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We can't wait to show you today how to decorate with baskets. There are so many ways, so many different kinds and so many uses. From planters, to storage, to wall art and even lighting, the possibilities are truly endless. So let's not wait any longer and dive into the options.

How To Decorate With Baskets

Selecting the perfect basket for you is the best place to begin the idea of how to decorate with baskets. Baskets come in so many colors, but if for some reason you can't find the right color, you can paint baskets! We can't wait to show you that and so many other possibilities.

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How To Decorate With Baskets

Bathroom Organizing With Baskets

How To Decorate With Baskets with bathroom organizing with baskets by Willow Bloom Home Blog

We want to start with somewhere you might expect, using baskets when organizing. We however don't want you just to grab baskets and throw stuff in. There's a great way of organizing whatever you need in your basket and store it so that you basket appears as a decoration, instead of just a storage piece.

Shawna did just that in her blog post, A Quick & Easy Linen Closet Refresh.

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Decorating With Baskets with Plants Nestled Inside

How To Decorate With Baskets with baskets with plants nestled in by Life With The McPherson's

Nestling a plant inside a basket is a great and simple way to use baskets in your decor. Even better is getting height with the basket by setting it on top of a stool. Megan, over at Life With The McPherson's, did just that and it looks perfect.

Hanging Baskets on the Wall in a Collage

How To Decorate with Baskets by hanging baskets on the wall in a collage by Danielle Aitcheson

Danielle Aitcheson has created a create collage with baskets hanging them on the wall. A simple nail and hammer and some imagination and you have a stunning gallery wall in your home.

Basket Wall Gallery

How to Decorate with Baskets with a basket wall gallery by Home Decar

This basket wall gallery with a mirror reminds us of our post, How To Hang A Gallery Wall The Easy Way. Checking out this post will help you create a look similar to what Carly, from Home Decar, has come up with in her home.

Mixing different textures and colors makes this gallery wall a statement piece in her dinning room.

Basket Wall Art

How To Decorate With Baskets using baskets as wall art by Kari Teel

Check out the way that Kari Teel hangs her baskets. She hangs the front and back facing outward. She also mixes in pattern baskets with simple baskets and the outcome is a perfect art piece.

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Lighting With Baskets

How To Decorate With Baskets with lighting with baskets by Raili Clasen

When we wanted to show you how to decorate with baskets, we just couldn't wait to show you how lighting and baskets go hand in hand in our woven basket pendant light ideas post. The light patterns that are made by putting a bulb under the basket are breathtaking.

Raili, at Raili Ca. Design, hung her's over her kitchen sink and it makes the room a showcase area in her home.

Basket Lighting

How To Decorate With Baskets with basket lighting by Via Justine

Justine, at Via Justine, shows a tutorial in her highlights on her Instagram page on how she made this basket light. It won't break your bank and it ties her kitchen together in such a lovely way.

Basket Light Over Dining Room Table

How To Decorate With Baskets with a basket light over the dining room table

Darling Dwelling hung this pendent basket lamp over her dining room table and it is pure perfection. A light like this can be purchased, not just made. This is a character creating piece in a room.

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Painted & Waxed Basket

How To Decorate With Baskets with a painted and waxed basket from Our Petite Victorian Home

If you hop over to Our Petite Victorian Home, you can see the before and after in the transformation of this basket. She not only painted it, but waxed it as well and the ending product is beautiful.

If you have old baskets that aren't your favorite, this idea might be just what you needed to hear to give your basket a new life.

Painted Basket

How To Decorate With Baskets with a painted basket by A Hint Of Mint Designs

This basket looks like it was dipped in white paint just for a second. You don't have to paint your baskets. You can purchase new baskets that have been painted or look like they have been.

Carly's, over at A Hint of Mint Designs, basket is easy to move around and if you check out her Instagram account, you can see the many places she uses this basket around your home for decor.

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When you think how to decorate with baskets, we think you'll come up with even more ideas. We hope that we just got the wheels turning and that you're now inspired to add some or more baskets to your home.

We still love our post Best DIY Fall Decor Mantel Using Baskets. Check it out! We think you'll love the look too!

Happy Decorating!

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Wednesday 16th of October 2019

These are all such creative ideas! Love them all. Thank you for sharing my closet photo.

Linda McDonald

Friday 18th of October 2019

I am glad you love the post. Thank you so much for letting use share your idea!