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Easy Patriotic Decor Ideas Using Red, White and Blue Decorations

Whether it is the 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, President's Day, or Flag day these red, white, and blue decorations will give your home decor an explosion of patriotic vibe. Here are the best patriotic decor ideas.

Patriotic decor ideas.  Red, white and blue decorations stick flags in a lambs ear wreath

Patriotic holidays run all through the year which is why I love red, white and blue decorations. I also love giving you ideas so here are some fourth of July home decoration tips from the front porch to the fireplace mantle.

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Red, White and Blue Decorations

In this post I am sharing patriotic decor ideas broken down by rooms or locations. In addition to the best places to decorate with patriotic decor I will also share ideas using flags as decor, anything that is red, white or blue, handmade decorations and vintage decor.

  • Style your table with patriotic table decorations
  • Patriotic small front porch
  • Entryway red, white and blue decorations
  • Kitchen decor ideas for 4th of July
  • Living Room Mantel Patriotic Decorations

July party decorations are a fun way to celebrate all the patriotic holidays. Here are patriotic decor ideas for your tables.

Patriotic Table Decorations

Vintage decor is an inexpensive way to decorate. Here is an idea using old vintage decor on your party table.

4th of July table decorations with vintage centerpiece

I love using patriotic party supplies that are sitting around my house so here I used anything I could find that had all the American flag colors to create a patriotic table setting. Patriotic celebrations are so fun!

I created another table using the same red white blue decorations but a different centerpiece for fourth July.

red, white and blue decorations for a fourth of July tablescape

Here is a 4th of July tablescape idea that is filled with red, white, and blue color schemes. It was so fun and inspiring until I couldn't wait to share more ideas for a July celebration. For even more table decoration ideas, check out this post on 4th of July Table Decoration Ideas. So, let's start outside on my small front porch for more patriotic decorations.

Patriotic Small Front Porch

red, white and blue decorations on a small front porch for July 4

I want to encourage you to think of your front porch whether it is small or large as another room of your home. This space is an indication of what guests will receive inside.

So here are a few easy changes that instantly give it patriotic feels.

red, white and blue decorations on a small front porch for the July 4th.

Starting at the top and working our way down begin with adding a patriotic wreath or garland around the door. I have had this wreath for many years and I am still not tired of it so if you have a wreath you can put up for each patriotic holiday go ahead and include it.

One thing I changed on this wreath this year as opposed to last year is the way it is hung. In my 4th of July decorating ideas last year I hung the wreath with a metal hanger. This year I decided on a ribbon for a softer touch.

red, white and blue decorations on a small front porch for the 4th of July

Another inexpensive and fun touch is adding these Target dollar spot pinwheels to the planter.

red, white and blue decorations on a small front porch for the 4th of July using a pinwheel

Simply drop a few pinwheels for flags in your planter and like magic, you have given your planter some red, white, and blue decorations.

Talk about easy!

red, white and blue decorations on a small front porch for the 4th of July using layered rugs

And last for the front porch pick up a red, white, and/or blue rug to layer your doormat. I found this one on clearance and boy did it transform the front porch with color.

Entryway Red, White and Blue Decorations

Now let's walk in the front door and give our guest a little more independence day feels in the entryway.

red, white and blue decorations in the entryway

Here are some more easy ideas and cheap too. Again I raided the dollar spot at Target and pulled out a few of my own items from last year.

red, white and blue decorations in the entryway with American stick flags in a lambs ear wreath

Starting from the top I added a stick American stick flags to my lamb's ear wreath to give it a July wreath vibe. This wreath get's decorated all year long. I got the wreath from an Etsy shop called The Whimsical Door. She has loads of other amazing wreaths but this one is versatile.

There are so many places you can add stick flags. You can add them to flower arrangements, plants, or wreaths as I did here.

red, white and blue decorations in the entryway with American stick flags in a lambs ear wreath

Next, add some metal stars or something similar to the side of your mirror or art. I used a tiny little nail so there would be a small hole to fill once I take the stars down.

red, white and blue decorations in the entryway with American flag pillow

If you have a bench anywhere in your home toss some United States themed pillows onto the bench. These pillows are from last year but you can find cheap pillows in the dollar spot at Target also.

red, white and blue decorations in the entryway with American flag pillow and flowers

And if you have a sprig of flowers tie a cute red and white ribbon around it and lay it on the bench. Little touches like this make a design go from ordinary to unique.

This next idea is using the same mirror, but an entryway cabinet is under it.

Vintage American patriotic decorations for 4th of July

I simply added a stack of books, making sure the colors coordinate the red, white, and blue then added a patriotic ribbon around the lamp. Next, I added the stick flags again to the wreath.

Talk about easy! It is the little details and layering decor that give it a designer feel.

To read more about the entryway decorations check out my vintage patriotic decoration ideas post.

Now let's take a few steps into my kitchen, where I added a couple of simple touches.

Kitchen Decor for 4th of July

There is something special about adding holiday decor to your kitchen area. I have a small sitting room attached to my kitchen.

red, white and blue decorations in the kitchen on the hutch with a pennant banner

If you have a hutch in your home, consider adding a pennant banner to the hutch. I have a pennant banner free printable where you can make your own.

red, white and blue decorations pennant banner

It is really easy to make if you have basic sewing skills. You can add this one to your hutch, china cabinet, bookcase, or anywhere. Or you can shop for one like I did this year.

To add more patriotic pride to your hutch decorations try this presidents silhouettes DIY. This is our newest addition. I like coming up with decorations that fit the theme, have a little history behind it but are not the usual idea.

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson were just the ticket. Aren't they cute?!!

presidents silhouettes craft

Decorating our hutch is probably one of my favorite things to do for th 4th of July. Here is another idea where I used my small Betsy Ross stick flags and Currier & Ives blue dishes.

Betsy ross mini flags on hutch

This hutch design has so many more details to you that you want to check out in my vintage patriotic decorations post.

Now let's head back to the living room which is the last room where I added some patriotic touches.

Living Room Mantle Patriotic Decorations

This year I went all out on the mantle. What I mean is that I decided to make some art to use on the fireplace mantle each year.

red, white and blue decorations on the mantle with a chambrey blue shiplap wood art piece that has liberty wood cutout on it.

Since the mantle is the heart of the home I feel like holiday decorations are not complete until the mantle fits into the design.

red, white and blue decorations on the mantle with a chambray blue shiplap wood art piece that has liberty wood cutout on it.

Keeping things inexpensive I was inspired by this “liberty” wood letter cutout and an old canvas frame I found at Goodwill.

This project is super easy. Using the frame I was able to add a shiplap look, paint it with Fusion mineral paint, and add the “liberty” lettering. And now I have some art for the mantle.

Here is how to make a DIY farmhouse sign if you would like to make one too. But if making a piece is not your thing consider hanging a flag here for your July decorations. It brings a home design together when you include the mantle.

Another mantel idea is this vintage patriotic fireplace.

Vintage American decorations

Using the same basic design that was already on my mantel all I did was remove a rabbit decoration and place the eagle and then printed George Washington at Valley Forge print to go over the painting in the frame.

Antoher easy project to transform your living room for the 4th of July.

Now that you have loads of ideas here is a common question I get asked about decorating for patriotic holidays in America.

When should I decorate for fourth of July?

The best time to think about decorating for the fourth of July is the beginning of June. Start planning the first week. This will give you time to hand make any decorations and do shopping if needed. Then late June place all your decorations for the 4th of July.


Well, there you have some ideas for red, white and blue decorations for your patriotic holiday. I hope you have been inspired to do some independence day decorating in your home. Or maybe I should say July 4th, flag day, presidents day, labor day, memorial day. Okay, I think you get the picture. If you're a fan of vintage decor, be sure to check out my post about Vintage Patriotic Decoration Ideas.

Did you know you can pull out these decorations before memorial day and leave them out all summer long? Yes, you can have a patriotic spirit the whole summer. It is the best time of year to decorate with an Americana theme. Which makes this style of decor even better.

Now it is your turn. Where are you thinking of decorating for the holidays? Share in the comments.

Happy Decorating!

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