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Spice up your Holidays with the latest 2023 Christmas Decor Trends.

As we step into the world of Christmas decor for 2023, one cannot help but be enchanted by the latest trends that promise to make this season truly exceptional.

This year, we're seeing a fascinating fusion of green colors, whimsical elements, gingerbread-themed trees, candy-themed ornaments, plush velvet ribbons, mushroom decor, and decorations inspired by the classic tale of “Little Women.”

Each trend tells a unique story and brings an abundance of character to your holiday decor.

Christmas trends 2023

What's Hot in Christmas Decor for 2023?

Every year, I spend hours combing through Pinterest, and Google, shopping in stores and social media, looking for the top trends of Christmas to plan our decor. This year, I decided to share my findings and save you time if you are a trendsetter.

So, stay ahead with the latest Christmas decor trends for 2023. Based on my top finds, learn the new trends in colors, styles, and must-have decorations this season.

Colors of the Season: Holiday Color Schemes

The Influence of Color in Holiday Decor

Color plays a pivotal role in holiday decor, setting the mood and creating a festive atmosphere. In Christmas decor, colors evoke emotions, memories, and traditions. They transport us to a world of enchantment and wonder.

For the 2023 Christmas season, we're seeing a renewed emphasis on the influence of color, with shades and palettes that celebrate the season in fresh and innovative ways.

What are Trendy Color Palettes for Christmas?

Sage Green Christmas Decor

Say merry Christmas to sage green. Sage green is emerging as the undeniable star of Christmas color palettes in 2023. Its calming and earthy tones bring a touch of nature indoors, creating a serene backdrop for your holiday celebrations.

Pottery Barn seems to be in the know when it comes to sage green because it introduced new items this year with this neutral Christmas color palette.

Popular Christmas decor 2023 sage green

Another designer who was on Target, pun intended, is Joanna Gaines. She incorporated sage green in lots of items this year.

Hearth and hand popular christmas decor 2023 of sage green plaid dishes

And since we are on the subject of Target let's look at Studio McGee who also used sage green Christmas decor throughout her line.

Sage green christmas tree pillow

But that's not the only color making waves.

Whimsical Hues on Traditional Favorites

The playful combination of whimsical hues and traditional favorites is a trend to watch. This year's decor invites you to blend old and new color traditions, merging the timeless charm of classic Christmas with the whimsical excitement of fresh color palettes.

Look for whimsical gingerbread-themed trees, decor, and neutral hues. In addition to seeing gingerbread-themed trees showing up over and over on social media, a Pottery Barn associate shared that their gingerbread decor is selling as soon as it hits the shelves.

Pottery Barn viral Christmas gingerbread mug

Decorating with gingerbread decor is a popular choice and so much fun, but consider using them for craft projects and DIY decorations. It's the best way to tie your Christmas decor together.

Here is a fun DIY Christmas village wreath with whimsical charm. This Christmas wreath is a mini winter wonderland for your home.

DIY Christmas village wreath

Now imagine creating this wreath but using gingerbread houses in neutral tones of warm, toasty brown, and creamy icing whites.

You'll see a lot of natural elements this year in holiday decor trends. Another very popular whimsical decoration is mushrooms.

These magical fungi stem from a movement towards fairytale decorating, also known as Fairycore. It is easy to find mushroom Christmas decor in stores, but my top recommendation is World Market.

Mushroom wreath by World market

You will find fun wreaths like the one shown in the photo.

Christmas mushroom mugs are popular for Christmas 2023

And lots of mugs. The bright red mushroom with white spots is by far the most popular, bringing red as another top color of Christmas.

Cute wooden mushroom ornaments popular Christmas decorations 2023

Whether your decor style is organic or magical, incorporate a few of these toadstool decorations.

DIY Magic: Creative Christmas Decor Ideas

The Beauty of Handmade Decorations

Our next Christmas decor trend is all about DIY. There's something truly magical about incorporating handmade decorations into your Christmas decor.

Whether it's crafting woodcrafts or molding clay into delightful shapes, DIY decor infuses your home with your unique personal touch. It speaks of creativity, love, and the joy of creating something with your own two hands.

In 2023, we celebrate the beauty of handcrafted decor like these.

Crafting Memories with Woodcrafts

The allure of DIY ornaments and decorations using wood is irresistible. It's a chance to craft memories as you shape and design decorations from natural materials that are uniquely yours.

Wood decor, whether handmade or storebought, is a top search this year on Pinterest. Here is the beautiful wood decoration I came across in the At Home store where they used several pieces of wood to craft a creative Christmas star.

Wood crafts like this wooden star

Consider using wood decorations and wooden ornaments if your style is rustic, farmhouse, and Scandinavian. Wooden decor is a great way to get in the holiday spirit for those who love organic and natural decor.

Creative Air Dry Clay & Polymer Clay Decor

Another medium used repeatedly for Christmas decor is clay, mainly air dry clay or polymer clay. The beauty of air dry clay is how easy it is to create things, and you don't need heat to set the design.

It is excellent for making holiday decorations like ornaments and sculptures, and kids can also play a part in decor.

homemade air-dry clay ornaments

Here is an idea where I used air-dry clay and cookie molds to make Christmas tree ornaments.

Celebrating Holidays with Velvet Christmas Decorations

Also, watch for velvet anything for Christmas, especially ornaments and ribbons. TikTok has many viral posts about Studio McGee's velvet ornaments from last year that seem to play a part in launching the love for velvet.

Velvet ribbon is also trending, which might be why my Victorian Christmas decor Youtube video from last year is getting so much traffic because I used velvet ribbon throughout the design.

Velvet ribbon is a popular Christmas decorations 2023

As far as the most popular color of velvet, it looks like neutral tones and burgundy reds are trending. I do not see blue very much this year, but if you love blue like me, I would still use it.

Budget-Friendly DIY Projects

For those mindful of their budget, DIY projects are the perfect solution, and paper is extremely popular. They allow you to create stunning decor without breaking the bank and most of the time, you have all the supplies on hand.

With a dash of ingenuity and a sprinkle of creativity, you can fashion beautiful pieces that capture the spirit of the season. From paper stars to paper snowflakes, the possibilities are endless.

Paper crafts like these snowflakes made from bags is a popular Christmas trend.

DIY paper decorations like these snowflakes and ornaments to hang on your tree are very popular on Instagram and Pinterest. Other paper decorations that I particularly turn to save money is printable Christmas decor.

On our Etsy shop, we have lots of printable Christmas art, garlands, custom gift tags and more.

Embracing Timeless Vintage Decor

The Timeless Charm of Classic & Vintage Christmas Decor

Traditional and vintage Christmas decor never goes out of style. The nostalgic allure of classic vintage ornaments and vintage-inspired pieces adds a touch of timeless charm to your home.

In 2023, we're taking a closer look at the enduring beauty of a vintage Christmas theme that harks back to cherished memories.

Balancing Old and New: Little Women Christmas Style

While tradition is cherished, there's also room for a touch of modernity. This year, many are embracing “Little Women” themed decor which continues the cottagecore design style that pays homage to the past while introducing new elements.

Think realistic cedar or pine garlands paired with dried oranges, creating a delightful fusion of old and new that captures the essence of the holiday season.

How to dry orange slices to make a beautiful garland

There has been an abundance of realistic pine and cedar garlands in stores and online, and many people are sharing how to dry orange slices.

Last year we shared Victorian Christmas decorating and Little Women takes place in that time period. Here are a few photos of our decor but keep in mind that the trending color is not blue but I wouldn't let that stop you from using it if you love blue.

Blue Christmas decor ideas using a blue velvet ribbon and hanging vintage white ice skates on a fireplace mantel

Thrifting and antiquing is a great way to get this vintage look. Look for old ice skates, glass ornaments, or anything from the Little Women book or movie to bring in the look.

Christmas trends 2023

And bring together old and new with a Christmas tree with lights. Add candles to your tree like they did in Victorian times, but enjoy the modern-day convenience of Christmas lights, too, for a festive ambiance.

Our living room was transported through time with this vintage Christmas tree theme.

Tablescapes and Dining Delights: Setting the Table

Creating Festive Table Settings for the Holidays

Family and friends come together at the dining table to share meals and make cherished memories. This year, creating festive table settings for the holidays is very popular.

Pottery Barn dishes is a Christmas trend for 2023

After speaking with Pottery Barn associates, holiday tableware, especially mugs, is a top seller.

2023 Christmas decor trends

And remember the gingerbread-themed decor because mugs and table decor are the perfect way to display this magical and whimsical style.

DIY centerpieces featuring garlands and candles are the centerpiece of attention, casting a warm and inviting glow over your holiday feasts this festive season. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram.

Final Thoughts on 2023 Christmas Decor Trends

As we wrap up our exploration of the top 2023 Christmas decor trends, we hope you're feeling inspired and ready to embark on your own festive journey. Making your home merry and bright is not just about the decor but the joy and love that fills your space during this magical time of year.

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What 2023 Christmas decor trends will you use in your own home to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas celebration filled with laughter, love, and cherished moments with your loved ones.

Happy Decorating!