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Decorating with vintage scales is so adorable and gives so much character to any farmhouse style interior. And, they are fun to use in your decorations.

decorating with vintage scales and plants, blue tone neutrals There is something sweet about decorating with vintage scales! Which is my first reason for wanting to write this post. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  All opinions are all my own


Actually, just about anything old can add character, which is my second reason for wanting to write about decorating with vintage scales.
decorating with vintage scales and photo by desert decor

Photo courtesy of Desert Decor
And, everyone was so crazy about our last Vintage Scales post, which is my last reason why I thought it would be fun to show you how to decorate with scales. So, let's tour around my home, and I will show you how to accessorize these precious pieces.


Did I tell you that someone let me borrow this adorable scale? It was so much fun to decorate with, and now I want one for myself! Haha! decorating with vintage scales in my kitchen Kitchens are probably the most famous places for decorating with vintage scales. In fact, our Amazon Finds to Create a Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen has some great items to consider when decorating. Start with the scale and build your design around it. In my case, I already had my rabbit wooden spoon holder, and this scale was just a little too short sitting next to it.  So I raised it a little with an old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. decorating with vintage scales Next, I added a few items of different textures and sizes and worked them around the scale. But the icing on the cake was adding a beautiful red apple on top.


Well, I haven't taken you all into my office before, but this “mailing” scale just had to find a home in the office. Decorating with vintage scales in the office using flowers and books Again, start with the scale and pick out where you want to display it. In my case, I decided to put a book under it so it would pop against the dark wood.

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Decorating with vintage scales in the office using flowers and books Next, add a few more favorites and pretty office supplies, and don't forget some Rae Dunn. Oh, you know where else a vintage scale would be adorable?  On a Rae Dunn tiered tray, and just in case you don't know about the most popular farmhouse decor right now check out Irresistible Rae Dunn Trays for a Happy Heart decorating with vintage scales in an office with flowers and rae dunn notebook


Remember that photo at the beginning.  Well, it's time to talk about the living room. Decorating with vintage scales in the living room Did I talk about how simple it is to accessorize? Let's start with a tray because our office table is an ottoman. So, a tray gives it stability then add a kitchen towel or some fabric for another texture.  Next, add a plant and a figurine like this bird. decorating with vintage scales and a bird and candle And last, top off your scale with a candle tied with a bow.


So, I thought the living room was going to be the last place to share, but I forgot about the hutch. Serve up some tea and start decorating with vintage scales For this space, I decided a cute tea theme would be fun. Pull together some tea items and start decorating.  Start with the scale then pull other things thinking about different heights, textures and such. And if you have a cute teacup, add it as the topper.

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If you love anything vintage and you adore home decorating then add vintage scales to your list.  And when you get your little treasure follow this checklist on how to style it.
  • Scale: start by placing your scale.
  • Existing accessory: If you already have an accessory in place make sure your scale is a little higher than this accessory or a little lower.
  • Textures: now select some accessories of different textures and start placing them around the scale
  • Thirds: think about accessorizing in odd numbers.  For some reason, odd numbers create great harmony in design.
Now that you have a mini-lesson on accessorizing, start shopping for this little treasure. Remember decorating with vintage scales will add so much character to your home.

Happy Decorating!

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