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These easy to make Halloween decorations will fill your home with smiles and laughter. Our Favorite Halloween Pins are what we want to share. We aren't into the spooky part of Halloween, but we love the thrilling part of it!

Cute, fun and not so scary easy to make Halloween decorations for your home decor.  White pillow with a black cat who has big eyes and a bookcase with crows, spider webs and lanterns.

Pinterest is full of holiday decor ideas so when we came across our favorite Halloween pins we couldn't wait to share.

These easy to make Halloween decorations range from door decorations, parties, kitchen decor, and more!

We love everything from black cats to bats and even owls. One of our favorites is the cutest mummies! We know you'll get a good giggle from them, but no peeking ahead!

Our Favorite Halloween Pins

Classy and whimsical are two words that describe how we like to keep Halloween. None of the blood and gore, no thank you. Kid and family-friendly, yes, please!

Easy to Make Halloween Decorations

We've mentioned before that we're suckers for everything black and white. So, what's not to love about this Halloween decor in this china hutch?

Simple black silhouettes on white backgrounds with touches of oranges and yellows from pumpkins and leaves scattered around the shelves.

Easy to make Halloween decorations.  Beautiful white hutch with Halloween decoration ideas of plates with cats, leaves and crows silhouettes and small orange pumpkins.
Better Homes and Garden

This pin gives you spiders and webs in a classy way. We love the lanterns on this bookshelf.

Can you see already why some of our favorite Halloween pins on Pinterest?

If you missed our post on 10 lanterns for your home decor you can catch up and be inspired to add some to your everyday decor. The simplicity of this display for Halloween is right up our ally.

Easy to make Halloween decorations. 
White shelves with black trees, spider webs and crows.  White pumpkins and silver lanterns.
Centsational Girl

You don't want to miss out on these free bird silhouette printables. They would be adorable to add to your plates if you already have them displayed on your wall or in your china cabinet.

This would be a quick addition to your decor for any Halloween gathering you've planned.

Easy to make Halloween decorations. Wall of plates with different black silhouettes of birds.  Some birds are sitting while others look like they are flying.
Country Living

If you want to learn how to make silhouettes we have detailed directions in our silhouette Halloween mantle idea post.


Try these front porch Halloween decoration ideas.

Cutting out bats in different sizes from black construction paper would be a great project to have your kids help with. A little double-sided tape and your door will be ready for when the trick or treaters come knocking. It won't send them running in fear, but will let them know you're feeling a bit festive.

Easy to make Halloween decorations for your front porch and door.  Paper bats, layered rug of blue and white gingham and a home door mat, adorable skeletons with child like pumpkin heads.

What a hoot these owls are on the front door! Not to mention, the black tree branches.

We constantly have small branches fall from our trees.  This is the perfect use for them! A little black spray paint and it will look like you climbed those trees for the twigs!

Front porch Halloween decoration ideas.  Black front door on a porch with branches painted black and silhouettes of owls sitting on the branches looking at guest who arrive.
Martha Stewart

Remember the mummies we promised that would make you giggle! Did they? “Are you our mummy?” We just loved this! It looks simple to pull together.

Cute DIY Halloween mummies made wtih wood and paper sitting on a front porch with pumpkins.

DIY Halloween Party Decorations

This Halloween party looks a little spooky but mostly fun! The backdrop of trees with many eerie creatures screams hostess with the mostess! And it looks like there are many yummy treats on the table to be inspired by as well.

DIY Halloween party decorations of black silhouettes of trees with no leaves and owls and bats on the trees behind the serving table.

But if you love serving up some fun from Hogwarts then try these super easy DIY Halloween Harry Potter table decorations.

Super easy and fun Hogwarts Halloween inspired Harry Potter table decorations with lots of candy, floating jack o lanterns and more.


We've told you about the cat we call “Stinkerbelle,” so when we saw this adorable kitty pillow, we just couldn't leave it out. Plus it is a great example of cheap DIY Halloween decorations but looks expensive.

This black cat pillow doesn't look like bad luck at all, but those eyes sure do fit a “scaredy-cat” description.

Cheap DIY Halloween decorations of a sweet white decorative pillow with a black cats face and it big round eyes.

We adore everything about this Halloween vignette! From the silly face on her jack-o-lantern to the neutral-toned pumpkins, we love it all!

Better Homes and Garden fun small jack o lanterns sitting on layered cakes stands or tiered tray.

Isn't the way height is added by using a cake stand with a pumpkin brilliant?!?

Halloween Decoration Idea for the Kitchen

Are you ready for a creepy fact?

A group of crows is called a murder. But these cute crows don't look at all dangerous. They sure are suitable for a Halloween decoration idea for the kitchen and they look classy!

This is one of our favorite Halloween pins

Isn't Rebecca's kitchen lovely spooky and gorgeous!

Fun Halloween decoration idea for the kitchen with lots of black grows sitting on the shelves and over the range like in the movie The Birds.
House of Douglas

Another favorite Halloween pin is this adorable trick or treats sign and bats in this kitchen. See how you can simply add a few things and instantly be in the spirit of the holiday.

Life by Leanna fun and whimsical trick or treat kitchen filled with paper baths, a sign and a rose in a glass over her stove.


We hope some of our favorite Halloween pins are now some of your favorite Halloween pins and that you're thrilled when reading and viewing them and not at all spooked!  Have a Great Halloween!

If you liked this post, go check out for more Halloween home décor ideas!

Happy Decorating!

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