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5 Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Today we are talking about toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget. A toddler's room is a place where many things happen from sleeping to playtime so let's look at how to decorate a toddler girl's room without breaking the bank.

Toddler girl bedroom decor on a budget

Recently I got to redecorate my little toddler niece's bedroom. Our plan was rainbows, cute, and to keep the cost down. But after sharing this rainbow-painted wall I got to thinking that you might want to see some toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget and designer tricks on how to decorate a toddler girl's room.

I hope these ideas provide great inspiration!

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Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

If you have a tight budget to decorate a toddler girl's bedroom use these three categories to decorate their bedroom.

  • Shop at dollar stores and on Etsy
  • Do-it-yourself decorations
  • Using items you already have

In my niece's room, we used something from all these three categories. Now let's take a tour of this little toddler girl's bedroom and I will show you where we saved pennies while keeping this room toddler friendly.

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1. Toddler Girl Accent Wall

Consider making a mural on an accent wall as we did with this rainbow wall. It's a great way to save money and make the bedroom fun for kids.

Accent wall for toddler girl room

Good news! This DIY rainbow accent wall is easy to paint and it doesn't cost much money. You can use acrylic paint to keep the cost down and this wall makes a big statement. The bright colors are fun and create a focal point.

But you can do any design on an accent wall. When my daughter was little we found the cutest cartoon Paris scene and used a projector to cast it on the wall. Then we traced it with chalk and started painting it. This feature wall brightened the entire room.

Her room was so fun and whimsical and it had a color scheme just like my niece's room that came from the murals on the wall. These fun murals can light up the whole room and will bring joy for a long time.

If you want a mural but do not plan to do it yourself here are more rainbow murals and children's bedroom murals. This is one of my favorites! Kids wallpaper accent walls are great too.

Once you have a color scheme, go to your next biggest purchase and shop for bedding.

2. Toddler Bed Decorations

When it comes to a child bed and you have a tight budget shop at Target, Walmart, or Ikea. For this toddler's bed, I found this pink comforter and striped blanket at Target. It perfectly matched the pink paint color in the rainbow mural.

Update: Target has sold out of the bedding but here are more pink comforter and striped blanket ideas.

If you already have some solid color pieces that will work use items you already have and add new items like shams, and throw pillows in her favorite colors. It's the perfect way to decorate on a budget.

Toddler girl bedding ideas on a budget

We found this cozy pillow at Target and included it as an accent pillow for her bed.

Anything soft, cozy, and comfy is a great idea and will make a toddler happy. But when it comes to a little girl's room you need to consider one more decoration for her bed and that is stuffed animals. It's an easy way to incorporate your toddler's favorite things and to change out as her tastes change.

Add a stuffed animal decoration to her bedroom decor as we did here with this unicorn. I mean what says toddler little girl room like unicorns and rainbows.

Unicorn stuffed animal bed decoration

You can use a favorite stuffed animal here to keep your cost down or pick up one at the store.

Now that you have your two largest things decorated, let's talk about decorations for the rest of the room like wall art and accessories for the rest of the toddler's room.

3. Toddler Wall Art on a Budget

Wall decor doesn't have to break the bank. My cheapest go-to wall art decoration is printables. There are so many great options of printables on Etsy for under 5 dollars that you can frame. Here are DIY printable ideas that will save you money on wall décor too and our Etsy shop which is full of printable wall art.

In my niece's room, we took these pastel printables from our Etsy shop and framed them in inexpensive frames from Walmart.

Toddler wall art printables

We printed them in a poster size to fill up the wall more and make a bigger statement. You could also do smaller sizes and make a gallery wall.

4. Decorating Bookcases in Toddler Rooms

Having a bookcase in a toddler's room is important for several reasons. One, it can be used as a storage space with baskets, and two, reading is important so there needs to be a place for books.

In my niece's room, she had this unusual space where the wall came up a part of the way and then stopped. We took advantage of this spot and added shelves to the top then used the lower shelves for toy storage and the top shelves for decorations.

Decorating Toddler bookshelf

If you have bookcases in your toddler's room, the top shelves are a great place to decorate with decorations that match the room. This is where dollar stores come in handy. Pick up a plant, baskets, and signs for their shelves.

Also, using their books is a fun way to decorate with as we did here. There are several creative ways to decorate with books. Organize them in rainbow color to match the theme of a rainbow room or you can use books that have all the same color to match the design. It's a fantastic way to make books fun and appealing.

Children's books used as decorations

We try to use items they already had. Some of the best things you can use are already in your home. I love to shop around our house for decorations like this brass bunny bank we used as a bookend.

Are you starting to see how all these toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget are coming together?

5. Toddler Decor DIY Project

To finish up how to decorate a toddler's room consider making decorations like this pom pom garland. It's a great addition and a simple way to tie the whole room together.

Pompom garlands are so fun to make, very inexpensive to make, and they look absolutely adorable in a kid's room. Match your yarn garland to your color scheme as close as you can as we did here.

Toddler room DIY pom pom garland

You can find all the instructions in this how to a make a pom pom garland post.

How to Decorate a Toddlers Bedroom

Toddler bedroom decorations are important to their growth and safety. When shopping for decorations make sure it is safe for them to touch and put into their mouth. Small pieces or breakable pieces should not be used for safety reasons.

Also, look for items that are age-appropriate and assist in their learning. Color and texture help them experience life and learn as they grow.


Kid's rooms are by far the most fun places to decorate. Not only are there so many ideas and themes to choose from that are fun but your client, in my case my niece, is almost always happy with the end result. LOL!

Here are a few final decorations I thought you might like to see.

My niece's nightstand needed a lamp. We splurged a little on the lamp that took only a little space and kept the nightstand mostly decoration free. Keeping this space free of decor allow your toddler to place things where they like or make space for a book that you will read together at bedtime.

Toddler nightstand idea

And we added more decoration to the top of this chest of drawers which is the perfect place as she cannot reach it at this age.

Toddler bedroom decoration ideas

Also, just in case you are wondering, we used the colors from this sign we bought at Hobby Lobby for the paint colors in the rainbow wall mural.

And see how we used more books under the llama? Layering decorations is a designer trick to make your decoration more interesting.

Now it is your turn. Here are more great little girl wall decor ideas and DIY little girl room decor ideas that will help you shop for her bedroom and here are adorable little boy room decor ideas.

I hope you found some inspiration for your toddler's room in these cute ideas! Are you ready to decorate your toddler's bedroom? I know you can do it.

If you have any questions about these toddler bedroom ideas please feel free to ask in the comments. And good luck! What theme are you considering for your toddler's bedroom?

Happy Decorating!


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Hi! Love this! Where did you get the “be kind” sign and the blue beaded decor?

Linda McDonald

Friday 17th of February 2023

The blue beaded decor came from Hobby Lobby and the "be kind" sign came from Dollar General however, I painted the sign using the same paint as the rainbow mural.