bouquet of these flowers or a vase filled with artificial lavender sprigs.

Vintage Market Scale

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Vintage Market Scale

While we're talking about trending items, let's talk about the vintage scale craze.

We showed you how to add vintage scales in a vignette, some of which those vignettes were in the kitchen.

We are as crazy about them as you are and love this hanging market scale! You can find even more ideas on how to decorate with vintage scale in this post.

Keurig Turquoise Coffee Maker

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Keurig Turquoise Coffee Maker

When you're brewing your coffee in your favorite Rae Dunn mug, why not make it in style with this turquoise Keurig?

A coffee maker is a necessity in any kitchen, and this one adds a great pop of color!

3 Tier Tray

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen 3 Tier Tray

While you're working on your coffee station, you might as well add an adorable tiered tray!

It's a great way to have all the items you need to make that first cup of coffee in the morning. It also takes the guesswork out of things when your guests are making their perfect cup of joe.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Mug Display

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Mounted Kitchen Mug Display

Are you running out of counter space for your coffee mug collection?

There are so many adorable mugs out there right now. This wall mounted mug rack is a great way to store and show off your treasures!

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Cream & Sugar Sign

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Cream & Sugar SignThis fabulous farmhouse inspired “CREAM AND SUGAR” sign can be found in our sitting room!

Featuring antique black block lettering embossed on creamy white metal, it adds so much character to a farmhouse kitchen. You can jump over to the wainscot post if you'd like to see how we've displayed it.

Wire Chicken Egg Basket

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Wire Chicken Egg Basket

Where do you store your eggs?

We've heard it's ok to keep them out on the counter if you just collected them from your farm, so we came across this chicken wire basket and couldn't help but think it was the perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen!

The beautiful shades of fresh chicken eggs can add so much to your kitchen as well!

KitchenAid Mixer

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen KitchenAid Mixer

You might already have a KitchenAid mixer, but if you don't, they come in so many beautiful colors to add that perfect accent in your kitchen. If you're more into yellow, red, green, maroon, or maybe you want a classic white, as we have in our kitchen, they have you covered!

And this is one of those pieces that is timeless and doesn't just look great, but it also makes life so much easier!

3 Piece Chopping Board

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen 3 Piece Chopping Board

We love that this set comes with three cutting boards.

Cutting meat, veggies, and fruit on separate boards is something we are in the habit of doing. And as a designer, there is that rule of three that is so true. Things are just more appealing when decorated that way.

Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink

An apron farmhouse kitchen sink is just a bow to achieving the perfect farmhouse look in your home. It may seem simple, but they are so eye-catching.

They'll last a lifetime and are just so classic!

Charlestown Kitchen Faucet

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen faucet

Now, if you purchase the beautiful farmhouse sink, then a charming, arts-and-craft style faucet is a must.

Check out this sweet design that we have in our kitchen, too!

Cutlery Caddy Crocks

Amazon Farmhouse Kitchen Cutlery Caddy Crocks

Last but not least is this cute cutlery caddy.

These adorable little crocks are made to hold knives, forks, and spoons, but, let's be honest, they could be used for so many more things.

Imagine them filled with fresh cut flowers or planted herbs or you fill in the blank.

But, they are perfect for making sure your party is pulled together, and that nothing is left out.

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Pulling together the look of your home from room to room is so important. We hope this inspires you to add some beautiful finds to your Amazon farmhouse kitchen. Let us know how things turn out!

Happy Decorating!

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