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Cottagecore Decor Ideas

Today we are looking at cottagecore decor ideas. A new trend of home decorating that reminds us of simpler times and grandma's home. An English cottage style that brings all the senses, cozy, and natural. Cottagecore aesthetic movement has charmingly written all over it.

Cottage core ideas

Cottagecore Decor Ideas

These cottagecore decor ideas range from working kitchens to cozy bedrooms. We are going to break down what you will need to create this aesthetic and how to create a dreamy cottage core space. But what exactly is cottagecore?

What is Cottagecore style?

Cottagecore or cottage core is basically an aesthetic depicting a romanticized style in nature. Decorating by telling a story of a soothing escapist forest rural life cottage style.

Cottagecore is even broken down into different styles. There is grandmacore, meadowcore, gardencore, farmcore, prairecore, vintagecore, fairycore, and the list goes on. Do you see a common theme in all the “core” names? Nature and vintage are the keys.

Here is basically what the cottagecore trend looks like, living in a charming cozy cottage in the middle of the forest with little baby animals like sheep and goats. Writing letters by a fire with your kitty cat taking a nap nearby sipping on a homebrew tea from your herb garden and nibbling on a piece of your freshly baked bread.

It reminds me of artists from the Victorian period escaping to nature like Ophelia. It is a wistful longing bucolic dreamy world to escape to. A pastoral fantasy per se.

Old soul personalities adore this style. They love doing all the things that grandma would do like baking and cooking. Rooms are full of decorations like flowers and plants hanging from the walls and ceiling. Remember it is a dreamy world of nature.

Cottagecore Decor Ideas

If you want to decorate in this style you will find it an easy task if you love feminine and vintage. When I think of this style I have a mental picture of my grandma's kitchen. In some ways, grandma was living the cottagecore life. Here is a list of decorations you might consider when shopping for Cottagecore.

Now let's look at each vintage decor element and how it was used to decorate Cottagecore homes from talented decorators.


A room full of plants is probably the easiest way to add the forest feeling. Because this style incorporates nature plants are at the top of this list.

Here is a great example of decorating in the cottagecore style by using plants.

Cottagecore decor using plants
Photo credit: Janice Issitt

Janice at janiceissitt_life-style on Instagram truly captures the cottagecore life. Her home is gorgeous and she used plants to help create a cozy natural feeling.

If you love the look of plants but need help here is a tutorial on how to decorate with plants and the best plants for indoors.

Vintage or Antique Furniture

A great place to start when creating your story in decor is with vintage or antique rustic wooden furniture. Look carefully for pieces that fit into the scene you are trying to create. The best places to look for old furniture are thrift stores, garage sales, and antique stores.

Here is a great way to incorporate the farmcore aesthetic. Ourcornishcottage on Instagram has used furniture in her dining room beautiful way to set the stage for cottagecore charm.

If your home has farmhouse decor then it will be easy to move your style to farmcore.

Farmcore rustic vintage furniture in a dining room

Another beautiful example is this lovely kitchen which reminds me of grandmacore. Look at this gorgeous wooden table in the home photographed by Caroline Romare Photography. You can just imagine the story going on in this space.

Farmcore decor ideas using rustic vintage furniture
Photo credit: Caroline Romare Photography

This room also has dried flowers which brings me to another element of this aesthetic life.

Dried and Real Flowers

Dried and real flowers are another way to bring this style into your home. Hugs and Heart Interiors use flowers to decorate their cottage. You can find lots of ideas for the cottagecore style on their Instagram at hugsandhearts.

Cottagecore decorating ideas using dried flowers in a vintage vase
Photo credit: Hugs and Heart

The best way to get the cottagecore vibe with flowers is to use wild flower in a vintage vase. Hanging dried flowers on the wall or from the ceiling or flowers sitting in a basket. Remember you are telling a story as if you just came from a walk outside and picked flowers in a field on the way.

If you are looking for an easy and decorative way to dry flowers try this DIY dried flower wall hanging.

Vintage Fabrics and Lace

Vintage fabrics and lace are vogue when it comes to this style. If you look at the cottagecore fashion movement you will find dainty little floral prints, stripes, natural materials, and checks. Just think about Holly Hobby and what she wore.

Cottagecore fashion movement using Holly Hobby style dresses, lace and tiny floral patterns
Photo credit: Blue Linen Cottage

Emily at Blue Linen Cottage captures this vintagecore aesthetic using floral patterns of fabric and lace to decorate. You will love her tiny cottage and her fur babies. And she has an Etsy shop too where can purchase all kinds of beautiful lace for your next project.

Vintage Rugs

Since we are on the topic of vintage fabrics let's add in vintage rugs. In fact, anything vintage works nicely with the core styles.

grandmacore decorating in a bedroom
Photo credit: Stonecottage2250

Linda's home at Stonecottage2250 is a dreamy place with all the cottagecore feels. Here she has layered rugs using a classic vintage style rug in her bedroom.

We also love her vintage painting filled with scenes of yesteryear.

Victorian Teacups

Victorian decor fits in very nicely with the cottage aesthetic. And if there is one that says vintage it is the victorian tea cups.

Place one, two, or more teacups in your space to bring the cottagecore look to your home decor.

vintagecore decorating
Photo credit: Little Vintage Sparrow

Here is a cute idea by Jordan at Little Vintage Sparrow on Instagram where they simply place a teacup and saucer on a lace and table cloth to give that cozy charming feeling. I love her site! It is so relaxing and pleasant.

You can also incorporate teacups by making candles inside of them. I have all the dibs on how to make a teacup candle. Now your precious dish will bring a warm glow to your home decor.

Another fun way to incorporate vintage china is to arrange plates on the wall.

Cottage core decorating ideas in a kitchen
Photo credit: carol_at_rose_field_cottage

Look at how adorable this kitchen turned out by Carol at carol_at_rose_field-cottage! The arrangement of delicate floral plates on the wall has cottagecore written all over them.

Botanical Art

Botanical art fits in perfectly. In fact, any botanical motifs are a perfect choice.

You can use old vintage pieces or new ones that look old. We have loads of botanicals in our Etsy shop from butterflies to greenery.

Botanical art prints and pattern of florals and teacups
Photo credit: Tamsyn Morgans

Funny thing that we were just talking about teacups and here is another example of decorating with teacups by Tamsyn at tamsynmorgans on Instagram. Her site is lovely and has loads and loads more inspiration.

Other prints to consider are greenery, mushrooms, fairies, any cute baby animals, floral motifs and the list goes on. Also, consider needlepoint art. Here is another great idea to incorporate vintage art into your space.

Embroidery floral and butterfly jar covers
Photo credit: Anndyhr

Look at these sweet jar covers by Andrea at anndyhr on Instagram with butterflies and daisies. Grab an embroidery kit and create charming little insect or flower designs to frame or place on a jar like this one.

What a cute way to add decorations and art at the same time to your cozy little cottage.


If there is one thing you have seen over and over it is baskets. Baskets easily fit into all the core categories from farmcore to fairycore. They can be used in a functional capacity or decorated to give that charming aesthetic.

Cottagecore kitchen
Photo credit: Bryartonfarm

Here is a great example of using baskets as decoration. Look at how cute Sara Jo with bryartonfarm used baskets to decorate her lighting and again a basket of flowers on her table.

Another great example of using baskets to get that cottagecore vibe is Danielle at incalico on Instagram.

Farmcore kitchen idea using baskets
Photo credit: Incalico

Look how beautiful she has styled the ceiling in her kitchen with baskets. It is like retreating to a cozy little cottage getaway.

If you love baskets and need help decorating with them try this how to decorate with baskets article.

Old Books and Stationary

Remember in the beginning when I painted a picture of the Cottagecore lifestyle? There was one part where I shared the vision of writing a letter by the fire.

Well, when you decorate a room placing little vignettes where it looks like someone just got up from reading a book or writing a letter is the Cottagecore life.

Simply lay a book down with a tea cup next to it and a pair of spectacles and you are decorating in this style.

Here is a great example my daughter Hannah and I created.

Cottagecore decorating ideas

We started with old vintage books sitting on old furniture. First, we sat one on the table at an angle. This one is perfect because it is a children's classic story such as Pinocchio. Then we stacked more books behind it and placed a dried lavender arrangement and a sweet little baby lamb.

Next, we placed an antique pot of tea and a teacup to fit into the story we are creating on the end table.

Last, we added more accessories to tell our tale, Beethoven bust, an amber jar with dried flowers, grandma's needlepoint earrings on the book, and a few sprigs of lavender.

To finish off this cozy spot we placed delicious feeling ruffled throw pillows on the chair. Now the scene is set and ready to escape into this sweet good book about a little wooden boy.

Now that we have walked through how to make your room have a cottagecore feeling here are more inspirations that will get your creative juices flowing.

Cottagecore Room Ideas

Cottagecore kitchen ideas
Photo courtesy: Rasa Mellangarden

Let's start with a kitchen idea by Rasa Mellangarden. Isn't this lovely!! Rasa has captured a true cottagecore feeling. She has created a cozy design with the decorations in this kitchen.

I particularly love all the plants and the shelf to the left of the sink.

Cottage style bedroom
Photo courtesy: Kasia Sompolinska

Now let's talk about some bedroom cottagecore ideas. Kasia's bedroom has captured the cottagecore feeling with all the natural soft linens and decorations.

Isn't this headboard amazing!! Using vintage furniture is another great way to get the cottagecore aesthetic.

Cottagecore childs bedroom
Photo courtesy: Summer Gray Amsterdam

I love that this cottagecore bedroom is designed for a child. Talk about precious!!

There are so many wonderful things about this room that make it cozy and warm like the bedding, canopy, and adorable mushroom house on the floor next to the bed.

But the best part about this room is the wallpaper. Seriously! This wallpaper is gorgeous and Summer Gray Amsterdam designed it themselves.

Here are all the details on this Floral – Cecilia – Blush wallpaper.

Farmhouse style vintage bedroom
Photo courtesy: White Cottage Goodes

Another bedroom that leans more towards the farmcore style is this lovely room by White Cottage Goodes.

This room is so peaceful! The candles, books nested on the bottom shelf of the nightstand, and soft white linens are just a few things that make this room amazing!

Another cool thing about White Cottage Goodes is that they have an Etsy shop where you can purchase candles for your room design.

Bedroom idea decorated in a cottage core vintage style
Photo courtesy: My Cotswold Home

My Cotswold Home bedroom uses so many elements to get a cottagecore style. Let's walk through each element.

Notice the flowers in the window. This is the perfect touch of floral and greenery.

Next notice the fabrics on the bed. I love how well they all go together and the use of different patterns.

And last, look at the teacup next to the bed. Something simple like a teacup gives the room that cottagecore vibe.

I love using teacup candles for decorations when decorating. I have all the details on how to make a teacup candle in my blog post. It is very easy to make.

Bedroom decorated with beadboard walls and ceiling to get a cottagecore look
Photo courtesy: Jessica at Bynils Garden

Jessica at Bynilsgarden's bedroom encompasses the cottagecore aesthetic with the beadboard walls and ceiling, fresh linens, flowers and plants, vintage furniture, and the hat on the wall next to the bed.

This room has cozy and charming written all over it. I also love how she uses different shades of white on the bed. This makes it even cozier.

Cottagecore room ideas like this bedroom with a beautiful blue door and hats on the wall
Photo courtesy: Aniutkowo Cottage House

And last is this cottagecore room idea by Aniutkowo Cottage House. There are so many wonderful cottage elements to this room.

The wallpaper with its dainty design, shiplap ceiling, hats on the wall, books on the nightstand, and linen bedding.

This bedroom has many of the cottagecore elements we talk about in this post.


I hope these Cottagecore decor ideas have inspired you to add touches of charm to your home. You may find you already have many of these items and it is just a matter of pulling them together to create an escapist retreat simple life. If you like the cottage style, check out my post about how to create a charming cottage style office.

The more I think about the cottagecore movement I think back to one person in history who from my perspective created a core aesthetic life and that was Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI's wife. She commissions someone to create a retreat for her called The Queen's Hamlet.

The Queen's Hamlet was filled with cottage-style buildings and full of cottagecore details. It was a peasant-looking bucolic place where she could get away from life as a queen.

I think Cottagecore has been around for a very long time. The difference between now and then is that it has a name.

Now head over to my vintage inspired decor ideas to a head start on your cottagecore design and my cottagecore bedroom ideas to see how we created a cottagecore haven for my niece.

Happy Decorating!


Friday 25th of August 2023

Very pretty, but Victorian teacups are not necessary. Any English teacup (and we still make them) is appropriate. A necessary part of English life.

Linda McDonald

Friday 25th of August 2023

Thank you! I love this idea and will consider English teacups in the future!

Irene Madrid

Sunday 25th of June 2023

I just completely remodeled my home with ALL new wallpaper in every room, new furniture with both modern and vintage furniture, in my fav colors of pinks teals and whites. Using my intuition it turned out to be French GLAM cottage coastal and it all works beautifully. I didn't know I was a maximalist until now. I get raves. Wish I could send photos.

Linda McDonald

Sunday 25th of June 2023

Your message made my day! Your home sounds lovely and the best part is the joy your new decor has brought you. Thank you for sharing!


Saturday 30th of April 2022

You are so right that they gave this style a name that already existed ages before the name. I love it. What they are calling coastal grandmother I like that style, too, and shabby chic ( but not the doll house level of that style that can be embraced). I like simple cozy things and my green plants.

Tammie Houston

Tuesday 31st of August 2021

I love your suggestion of using botanical art motifs around your home to really give that cottagecore motif. Having those vintage-looking hand-stitched embroideries on jars or frames around your room makes it look really cozy and gives it that homey feel I'm going for. I'll have to remember this when I start redecorating my apartment with this style in mind, I'd really love to have this cozy cottage feel out here as a sort of reprieve from the busyness of the city around me.


Friday 18th of June 2021

I loved learning more about the design aesthetic cottage core!! My teen had told me she loves the fashion of it!