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Knowing the most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors will make selecting the right color so much easier.  This post will not only give you a list of colors to start with when selecting a paint color but will show you examples to help you decide.

Popular Sherwin Williams

Paint is truly one of the easiest and cheapest room transformations in our world of home decor. It can transform a space in one day with a little work and money.  It can change the mood of a room instantly.

It's like magic, but it is so hard to decide when there are hundreds of colors to choose from at Sherwin Williams.

That is why I decided to write a post about the top 12 most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors for your interior and I wrote another post about the popular Sherwin Williams exterior colors too.

Update: This post was updated on June 12, 2024 to bring you the most popular Sherwin-Williams paint colors for this year.

When I came up with this idea I figured the best way to learn would be to call Sherwin Williams stores all over the United States and ask what are the top-selling paint colors at their store.

My husband, Marty, and I contacted stores in Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, St. Louis, Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angles, and Tallahassee.  Tallahassee is the location I physically went to and spoke with.

Now, first, let me say that the Sherwin Williams employees at these locations were so friendly and helpful!  I was amazed at how well they knew their products.  They all would start naming paint colors from memory.

Popular sherwin williams paint colors

They would say, well let's see, how about Accessible Beige, Sea Salt, Tradewind, In the Navy, Repose Gray, Tricorn Black, Alabaster and so on.  You get the picture.

I was surprised when I found many colors that were the same all over America like Repose Gray, Accessible Beige, Alabaster, and Pure White.

Now it is 2025 and we have been working to find those colors that are trending across America again. Here is a list of the most popular paint colors for 2024.

Popluar Sherwin Williams Paint Colors 2024

These colors are in no particular order. They are the top 10 colors we found when doing our research.

  • Aggreable Gray
  • Repose Gray
  • Alabaster
  • Pure White
  • Snowbound
  • Mindful Gray
  • Accessible Beige
  • Kilim Beige
  • Tricorn Black
  • Iron Ore

Green seems to be a trending color this year based on the fact that many paint companies picked some form of green for their color of the year.

Sherwin Williams has a gorgeous green color of the year several years ago called Evergreen Fog, SW 9130. If you want color and green is an option try Evergreen Fog or go to my popular Sherwin Williams green paint colors post.

Now if you want to look at what is trending in years past see the colors below.

Notice how many of them are still trending. That tells me they are more timeless colors which means if you use a timeless color then you will be in style for many years to come.

Let's time travel to 2020 and just like before we did our research and to our surprise many colors are still the same but there are a few new ones.

Here are what paint colors were trending in 2017.

We try to ask for suggestions in different color categories for example what is your most popular white, gray, beige, black, blue.

For this list, I placed like colors together starting with white and ending with black colors.

Popular Sherwin Williams tradewind, sea salt, alabaster

There are lots of other colors that are not on this list but I figured 12 was a good number to start with except for the colors of 2020. We could not exclude a couple so we added them.

Also, as a side note, you might have noticed that Pure White is missing from the photo above.  Unfortunately, they were out of the paint sample at the Tallahassee location.

However, if you click on any of the colors in the bullet list above, it will take to the Sherwin Williams site where you can see the color.


If you are a play it safe kind of person try Accessible Beige, Agreeable Gray, Repose Gray, and Mindful Gray.

But if you want something for your walls that is timeless and everything matches it go with Alabaster white.

Now if you love nautical decor try Tradewind, In the Navy, naval, and Sea Salt.  Sea Salt also is a great color for modern front doors and farmhouse decor too.

Here are more farmhouse paint colors at Life on Summerhill.

And last if you are looking for popular Sherwin William exterior colors I have a whole post dedicated to the outdoors. But tricorn, peppercorn, and iron ore are great colors for doors and shutters.

From our research it looks like warmer tones are starting to come forward. Even warm tone grays fit into this category.

I am seeing a shift in color for 2024 to more beige tones but gray has not left us yet.

Gray colors were trending in 2020 through 2023. If you have gray then you are still in vogue. The gray colors seem to be here to stay but colored accent walls seems to be trending along.

It looks like there is one color that is the most popular Sherwin Williams color for 2024 and that is Agreeable Gray SW 7029. However, most all the stores said they sell the most of Pure White SW 7005 which technically isn't a color but I thought you might like to know.

Now that you know what is trending to help you pick your paint color lets look at some examples.

Extra White SW 7006

Trending paint color extra white by Sherwin Williams painted on walls and trim.
Entryway painted Sherwin Williams Extra White

Pure White SW 7005

Cabinets painted Sherwin Williams Pure White
Cabinets painted in Pure White by Sherwin Williams.

Snowbound SW 7004

Cabinets painted Sherwin Williams snowbound
Cabinets painted in Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Alabaster SW 7008

Shiplap fireplace painted in Alabaster best Sherwin Williams color
Fireplace painted in Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Repose Gray SW 7015

Kitchen cabinets painted in popular Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
Kitchen cabinets painted in Repose Gray

Mindful Gray SW 7016

Popular Sherwin Williams paint color Mindful grey
Walls painted in Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

Accessible Beige SW 7036

Accessible beige popular Sherwin Williams paint color
Wall painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Iron Ore SW 7069

Exterior home painted in Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams
Exterior wood home painted in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Peppercorn SW 7674

Trending Sherwin Williams Peppercorn paint on traditional door
Front door painted in Sherwin Williams Peppercorn

Sea Salt SW 6204

Sea Salt paint color by Sherwin Williams on wall in breakfast nook
Breakfast nook painted in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt
Trending Sherwin Williams Navel painted on modern barn doors
Barn doors painted in Sherwin Williams Naval


Now that you have a list of popular colors it is time to start picking a paint color. Our how to pick paint colors will walk you through the steps so you end up with a color you love and that you can live with.

After you have picked out the perfect color let me recommend you test the paint color just to make sure. Our best ways to test paint color article will give you four ideas on how to make sure.

And then once you know you have your color you will need to pick a paint sheen. Again we have you covered with our how to pick the best paint sheen directions.

I hope this information will help you become the artist of your interior space and we have loads more popular paint color posts to help with your research.

Try popular Sherwin Williams cabinet paint colors if you are looking at painting your cabinets or Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, Sherwin Williams Alabaster White for specific color examples.

Popular Sherwin Williams paint color Sea Salt

We are always adding more examples and information to our paint posts so consider signing up for our emails so you don't miss out on the latest trends and ideas.

Happy Decorating!

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Annette Wyscarver

Monday 24th of June 2024

Thank you for all your efforts and research you have put into this article. It is packed with so much information, that i to have been compiling over time. Your article has condensed my research. Thank you. This summers paint project is our front door. I have chosen Rosemary since our house is the color of grahamcracker. Your information has helped me stay on the right track. Thank you Annette W. From So.Cal.

Linda McDonald

Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Thank you for your kind message. I am glad this has helped you! Good luck on your paint project!

Anamarys Leon Rivero

Thursday 2nd of September 2021

Hi!! Thanks a lot for all your information. What do you think about sea salt color in all my house?? Do you recommend that? My house has a dark floor and there is not a lot of windows. Could you please share with me your opinion? Thanks

Linda McDonald

Monday 6th of September 2021

Sea salt is a very pretty color and if you have lots of natural lighting then it should be fine. However, it is a greenish color so do you think you can live with a greenish color in your whole house? I usually share with my clients that there are colors we like and can live with. For example, I love the color black but I cannot live with it in my home. If you feel you can live with this color in your whole house then I would consider it. I hope this helps and good luck!

Rod Burrell

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

I'm looking for a 2 part epoxy paint for a new garage floor; do you have the product.

Linda McDonald

Wednesday 14th of July 2021

I would check with Sherwin Williams. They may be able to help you with epoxy paint. If they don't carry it they may be able to steer you in the right direction. Good luck with your garage floor project.

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