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Christmas decorating ideas for porches are all over social media and the internet.  But sometimes the pictures look easy, but it doesn't come out the way you want it too.  This post will help you create a show-stopping design plus a Christmas Tour of Home to give you some inspiration.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using simple farmhouse style items

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Porches

With so many different shapes and sizes of porches let's begin by defining what a porch is.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below. All opinions are all my own.

What is a Porch

Well, according to the internet and dictionary it is a covered entrance to a building.

So, if you have any covering over your front or back door, then you have a porch.  But even if you don't have a covering and you do have a stoop or patio these Christmas decorating ideas for porches will work for you too.

I know because there are some beautiful festive Christmas decorating ideas for any porch on this post here.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches round up

Getting Started

Like any Christmas home decor project, it is good to start with creating your ideas.   Let me encourage you to use Pinterest as a resource.  I have lots of ideas on my Christmas board on Pinterest so tap holiday Christmas ideas to see my board.

Home tours are another great source of inspiration. And you're in luck today because I have a fantastic home tour listed at the bottom of this post.

And you will find more inspiration on my website like this Outdoor Christmas decor post.

Inspiration Piece

You have tons of ideas and decor from your collection what do you do now?

Well, what is your inspiration?  Is it a wreath, wall hanging or rug?  In my case, it all started with this wreath from The Whimsical Door on Etsy.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using a asymmetrical wreath

I knew I wanted something minimalist with a farmhouse vibe, so The Whimsical Door was perfect.

Color Scheme

Next, you have to decide on your color scheme.  In my case, the wreath was red, white, and green.  So these were my natural color choices.

Door Wreath and/or Garland

Now we are getting to the fun part, and that is putting up your decorations.

Starting with your door, you will need an outdoor Christmas wreath and garland. There are other options for your front door like a door hanging, swags and so much more. I even made bells once and share how to make Christmas bells in another post.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using a asymmetrical wreath

This year because my wreath is an asymmetrical ring wreath I needed something delicate to hang it with on the door.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using a asymmetrical wreath

When The Whimsical Door created this outdoor Christmas wreath, I asked if I could get more ribbon.  They so generously sent me the whole spool.

I want to encourage you to purchase a whole spool that is the exact match of the ribbon on your wreath.  Using the same ribbon over and over is a significant design element.

So, here is how I hung my wreath.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches and how to hang a wreath with ribbon

Merely hang a command hook upside down.  Wrap the ribbon around the wreath or ring and run it over the door and tie it to the command hook.

Now go ahead and add garland or anything else that has to do with the front door.

Christmas Door Mat

Next, add your doormat.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using layered rugs

Layering doormats are super popular right now.  Consider a more neutral rug like solid, check or stripes.

I created my mat from leftovers from a painter's drop cloth leftover from my drop cloth runner post.

I cut the size I wanted and then sewed the edges.  Next, I used painter's tape to tape out my lines.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using layered rugs

Then using Dixie Belle chalk paint, I painted the white lines on the mat. I removed the tape before it dried.

I also painted the Jingle all the Way on the mat.  Again it was simple.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches farmhouse style

I used my Silhouette to cut the design.

Here are some tools you will need if you decide to make your own mats.

Plants, Trees and Planters

This is where you start adding some height to your design like a Christmas tree.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches farmhouse style

There are so many options when it comes to your planters.

You can put out a new planter during the holiday like I did with this galvanized bucket or keep your current pot.

Next, think about what will go inside the planter.  You can use topiary's, poinsettias, or a Christmas tree.

I used a small 3-foot tree and added a bow on the top the match the bow on the wreath and some battery-powered mini white lights.


Next, let's move upward onto the walls.  If you have wall space, consider adding something festive to your walls.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using a vintage tree farm sign

A porch wall is a great place to bring something nostalgic in like this Pine Tree Farm sign I made.

This piece has meaning to me because my sisters and I inherited a pine tree farm from our parents when they passed.

I didn't want just any tree farm sign I wanted something personal.  So I created my sign.

So, do what makes you happy.

If you find a sign that brings you joy then add it or if you have something old that makes you think of your childhood place it on the wall too.


We are almost finished.  Now it is time to add some accessories to make your space seem even warmer and inviting.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using lanterns

Lanterns are great for decorating just about any space.  I like to use them so much in accessorizing until I wrote a post of some of the best lanterns.

But there are loads of other Christmas decorating ideas for front porches.  Like old vintage sleds, ice skates and the list goes on.

I like to keep things simple and minimal so a few lanterns did the trick for me.

But if you have any statues or other items that have to stay on the porch then add a little Christmas decor to them too.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches using dog statue

I love to add a little holiday spirit to “Rover” our sweet starving pup.

If you have a statue add a ribbon around its neck.  Notice here I used the same ribbon as the tree and the wreath.

Remember repetition is a good element of design.  It pulls together the whole space.

Christmas Decorating Idea for Front Porch List

Now that we have walked through the steps its time to do some shopping either in your storage area, online or at the store.

Here is a step-by-step list of how to decorate your porch for Christmas.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches

Tips and Trick

I have a few last thoughts and suggestions.  If you do not have a porch remember you can still decorate your space.  Go check out my Christmas decorating for porches round-up post to see one idea that turned out super cute.

If you have a small porch keep it simple as I did on my porch.

Christmas decorating ideas for front porches

Allow space between items to let light travel around them, and it will make your porch seem larger.

Christmas Home Tour

Now it is time to get loads of inspiration to create your beautiful porch or any room of your home.

Christmas Tour of Home

Click on each link below to be taken to all kinds of different Christmas home designs.


White Arrows Home| The Chelsea Project| Our Prairie Farmhouse|

Noting Grace| The Red Painted Cottage


Celebrate and Decorate| Rain and Pine| Savvy Apron


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Mom Home Guide| Twelve On Main


County Road 407| Art and Sand| Simple Nature Decor| Sweet Parrish Place


Deeply Southern Home| First Day of Home| Life on Summerhill|

Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry| The Aspiring Home

Again I hope you have been inspired and received loads of ideas but if you need a little more inspiration try this cottage farmhouse Christmas porch idea. It is a warm and cozy front porch as if it belongs to Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas & Happy Decorating!

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