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What is a bread board is something we want to answer for you today. It's something that people are decorating with in their farmhomes and cottages. We want to show you how to decorate while using a bread board. No matter if it's something you leave out in your everyday life or if you choose to pull it out for special occasions.

What is a bread board

Maple is the most popular wood used to make a bread board, but you can also find them made with pecan, walnut, teak and cherry wood. They have been used for so long that we can't even find a date that they became popular. However, it has just become popular to start using them as part of your home decor in the last couple years. So, let's dive into the question what is a bread board and how to decorate with them even more.

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What is a Bread Board?

Using A Bread Board As Decor In The Kitchen

What is a Bread Board? Using bread boards as decor in the kitchen hang up by Where Sister's Gather

Let's begin in the kitchen, because when you mention bread, that's just where your mind might go. Jen, over at Where Sister's Gather, has a gorgeous display of bread boards. A great way to add texture and maybe even some history to your decor.

You'll notice that while asking, what is a bread board, you can see that most have a hole which allows it to be hung up.

Bread Boards Tied Into Kitchen Decor

What is a bread board? With bread boards tied into kitchen decor by Gnarled Knot

Jen, at Gnarled Knot on Instagram, didn't take up any space on her countertop and yet still displays her bread boards. Having an old chest is the perfect place for her to set up her bread boards and her super cool glass jugs.

The best thing about bread boards is that they come in so many shapes and sizes.

Hanging Bread Boards

What is a bread board? Hanging bread boards by May, Me And Mom

Hanging your bread boards on your kitchen island is a great idea that May, Me & Mom had and shared with us. Mixing them with other wooden kitchen items bring out the beauty in them.

Displaying Bread Boards On Hutch

What is a Bread Board? Displaying bread boards on a hutch by Little Farmstead

If you don't have room on your kitchen walls to hang a bread board or two, but still love the idea of having them and decorating with them, check out what Julie, from Little Farmstead, has done with her's. She has a vintage hutch and has nestled her bread boards on top. They add a little more character to this piece that already is full of character.

Using A Bread Board In A Pet Station

What is a bread board? Our cat, Tinkerbell, at her pet station where we used a bread board as base

In our post, Simple Pet Bar Station Idea That Will Make Your Kitty Purr, we used an aged piece of wood as the base to the station. This allows the bowls to not slide around on the floor and you could totally use a bread board as the base.

Using Bread Boards As Part of Table Decor

What is a bread board? Using bread boards as part of table decor by To Mimi's House We Go

Using a bread board as a charger at each place setting looks amazing! That's just what Tina, over at To Mimi's House We Go, did for your fall table. This could be something you hang onto to use for later events or you could send each guest home with their own bread board as a favor.

A Bread Board Can Also Be A Cutting Board

What is a Bread Board? A bread board can also be a cutting board which is what we used in place of a dinner plate

While still trying to answer, what is a bread board, we want you to know they can be the same thing as a cutting board. When we threw our daughter her graduation party, we shared our table decor in our post, Best Nurses Graduation Party Ideas. In place of using a plate for each person, we served their food on a cutting board. The rustic look of the boards added a rustic and casual feel to the meal.

Styling a Bread Board

What is a bread board? Styling a bread board by Chasing Vintage

If you're wondering where to buy a bread board, but even more where you can buy a stunning one like this, Chasing Vintage offers all sorts in their Etsy shop.

Seeing a bread board displayed with beautiful items staged on top makes us want to mimic the look in our home.

Get The Look

Using Bread Boards In Your Fall Decor

What is a bread board? Using bread boards in your fall decor by Decorating With Leila

Adding a bread board into your neutral color scheme with your fall decor give dimension and more texture. Leila, over at Decorating With Leila, does just that. It can be a centerpieces or just a portion of a vignette.

Using Bread Boards In Your Winter Decor

vintage breadboard and cutting board with pom pom wreath for winter decor

In our house, we keep a vintage breadboard and cutting board hanging in our sitting room off of the kitchen. I love to add decorations on top of these wooden boards like this pom pom wreath I made.

Vintage Breadboard Christmas Decor

What is a bread board? Using bread boards in your winter decor

In our post, Beautiful DIY Macrame Christmas Decor With Mason Jars For Your Kitchen, we show you, not only how to display Mason Jars beautifully, but also how to add a little winter to your hanging bread board. A sprig of flocked pine with snow kissed pinecones adds the perfect accent to your bread board. Or you could create your own pine cone swag to complete your holiday decor.


Now that you've read this post, is your mind whirling with possible ways for you to use your bread board as part of your home decor?

What is a bread board? Not just a place to serve and cut bread! It's so much more and holds so much beauty.

Happy Decorating!


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