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Craft the Perfect Wedding Keepsake: DIY Idea and Inspiration

Here is a sweet DIY wedding invitation keepsake idea that you can use to decorate your first home with the love of your life. Follow along as I show you how to preserve your wedding invitation and save-the-date along with a few other beautiful ideas.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea using save the date, wedding invitation and a old fashion typewriter letter and framed in minimalist black frames.

In our house we are planning a wedding. It seems like yesterday I planned my wedding day and now here we are planning a wedding again with my daughter. Which is what promoted this wedding invitation keepsake idea.

Every detail is thought out and when we came to the wedding invite we knew we wanted I mean have you seen the invitation cards they carry? They are amazing! And the best part is that they all come addressed.

Nice! That means less time writing addresses for the big day.

Okay so I won't keep going on about how amazing they are because I think you can tell I really like Minted. But one more thing. You have to check out the Christmas cards too.

They are great!!!

Now after your wedding is over you will most likely be left with unused wedding invites and you will wonder what do I do with them. Here are some ideas.

What can I do with unused wedding invitations?

There are several options for what you can do with unused wedding invitations.

  • Repurpose them into other types of cards, such as thank you notes or birthday cards.
  • Make keepsakes and crafts with them like wall art and Christmas ornaments
  • Donate them to a local school or community center for use in art projects.
  • Recycle them to reduce waste.

DIY Wedding Invitation Keepsake Idea

To start this DIY project you will need a few supplies. Here is a list of what we used to create my daughter Savanna's wedding invitation keepsake.

Add a Little Something Special

There is a little something else I need to talk about before we talk frames. When you are planning your wall decorations with the save-the-date and invitations look through and see if there are any letters, vows, photos of the happy couple, or anything else that can be a part of this small gallery or collage.

In Savanna's design she had a old fashion typewriter letter from her fiance. What makes it so great is the content but also the misspelled words from hitting the wrong keys.

I mean how cute is that?

So if you have something special like an old love letter, message on a post-it-note or anything that means the world to you add it into the mix of this design with your wedding invitations. You could even print something that just has your wedding date on it.

Now back to how to preserve your wedding invitation.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Invitation

Let's start by shopping for matching frames. If you are a minimalist like my daughter look for some with little to no edging.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea using save the date, wedding invitation and a old fashion typewriter letter and framed in minimalist black frames.

This pencil line trim really allows the wedding invitation keepsake to be the center of attention.

Next make sure that your frame is either larger than your invitation and save-the-date or exactly the same size.

Framing your Keepsake Invitations

To begin take the back off the frame.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea using a minimalist black frame.

And give it a good cleaning. It is important to make sure there is nothing between the invitation and the glass.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea. Starting with cleaning the glass on the frame.

I also brush off the paper of the invitation in case there is something on it. You don't want hair, lint or anything between the glass and the invitation.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea. Next place the invitation face down on the glass.

Next turn the invitation upside down and place it on the glass.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea place the backing on the invitation and the glass.

And then sit the cardboard back that was already inside the frame on top of the invitation.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea using a black minimalist frame.

Snap the back on or in some cases you will attach the back with screws or turn buttons.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea using three minimalist frames.

After you have all your pieces framed it is time to think through where to hang them.

How to Hang your Wedding Invitation Keepsake

Before you begin pick where you want to hang your wedding invitation keepsake idea. In Savanna's room there is a narrow spot next to her mirror that is perfect.

Select an Arrangement for the Frame

Next decide on the arrangement of the frames like you are planning a gallery wall. For this space simply laying the frames in a straight row was perfect. You can hang your gallery wall with more items. You can even arrange pieces to tell your love story. There are so many creative ways to hang your treasures.

Lay them out on the floor or on a table in exactly how you want them to be arranged. If you have more than three frames check out my how to hang a gallery wall post. This is will show you a better way. to hang your gallery wall with more than three items.

It will help you plan more than three frames. But if you only have three keep going down into the post for details.

Hang the Center Frame

Next start hanging the keepsake invitations with the center piece first.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea. Start by hanging the save the date on the wall in the middle.

Hang the Top or Bottom Frame

Then hang the top or bottom frame. I went with the bottom frame first.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea then mark and hang the invitation below the save the date framed piece.

Simply line up the frame with the center frame, mark the spot and hammer in the nail.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea

And you have the bottom invitation hung.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea by framing the save the date and the invitation on the wall.

Hang the Top Frame

Now it is time to hang the top frame. Keep things lined up and just like before mark your spot, hammer in a nail, and hang the next invitation piece or a sweet message from your honey.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea

And there is our wedding invitation keepsake idea. See how simple this project is and it fits into any home decor so beautifully!

This would also be the perfect wedding gift from the bride, groom, family member, or best friend. Especially if you write a special note in the third frame and give it to them before or after the wedding.

I love surprises!! Wouldn't this be a great surprise for the married couple?

Wedding invitation keepsake idea

More Invitation wedding gift Ideas

If you like this decor idea for your wedding invitations, or as a wedding gift check these out as other ideas…


The beauty about this project is that you do not have to wait until the wedding is over to create a beautiful invitation keepsake.

Wedding invitation keepsake idea

And the best part about this project is that you can carry it with you to your new home, apartments or where ever you will spend your life together.

One more thought. If you want to check out go sign up for their emails. They are all the time sending discounts on their stationary and invitations. They also carry bridal shower invitation cards, unique wedding gift ideas, unique gifts, classic wedding gift ideas, gift tags and gift card ideas, wedding albums and other holiday cards and gifts.

I hope you have been inspired to use your wedding invitations as decorations for your home or create custom wedding gifts for someone special. This really is the perfect gift item.

So, go ahead and give it a try! Your future self will thank you for it.

Happy Decorating!


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Jeanne A

Friday 25th of October 2019

I would consider adding a piece of non-acidic, archival paper between your wedding art and the cardboard backing. Over the decades, acid from the manufacturing process will leach out and discolor your irreplaceable art. Better yet, consult a paper seller for a backing that is acid-free.

Linda McDonald

Tuesday 29th of October 2019

Thank you for the tip! This is a great idea!