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The Magic of Decorating with Printable Bat Templates

When it comes to adding a touch of spooky elegance to your space, few things work as effectively as decorating with printable bat templates. Whether you're a Halloween enthusiast or simply someone looking to transform their home decor, these versatile templates offer a variety of creative options for your printable bat template.

Printable bats in a cloche on fireplace mantel

Where Can I use a Printable Bat Template?

Halloween crafts give us a fun way to be creative during the Halloween season. Paper crafts are some of my favorites. In this post, we'll explore some exciting ideas for using printable bat templates to enhance your space for Halloween. Here are our favorite ways to decorate with printable bats.

  • Hutch Infested with Bats: turn your hutch into a haunting display
  • Bat and Pom Pom Garland: Crafting a garland of bats for a unique twist
  • Bat Filled Cloche: Eerie cloche full of bats for a fun decoration
  • Window Bat Silhouette: Bats in windows to cast fun shadows inside and out.
  • Flying Bats on Wall: Decorate a wall with a host of flying bats.

You're sure to find an easy Halloween craft to make your home festive and fun this Halloween.

Printable Bat Cut Out for Cloche

Choosing the Right Cloche

A cloche is a classic glass or acrylic dome that can be used to display and protect delicate objects. It offers a charming way to showcase your favorite items, and when it comes to Halloween, it's the ideal vessel for your printable bat cutouts.

To begin, choose the right cloche for your space. Cloches come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, so consider the dimensions of your printable bats and the overall aesthetic you're aiming for. An antique-inspired glass cloche adds a touch of vintage elegance, while a modern acrylic cloche provides a more contemporary look.

You can also use a clear kitchen canister as a cloche like we did in the photo. All you have to do is turn it upside down.

Selecting Printable Bat Templates

Next, select the printable bat templates that match your decor vision. Look for templates that complement the size and style of your cloche. We used this printable bat set. You can find a variety of different bat templates online, from realistic bat silhouettes to stylized and artistic designs. Be sure to print your bat template printables on quality black cardstock or matte paper for the best results. Get ready for spooky fun!

Assembly and Placement

Once you have your simple bat outline printed, it's time to assemble them for the cloche display. In our classy Halloween decor post are directions on how we added printable bats to the inside of our cloche.

classy halloween decor using printable bats in a cloche

Place your cloche with the printable bat cutouts on a prominent surface, such as a mantel or side table. The gentle illumination of a small LED light beneath the cloche can create a captivating, eerie ambiance. Isn't this one of the most creative craft projects?

Printable Bat Silhouettes on Hutch

Transforming Your Hutch

If you have a hutch or similar piece of furniture, it's an excellent canvas for Halloween decor and an easy way to bring the Halloween spirit to your home. Start by clearing and cleaning the hutch only leaving what goes with your design to create a blank slate for your spooky transformation. We left the dishes in our hutch.

Printable paper bats in a hutch for a Halloween decoration

Preparing the Bat Silhouettes

Select and print printable bat silhouettes that suit the size and style of your hutch. You may want a variety of bat sizes and shapes for added visual interest. Cut out the bat shape templates carefully. Consider adding details like shimmering metallic paint or glitter which is a great way to add a touch of glamour or leave them the classic silhouette black. We choose to keep our bats a classic black finish.

Arrangement Tips

Arrange the bat silhouettes on the hutch where they look like they are flying, hanging or sitting on items. Create depth and dimension by placing some bats on the hutch's shelves and attaching others to the hutch's backboard using removable double sided tape. By putting the little bats in the back, it adds depth. This three-dimensional display adds a sense of movement and drama to your decor.

Black bat decoration in hutch

Consider incorporating other Halloween elements, such as faux spiderwebs, small pumpkins, LED candles or garlands like this Happy Halloween garland and bat cut-out and pom pom garland which we will talk about next. These additions can enhance the overall spooky effect of your hutch display.

Printable Bat Template Garland

Crafting a Spooky Garland

Garlands are a versatile and decorative way to bring life to a room or a party, and a printable bat template garland is perfect for a Halloween party. To craft one, start by choosing your printable bat templates. You can opt for a single type of bat or mix and match bats designs for a diverse look.

Black bats and pom pom garland

Print and cut out your bats, then pierce or punch small holes near the top of each bat’s wings. String them together using black ribbon or twine, leaving a bit of space between each bat for a visually pleasing arrangement.

Printable bat and pom pom garland decoration for Halloween

If you want to make one like in my photo make pom poms either by hand or with a pom pom maker and using a yarn needles thread the twine through the pom pom and then a bat. Repeat these steps until you reach the end of the twine. Your home is full of the spooky spirit!

Stringing It All Together

Drape your bat garland over a mantel, along a staircase, across a window or in our case across furniture. The contrast of dark bats against a light background can create a striking visual effect. Adjust the length of the garland to suit your space, and secure it in place with removable hooks or tape.

Printable bat template garland with pom poms

Hanging and Enjoying

As Halloween approaches, hang your printable bat template garland and relish the eerie charm it brings to your home. The gentle movement of the bats and the subtle rustling sound as they sway in the breeze, in our case from the ac vent, will add an extra layer of spookiness to your decor.

Flying Bat Silhouette Halloween Decorations

This Halloween decoration is classic and fits in with any style. You can adhere them to a wall or string them to hang loosely in a room. To add your bats to a wall have them all flying from one object like this clock. Print out your bat templates on black paper or card stock. Simply cut out many bats in different sizes.

Paper cut out black bats over a mantel for Halloween decorations

Attach Bats to the Wall

Pick the object you want your bats to fly from and start adding them all flying in the somewhat same direction using double-sided tape on the back of each bat.

Printable bat template for Halloween wall decoration

Start at a small point and widen your bats in the direction they are all flying. It is that easy! This simple and inexpensive Halloween decoration makes a big impact when all put together.

Window Decor with Bat Silhouettes

To create a truly immersive Halloween experience, consider decorating your windows with bat silhouettes. Decorating the front porch is one of my favorite Halloween projects. Cut out a variety of bat shapes and sizes, then attach them to your window panes or door window using removable adhesive putty.

Window bat silhouette decoration for halloween

When backlit, these bats cast captivating shadows, creating a striking display for both the inside and outside of your home.

Window decorations using Halloween bat printables

Here is where I took the same printable bats and applied them to our front door window for when decorating our porch for Halloween.

Halloween porch decor with printable bat templates

This is such a fun bat craft. Look closely in the top right. Do you see Dracula hanging upside down? LOL! Our little vampire bats cracks me up!! In addition to adding bat silhouettes on the window I dispersed them around the porch.

Bat silhouettes  from a printable bat template on a halloween front porch ideas
Bat cut outs outdoor halloween decoration

Other Creative Ideas

Bat-Embellished Serving Trays

Hosting a Halloween gathering? Elevate your serving trays by adding bat templates. Print and cut out bat shapes, then attach them to the bottom of glass serving trays using double-sided tape. When you place food or drinks on the tray, the bats appear to hover mysteriously beneath, delighting your guests.

DIY Bat Coasters

For a practical yet spooky touch, craft your own bat-shaped coasters using bat templates. Print the templates onto cork sheets, cut them out, and apply a protective sealant. These coasters not only protect your surfaces but also add a unique and thematic element to your decor.

Bat Template Wall Art

For a more permanent form of decoration, consider using printable bat templates to create wall art. Choose a large, eye-catching bat design, print and frame it for a bold and stylish piece of Halloween-themed art. Hang it prominently in your living room or dining area to set the tone for your Halloween celebrations.

Where Can I Find a Printable Bat Template?

The best place to find printable bat templates is on Etsy. Here are the top two bat patterns:

  • Bat Silhouette Cut Outs: this set of bats have wings in different positions along with one bat hanging upside down. They also come in pdf, jpg and svg for Cricut and Silhouette machines.
  • Flying Bat Templates: This set of bats are all the same bats but in different sizes which makes them perfect for flying in one direction.

Now that we have covered a few ideas for decorating with printable bat templates here are a few other Halloween decorations ideas you will want to check out.

You can also check out this YouTube video of my Halloween front porch and other Halloween decor.


We had so much fun decorating with these printable bat templates. I hope this post put you in the Halloween spirit. Halloween is the perfect time of year to try some creative crafts. The great thing about these printable bat templates is there are endless ways to use them and create Halloween fun. What did you think of these printable bat template ideas? Where would you put these spooky decorations in your own home? I'd love to hear your bat decor ideas in the comments! Have a great time and a Happy Halloween!

Happy Decorating!