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This fall celebrate with family and friends with these Farmhouse style Thanksgiving dinner table ideas for a delicious feast. This dining table design can be placed inside or outdoors and it is easy to create.

Thanksgiving dinner table ideas for outdoors

Last year I created a Dollar Tree fall Thanksgiving tablescape but this year I teamed up with Coton Colors to bring you elegant outdoor Thanksgiving dinner table ideas.

Like always, this tablescape is easy to create and you most likely will not have to leave home to pull it together like my easy Thanksgiving table decorations with a pilgrim vibe. So let's get started and I will walk you through the steps on creating this lovely Farmhouse style holiday table setting.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Ideas

Before I begin I want to tell you a little about Coton Colors. Coton Colors is a wonderful company that originated in my home town of Tallahassee. They make pottery and accessories for your home and holidays.

Their designs are unique, fun and gorgeous!

I have been decorating with their pottery and accessories for years. One of my favorites is my patriotic front door wreath. Coton Colors has more wreaths on their Happy Everything website.

But let's dive into making this farmhouse style table setting.

How can I decorate my Thanksgiving table?

Before you start gather all your supplies. Here is a list of what I used to create this farmhouse style Thanksgiving table.

Now that you all your pieces let's begin putting it all together.


Let's begin with layering linens on the table. I love to be creative when it comes to tablecloths. For this project, I used a flat sheet that has a yummy wrinkled look and tossed it on the table.

Thanksgiving dinner table decoration beginning with a white flat sheet

Then I placed a blue faded throw with tassels on the ends across the center kind of like a runner. I laid it out in an s-shape on the table making sure where there was a flat spot for a place setting.

Blue blanket throw drapped across a table as a runner for Fall tablescape

Fall or Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Next, let's do a little prep work to make the centerpiece.

Grab two bundles of dried wheat and placed them inside the french country pitcher. I didn't even have to cut the ends. The french pitcher was tall enough to hold them at their current height.

Bundles of wheat inside a french country pitcher for a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Once you have the dried wheat in the pitcher let's look at making the wooden platform for your table.

Measure the longest side of your table and then subtract 24″ and then cut your board to that length. Next, brush on some white chalk paint and let it dry. Then using sandpaper rub off the paint on the corners or anywhere to give it a distressed look.

Once you have everything ready place the distressed piece of wood in the center of the table and then put the dried arrangement in the center.

Thanksgiving centerpiece of a french pitcher filled with dried wheat

Place Settings

Again you will need to do a little prep work on the place setting. Take the silverware and place the knife down first and then cross over the knife with a fork and then cross the other side with a spoon.

Then cut a piece of ribbon that is about 24″ long and tie it around the silverware just like you do a shoelace. After you have all the silverware ready let's begin making the place settings.

Silverware wrapped in ribbon and tied in a tow for a fall or Thanksgiving tablescape

First lay down the ruffled polka dot charger.

Ruffled polka dot charger for a place setting

Then place the dinner plate on top of the charger.

Dinner plate by Coton Colors sitting on a ruffled polka dot platter

Next place a white salad plate on the dinner plate. I like to mix and match old, new and borrowed pieces. The dinner plates are from my farmhouse hutch.

White salad plate sitting on a Coton Color dinner plate which is sitting on a ruffled polka dot platter for a fall tablescape.

Now for the fun part and this is where I love to pick something out as a gift for friends and family.

Place a dipping bowl right in the center. I love how this bowl fits the vibe of this Thanksgiving tablescape with a wonderful reminder of being thankful.

Thanksgiving dinner table ideas

Adding something special to the center makes each guest feel special and they will love it the surprise when they hear it is a gift.

Next place your silverware to the right on top of a linen napkin.

Silverware for a Fall Thanksgiving tablescape

And then place your stemless champagne flute above the silverware.

Stemless champagne flute for a fall Thanksgiving tablescape

Last all you have to do is sit a salt and pepper shaker on the table.

Coton Colors salt and pepper shakers

I have something exciting to share. If you use code SUMMERHILL when you make a purchase you get this adorable salt and pepper shaker with your order.

Guess what? Your Thanksgiving tablescape is all finished!!! Here are a few more photos to show you an overall look.

Thanksgiving dinner table ideas.
fall tablescape


So you are probably wondering why the title of this post is Thanksgiving dinner table decoration ideas. Well, the coolest part about Coton Colors is their dishes are all designed to be mixed and matched. This means you can change out one or two pieces and you have a whole other fall dinner table idea.

Coton Colors table decorations for Thanksgiving

See how I mixed and matched pieces to create a unique look?

Now that your table is all pulled together here are a few other tidbits.

If you are planning your event outside look at your weather reports at temperature and if it will be raining. Bring it inside if you have any possibility of rain.

Also, fill a basket or two with all your supplies for easy assemble the morning of the event. The basket looks cute next to your table and you can fill it with blankets for guests if it is chilly.

blanket on a bench

Next, place a few hats on the chairs in case the sun comes out and is in someones eyes.

Hat on the back of a chair for guest to wear at outdoor dinner party

Toss a few pillows in chairs to make seating comfortable.

Pillow in chair at an outdoor dinner event

And lay a folded blanket on a bench if you are using a bench, for more comfort.

Market basket to hold blankets for Thanksgiving dinner outside.

Now everything is ready for friends and family and I hope your event turns out great.

Thanksgiving dinner table decoration ideas

And last since Christmas is right around the corner check out these practical gifts for busy moms from Coton Colors. You will get so inspired!

Happy Decorating!


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