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Each year I love to create something fun for our Halloween decor and this year I came up with an easy silhouette mantle idea to share. This simple budget-friendly Halloween mantle idea can most likely be created by what you have around your house.

Silhouette Halloween mantle decorating idea

If you are looking for something cheap and fun this silhouette Halloween mantle idea is just for you.

Last year I created Harry Potter table decorations based on the Halloween banquet and the year before my entryway was transformed with flying letters like on Privet Drive from the Harry Potter movie.

But this year I was looking for a change of theme. Not your traditional black cats, spiders, and crows but fun Halloween projects — easy decoration.

Silhouette Halloween Mantle Idea

There are so many wonderful things you can purchase in stores to decorate your mantle for Halloween from garlands to beautiful wreaths but this year I wanted something unique. Something I could create without spending any money or leaving the house.

What supplies do you need to make a silhouette?

Now that we have all our supplies let's get started making these Halloween crafts.

How do you make a simple silhouette?

It is actually very easy to make a silhouette. After you collect your black and white sheets of paper, scissors, or utility knife, and print out some pictures you simply cut the shape of the picture, lay it on a piece of black paper, and cut around the edges.

Here are more detailed instructions on making Halloween silhouettes.

Cut Shapes

After you have printed out characters to the size of your frames begin by cutting around the characters. Be precise and cut the shape carefully. You will be tracing the shape onto black or blue paper.

Cut Background

Next, use a cutting board, cut the white background that goes into the frame. I used old picture frames that I had laying around and a charcuterie board.

I measured the inside of each frame and then cut the paper to fit inside. Sit your background paper aside and let's start tracing figures.

Trace and CutShape

Next, trace the cut out onto a piece of paper with a pencil.

Then lay the white paper over a piece of black paper and tape the corners down onto the cutting board. Learn from me and use a cutting board.

Cut along the line you traced using your fingers to hold it down if you are using a utility knife.

If you are using scissors make sure to take the black and white paper together so it holds in place to help.

silhouette Halloween mantle idea

Glue to Background

Now take your black construction paper figure and go outside and spray the back with spray adhesive. Once the back is sticky, place it flat in the center of the background.

Spray adhesive for Halloween mantle ideas using silhouettes
How to make a silhouette

Frame your Sihouette

You are almost finished. You can either place your silhouette inside the frame or on top as I did. I actually still have pictures in my frames so I simply tucked the silhouette inside the edges and it is holding in just fine.

Halloween Mantle Decorating

Now that your silhouettes are finished lay them out on the floor along with other gallery wall items like these baking pans. This will help you plan out the design for the wall over the mantle.

Sihouette gallery wall for Halloween

If you want to make these candle lights grab some round-shaped baking pans and clip a Christmas candle clip on the bottom and then place a candle inside.

Baking pan lights for Halloween mantle

Now start placing each piece on the wall. I like to start with the centerpiece and build it out to one side and then the other.

Halloween mantle idea

To hang the round lights I used a heavy-duty double-sided sticky foam to adhere to the mantle wall.

How to hang baking lights over fireplace mantle

See how easy and fun it is to create silhouettes and decorate for Halloween? Now all you have to decide is what characters to use.


Here is how the silhouette Halloween mantle idea turned out.

Silhouette Halloween Mantle DIY

Have you figured out who my silhouettes are? I used Alice in Wonderland and the rabbit, Cinderellas stagecoach, Mary Poppins over London, and the Tin Man.

It was fun picking out the characters. I cannot wait to hear what characters you pick out for your DIY Halloween decorations.

Disney Silhouette Halloween mantle

I decided my theme was character kids dress up as for Halloween but you can do just Disney characters, or a spooky Halloween silhouette like witches, or all the Wizard of Oz characters.

The options are endless. You could do a haunted house theme, black cat, spider web, a friendly ghost, or bat silhouettes to name a few. Also, consider Halloween window silhouettes if you don't have a mantle or for your front door.

More fun inspiration these Halloween mantle ideas, Halloween old fashioned decorations for a mantel, and our favorite Halloween pins. A silhouette is also great for a Halloween party. There are so many wonderful ways you can use silhouettes for Halloween.

If you do not want to make your silhouettes there are many options to purchase on Etsy. Click Esty's silhouettes to see them all.

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY and I cannot wait to hear what you have created for your mantle to get into the Halloween spirit.

Happy Decorating!