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You've heard it said, you eat with your eyes first. We make judgments on if we will like something from our first glimpse at it. The same is true for our homes. When someone comes to our home for the first time, they make a judgment on what they think of our house based on the curb appeal.

In today's post, we'd love to provide you some helpful tips on creating breathtaking curb appeal. We've gathered together some gorgeous homes and think you'll feel inspired by their beauty.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  All opinions are all my own.

Curb Appeal

So much makes up the perfect curb appeal. From the front door, to greenery and so much more.  Let's get to knocking on our first door because there's so much about it that's so inviting.

Sweet Threads Co.

Curb Appeal Sweet Threads Co.

A welcome mat is a must at the front door.

Not just so that those who enter have a place to wipe off their shoes, but because it can say so much.

Welcome might be the wording on this mat, but take it all in.

The layering of rug and mat show an attention to detail and you get the feeling this home holds more beauty just beyond the front door.

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Modern Glam

Curb Appeal Modern Glam

This door pops! From the red goose necked porch light to the potted flowers, my heart is happy! The grey door framed in white is eye catching.

And can we talk about the wreath?

Ashley is sweet enough to give you directions on how to make one of your own on her blog.

Cambridge Home Company

Curb Appeal Cambridge Home Company

Chell & Chad's home is beautiful!

Do those rocking chairs on the porch not make you want to sit down with a good friend and a cup of sweet tea and gossip the afternoon away?

The boxwood topiaries are also eye catching.

The Design Twins – Jodie's HomeCurb Appeal The Design Twins - Jodie's Home

Jodie and Julie have a blog called The Design Twins. This is Jodie's front door.

Hello classic black and white! What a beauty this is!

The way the crates create different heights adds a staggered dramatic effect. It allows the colors from the flowers to stand out in a lovely way.

The Design Twins – Julie's Home

Curb Appeal The Design Twins - Julie's Home

Moving on to Julie's home. These homes with benches and pillows, and this one with a cuddly blanket, welcome you in such a precious way.

The welcome hanging basket is a gorgeous unique piece for your door. A sweet first impression would be made as you come to knock on Julie's door for sure.

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Nicole Lynn Cooney

curb appeal ideas using a tricorn black front door


“Welcome Y'all” is how we welcome friends here in the south.

Have you been to a painting party where you get to pick a door hanger?

This cute mason jar full of hydrangeas is one of those projects and makes this door look super inviting.

And boots with flowers guarantee an adorable farmhouse behind that front door.

Little Farmstead

Curb Appeal Little Farmstead

We introduced Julie's home to you a few weeks back in our Chicken Nesting Boxes post.

In that post we saw the inside of her home, but we didn't get to set our eyes on the outside.

Don't you wish you could smell the fragrance through this picture?  These wisteria vines give off a breathtaking curb appeal for sure!

Creek Grown

Curb Appeal Creek Grown

Rain boots with flowers in them add a precious curb appeal touch to Elizabeth's front door.

And she layers her rug and welcome mat lovely.

Simplicity is so welcoming here.

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Once Upon A 1912Curb Appeal Once Upon A 1912

This aquamarine front door is glamorous.

Adding color to your front door brings so much curb appeal to your home.

White wicker furniture is also a great, clean look that opens the area and is very inviting.

Life on the Shady Grove

Curb Appeal Life on the Shady GroveThese planters with small topiaries and flowers frame in the doorway with such sophistication.

Layered rugs and a welcome mat usher you into Wendy's home.

Visitors will feel right at home from their first knock.

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We hope your eyes feel as though they have taken in so much beauty with each example of curb appeal. As much as any visitor would feel welcomed into any of these homes, we pray that you feel right at home with us on this blog. Let us know how you have been motivated to spruce up your curb appeal. We'd love to hear from you!


Happy Decorating!

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Lindsay @ My House of Love

Sunday 6th of May 2018

Love all these front porch ideas! So beautiful!

Nicole Cooney

Monday 7th of May 2018

Thank you Lindsay! There are some talented decorators out there!

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