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Best American Flag Decoration Ideas

Best American flag decoration ideas from red, white, and blue decorations for all the patriotic holidays for the United States. These patriotic decorating ideas are easy to create, many are budget friendly, and some are vintage pieces mixed in with new decor items.

American flag decoration ideas in the entryway

I love the patriotic spirit holidays! So after I realized I have many American flag decorating posts I decided how fun would it be to pull them all together into one roundup called American flag decoration ideas.

Now you have one place to start when decorating for the 4th of July, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Presidents Day. Did I miss one? See how amazing red, white and blue decorations can be? You have so many opportunities for festive decorations. And you can leave them out from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Stay tuned for some fantastic American flag design ideas!

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American Flag Design Ideas FAQs:

When decorating with an American flag, there are some guidelines that you want to make sure you abide. Let's check out a couple here.

Can I Hang an American Flag Vertically?

There's not always room on your wall or window to hang a flag horizontally. If this is the case, you can hang the flag vertically but you need to make sure the the white stars should go on the observer's left and the white stripes will hang vertically.

Can I Fly the American Flag Outside at Night?

While it's customary under the U.S. flag code to fly the American flag outdoors from sunrise to sunset, you can fly it 24 hours a day as long as it's illuminated during the hours of darkness.

American Flag Decoration Ideas

Okay, enough about that let's start with my very first post.

4th of July Decorating Ideas

USA flag decoration ideas on the back porch

Last year's patriotic decor ideas included my back porch. Many of these ideas can be added to your back porch from items you have laying around the house. For example, this pillow with red stripes is perfect for a patriotic theme and it stands out beautifully against a white background.

One of my favorite American flag decorations is stick flags. It's such an easy way to create American flag design ideas. You can find the 50-star flag or the Betsy Ross flag. Either pick up many at the store or order them online because there are so many things you can do with a stick flag. They are also inexpensive and can be placed in fun places like plants. There are so many different ways to decorate with American flag decor!

American flag decoration ideas on the back porch

So for more ideas for your front or back porch and a few other ideas in between check out my 4th of July decorating ideas.

Patriotic Free Printable Banner

If you jumped over to that last post mentioned you may have noticed this pennant banner on the wall. It stands out so nicely against my white house. Well, it is a free printable that I created.

American flag decoration ideas on the back porch

It is really easy to make. It only takes a little bit of work to put together. All you need is a printer, cardstock, binding tape, and sewing machine. Actually, you can glue it instead of sewing it but I sewed mine with a contrasting thread.

American flag decoration ideas on the back porch

The nice thing about this patriotic pennant banner is that you can use it for any time of year. It doesn't have a flag on it so it would be cut in a little boys room too. What an original and fun way to decorate. I love how the simple design complements my blue pillows.

So here is the pennant banner template post so you can go grab it and get more detailed directions. If you are looking for more fun patriotic printables try our Etsy shop where we have a whole category on patriotic wall art and prints you can download and print. With fun and functional designs, you're sure to find something you love.

4th of July Tablescape

Does anyone else love to invite friends over for fireworks and a BBQ for an independence day celebration? Here is an idea to jazz up your patriotic decorations for a dinner party.

American flag decoration ideas on your dining table

This 4th of July tablescape can be used for any American celebrating holiday. Here is a great example of using vintage items you have around the house.

There are all kinds of goodies on this table that fall under American decoration ideas. I started with this canvas drop cloth runner I made, used my farmhouse vase holder and added some of those lovely stick flags.

American flag decoration ideas in a table centerpiece

But do you notice something different about these flags? This time I added some Betsy Ross flags. This table was inspired by colonial times.The white bright stars represent the original 13 colonies. So if you get a chance go check out this 4th of July tablescape and see if you find other colonial influences.

I love these Betsy Ross flags so much until I used them on another patriotic centerpiece. Here is a simple idea to bring your celebration onto the back porch.

Patriotic centerpiece with Betsy Ross flags

This vintage patriotic centerpiece is basically layering a red and white plate. Then a vintage pitcher filled with wooden spoons. And last topped off with stick flags. There are more fun ideas on this easy patriotic table setting. And you can use these ideas anywhere from outside to inside.

Patriotic Ideas using Red, White and Blue Decorations

And last is this year's patriotic ideas using red, white, and blue decorations home tour. Here you will find another better way to decorate your front porch, entryway, and more. But this time I added the mantle including a DIY farmhouse sign that you can create too.

American flag decoration ideas on the front porch

If you looked at the first post you will see my front porch there too. There is one item that stayed the same all summer long and that is this memorial wreath which is also a 4th of July wreath and Labor day wreath. LOL!

See what I mean. It stays up all summer long.

American flag decoration ideas inside your home.

After the front door, you get more American flag decoration ideas on the inside. There are ideas from the kitchen to the living room.

Patriotic Shiplap Farmhouse Sign

If you have a fireplace don't forget your mantle. The fireplace is the heart of the home and a great place to hang a flag is over the mantle.

DIY farmhouse sign

But in our home instead of a flag, I made a patriotic shiplap farmhouse sign. This DIY farmhouse sign is easy to make and you can paint it as I did with “Liberty” on a blue field, or paint a flag design on it for a fun patriotic American flag craft. It's easy to make your own wooden American flag. The possibilities are endless.


I hope you enjoyed these American flag design ideas. Now you are probably wondering why I love decorating for patriotic holidays. Well, first I am so thankful to live in a country of freedom. Many people have worked hard and sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Whether it's Memorial Day, the fourth of July, Veterans day, or any other day, you can represent America and the flag of our country with pride.

I also love history and there is loads of American history wrapped around our American flag. If you noticed I have another historical flag called a Bennington Flag. Plus the first photo of the giant flag in my entryway I received when my Dad passed. It was flown over the state capital the day he died. Needless to say, it is very special to me.

American flag decoration ideas inside your home.

If you enjoy American flag design ideas and other patriotic decor, check out these posts:

So, when you are decorating for any of the patriotic holidays think about using some flags you have around the house. Also, go to a dollar store like Dollar Tree and pick up about a dozen stick flags. And last go through all your goodies and see if you have anything that is red, white or blue. Incorporate them into your design. Do you have any US flag design traditions? I'd love for you to share the creative ways you decorate for patriotic holidays!

Before you know it your home will show your American pride.

Happy Decorating!


Friday 9th of October 2020

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Franklin White

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

I like how there are tons of opportunities for decorating your home with the American flag. That glad represents so much sacrifice and freedom. I would love to have it all over my house so I can support my countrymen and women.

Linda McDonald

Friday 29th of May 2020

I love your comment and hope you get to try some of these ideas.