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10 Little Boy Room Decor Ideas Filled with Teepees, Forts and Trucks

DIY little boy room decor ideas for your little man. You've heard the saying snips and snails and puppy-dog tails, that's what little boys are made of. We found some little boy room ideas that our friends have put together for their little guys and we think you will find them inspiring when you're preparing to gather decor for a little boys room.

Little boys room decor ideas.  Farmhouse truck theme, clubhouse and outdoor adventure themes.

These boy's rooms include truck themed bedrooms, boy's rooms with tents, houses, and starry little boy's bedrooms. They each have just the right amount of masculinity, but also just the right about of little boy. I think you'll find some fun ideas for your little boy's room.

You'll see how easy these DIY little boy room decor will be if you're getting ready to put one together yourself. Or if you have a daughter, we've got you covered with Little Girl Room Decor Ideas. Now let's get started with these little boy room ideas.

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When you picture the perfect little boy bedroom in your mind is it full of trucks and forts? Is it every shade of blue and brown? Does the bed look like it's made for a prince?

We can't wait to show off what some of our friends have done to make their little boys feel like they have the perfect hideout all of their own. They have some easy DIY little boy room decor ideas for you.


Farmhouse truck boys bedroom decor by Alieta Treasure Hunting.  Adorable little boy room ideas.

Our friend from Alieta Treasure Hunting gives a tour of her little boys room makeover on her Instagram Highlights.

The way she has paired a farm truck tailgate with a wood pallet wall is every cowboy's dream room. Talk about a statement piece!


Chevron wood wallpaper outdoor adventure theme in a boys room by Red Brick Faux Farmhouse

Astra, from Red Brick Faux Farmhouse, designed her son, Asher's, bedroom and included this amazing chevron wood wallpaper. The bunk beds are a great idea for a shared room or sleepovers and don't take up a lot of floor space which is ideal, especially if you're working with a small space.

We love her outdoor adventure themed boys room that just wouldn't be complete without a play teepee. A little boy's dream!


Boys only bedroom with diy little boy room decor ideas by Stacie Taylor-Moore

This is for sure a “Boys Only” bedroom!

Stacie Taylor-Moore did a great job keeping this room masculine with wood panels and a teepee fort for her little dude. These DIY projects add so much style to this all boy room.

The grey and white color scheme is also perfect for a boys room colorscape.


Teepee bed for a little boys room by At Home At Number Two

A teepee bed frame is great for any boys room. It makes for a great place for a boys imagination to run wild. What a fun idea that adds so much character to this room!

Leanna, from At Home At Number Two, designed a fun space with great storage that doubles as decor in her son's room.


Little Man Cave by The Home Inspo

This little man cave created by Harriet, over at The Home Inspo, is precious and includes some simple DIY little boy room decor ideas.

A canopy over her little guys bed creates a great little hideaway. And a pennant banner on the wall compliments the canopy.

Each piece of decor in this room, from the pillows to the framed art and the twinkling lights, all portrays a perfect little boy's room.


Little boys tent bed by The Folk Child Stories

This tent bed in Amy's son's bedroom from The Folk Child Stories, looks like the perfect place to snuggle into. Children find security in small places.

Think back to when you were a kid and how much you love draping a sheet over chairs and hanging out inside. This sweet bed does the same thing. It helps make a child feel secure. What a good idea!

What a perfect Scandinavian decor look that Amy's created. Clean lines, and minimalist, yet it doesn't sacrifice any fun that you anticipate in a child's bedroom.


Toddler boy fort bed with slide by T_R_Eschic

Tess, over at T_R_ESCHIC, has the ultimate fort bed for her toddler. It even has a slide for him to wake up and slide into the day on. And there's enough storage space under the bed for things like toy storage. A raised bed like this is an easy way to provide storage solutions for all sorts of items.

The baby blue and white color scheme she has chosen is refreshing. It's a great way to keep her little guy little, and yet she has created a big boy space for him. There are so many fun things going on here.

We love the fresh vibe coming from this little guys room!


Starry themed easy diy little boy room decor ideas by The House We Wished For

Little Noah's room has a fun starry theme to it. Carina, from The House We Wished For, has selected a great color pallet of navy, gray, and white.

She created an accent wall to pull off her design. A dark night time color with stars really makes this space feel dreamy. What a fun theme!

Bunk-beds are a sure way to get him one step closer to those starry skies.


DIY Faux brick wall in a boys room by The Cottage On Broadway

Tiffany, from The Cottage On Broadway, has created a great space for her little guy.

With a faux brick wall and a cowhide rug, she has a rustic manly look. The neutral tones are relaxing and work well together.

The bed frame and hairpin legs on the bedside table give the room a bit of an industrial feel as well.

This room has great DIY little boy room decor ideas.


Black & white color schemed boys room by Hello It's Shannon

Hello It's Shannon has a super cool room for her little boy. The color scheme is black and white is classic.

His little clubhouse bed with a rustic wooden roof is perfect for a little guy's bedroom. Here is another example of making a little boy feel secure at night. The room and the bed on the floor help him sleep soundly.

Cross and triangle wall decals, as she used, are also a great way to add some focal points. What a wonderful way to show off his cute decor.

How Do You Decorate a Small Boys Bedroom?

When planning your little boy's room get on your knees and look around the room. This allows you to see his bedroom from his angle.

Put the things that are important to him at your eye level, especially what he needs to reach. Adding a personal touch is a simple way to reflect your boy's personality. A bed with a canopy or a roof that brings the height down to make him feel safe.

Another trick is painting his ceiling a color. Sometimes a color on the ceiling will make the room feel cozier and smaller.

What Color Should I Paint My Sons Room?

You can paint a little boys room any color, but here are a few tips on color.

Bright colors are more stimulating, which is good until it is nap time. I recommend using a calmer color for the room and accent with brighter colors on accessories and bedding.

Darker colors make a room feel smaller but a dark room might make a child feel frightened. If you love dark colors paint all the walls a lighter color and then add an accent wall in a darker color.

Natural colors are great for little boys rooms. Agreeable gray and repose gray are two nice colors for any boys room. These colors just about match anything which. makes decorating much easier.

Final Thoughts on Little Boy Room Ideas

We've had so much fun touring our friend's DIY little boy room decor ideas. Your child's room should be a reflection of their personality and I think this post is a great starting point. Hopefully, you feel inspired to make a great space for your little man. I'd love to hear your boys' bedroom ideas.

If your little man isn't so little anymore, we have a great post focused on Guys Dorm Rooms. Here are more little kids room ideas you will enjoy.

Also, if you are struggling with paint color choices, check out our Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Color and best Behr neutral paint colors post.

Happy Decorating!

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