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Create a fun and easy tablescape with this patriotic table setting idea for inside or outside. Add red, white, and blue to your table. Bring an all-American vintage vibe to your decor with these simple party ideas.

patriotic table setting idea for the 4th of July, Memorial and Labor Day parties

Bring red, white, and blue to your table with this easy patriotic table setting idea. No matter what patriotic holiday you are celebrating, this vintage antique tablescape is simple to create. I have step-by-step details on how to make this patriotic party table for inside at home. Or on your porch, or outside of your home.

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Patriotic Table Setting Idea

Let me guess that you are here looking for a tablescape. And for patriotic table decor ideas to celebrate the United States independence, Memorial day, or Labor Day? If you are looking for something easy to create, then I hope this tablescape will help you.


The best way to start planning any patriotic party is to decide where the table will be located. I picked the porch for this backyard BBQ party. So I moved our wicker furniture outside and brought out the back patio table onto the back porch.

Farmhouse table on back porch for a patriotic party

My son-in-law and I made this table and I have the details on how to build a farmhouse table. So now you have your July party table set let's start decorating the table going step by step.

Patriotic Tables Cloth

First decide if you want a tablecloth, paper or leave the table plain. I used this towel I found in the Target dollar spot last year but here is another similar stripe blanket. Simply toss your table covering over the table making sure the same amount hangs over on each side. Now let's create a patriotic table centerpiece.

Blue and white stripe tablecloth for a patriotic tablescape

Patriotic Centerpiece

This Americana centerpiece is super easy to create. Basically, use a white pitcher and fill it with wooden spoons, rolling pins, or any wood utensils. And then add some American stick flags.

Patriotic centerpiece

First, sit a red and white buffalo check plate in the middle of the table first. I used this Coton Colors plate from my Christmas tree centerpiece tablescape.

Fourth of July centerpiece

Now sit an old or new white or cream pitcher on the plate.

Patriotic centerpiece

And add old or new wooden spoons and small flags like these Betsy Ross flags. Adding an old American flag is the beginning of adding a little history to your table.

Betsy Ross patriotic centerpiece

I like to create tables that have a little story or something special about them. Years ago I created a 4th of July tablescape and used many of the same table decorations. And this table takes us back in time too.

The pitcher is a salt-glazed pitcher from the 1800s. The wooden rolling pin is also from the 1800s. It belonged to my great-grandmother on my Dad's side of the family.

Consider using pieces that are vintage or antiques. You can find pieces in thrift stores or antique shops. Or you can purchase a simple white pitcher and paint blue stripes around it.

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Now let's start creating the place settings and again I have a little story to tell.

Independence Day Patriotic Place Setting

Usually, I design a place setting around a little gift for my guests. Since this is an at-home small family backyard BBQ party, I wanted to create a bit of history. But for your table, you don't have to have a story behind your place setting.

Dinner Plate

To begin let's place the dishes on the table. First, put a dinner plates down like this Currier and Ives blue plate. Or you can use a red, blue or white plate.

Patriotic tablescape for a bbq

Napkins and Salad Plate

Then place a white napkin on the dinner plate next. And then top the set with another Currier and Ives salad plate. Or a solid colored plate in red, white, or blue.

4th of July place setting using Currier and Ives blue dishes

George Washington's Birthplace

If you use this Currier and Ives plate you are adding a little history to your table. The design on this plate is George Washington's birthplace. This home on this salad plate is located in Virginia at a National Monument site called George Washington's birthplace. The original home burned down but it has been reconstructed for visitors to site see.

Since we are celebrating America, I thought it would be fun to add this plate. This is my favorite part of the table. The land and house George Washington was born in belonged to my 10th great-grandfather, Henry Brookes. He sold it to George Washington's dad. Later baby Washington was born there.

Do you see the connection to this patriotic decor party idea? George Washington is one of the founding fathers of our country and our first president.

Wooden Silverware

Now let's move on to the silverware. Since this is an upscale backyard BBQ have some fun and add wooden spoons, forks, and knives. The wooden silverware fits in nicely with the July 4th centerpiece.

Red, white and blue tablescape for Patriotic holiday

You can use any kind of silverware but wooden utensils makes the table a little more fun.

Patriotic style place setting


Next, add glasses for coke floats. I found these cute Irish coffee mugs with a handle at the Dollar Tree. I love shopping there for glassware. They have many options, and you can order online if you have many guests and need a larger quantity. You can check the dollar store for glassware too. It is a great place to shop.

Independence day table setting with irish coffee mug glasses by Dollar Tree

The style of these glasses fit in nicely with a BBQ vibe and look very nice with the place settings. A mason jar would look cute too.

Patriotic table decorations

Guess what? Your table is finished, so add your chairs unless they are already at the table. It is time to party!!! So fire up your grill. We searched hamburgers, chips, baked beans, and coca-cola floats for dessert. My sweet little nephew and his mom came over to celebrate.

Fun patriotic backyard BBQ

He was so cute! His favorite part was when I made the coke floats in the cute coffee mug. He watched every detail as I put ice cream into the glass and then added the coke. He thought that was cool, but when we asked him if he wanted some, he said no. LOL!

Coke float at a backyard bbq patriotic party


Now that your table is finished, consider adding a few other touches to your party. Grab your patriotic theme decorations and start decorating the room, porch, or patio. I keep a crate full of patriotic décor to decorate for the summer.

Patriotic decorations for a backyard BBQ

Add a flag pillow on the chairs or a banner to the walls. Here is a cute free printable patriotic banner. Simply subscribe to my email to get access to all my free printables. If your party is in the evening hang some string lights. String lights give such a pretty sparkle to the event.

Patriotic dinner party decoration ideas

Add more stick American flags to plants or anything around the room like I did on the plant in the corner. And if you have any large star shape decor add them to your space. Adding extra July decoration pieces will make the space feel more festive.

Patriotic centerpiece idea

Here is one last look at the table so you can see all the details.

4th of July table decorations

I hope you have come away with some ideas and I hope your party turns out beautiful and fun. For more ideas try these patriotic decor ideas using red, white, and blue decorations.

Patriotic tablescape with Currier and Ives

Happy Decorating!