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Farmhouse Paint Colors with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint


You might overlook these paints if in a store looking at walls of paint chips. We would hate for that to happen and want to make sure you know that they can be statement colors. Our farmhouse paint colors come from company's such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Fusion and Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. Are you ready for us to show you them?

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.


Farmhouse Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams including Ellie Gray, Repose Gray, Alabaster & Sea Salt

We have gathered together four different Sherwin Williams farmhouse paint colors that we love and we think you will love.

You, our readers, are always big fans of Sherwin Williams paint posts like our Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors that was one of our original posts and also our Popular Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors.

So, let's dig into these farmhouse paint colors that Sherwin Williams is known for.

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Ellie Gray SW 7650

This color is a neutral color for interior and exterior farmhouse homes. It is a darker color than some of it's coordinating colors, but is a beautiful choice.

Some of the coordinating colors for Ellie Gray are Silverpointe and Tinsmith. These make for the perfect accent colors in the Sherwin Williams line.

Repose Gray SW 7015

Gray is a color that you can find in almost every farmhouse. Repose Gray is a well known choice.

A perfect option that is in the same color palette as Dovetail and Mindful Gray.

Master bedroom paint color repose gray

Here is an example of repose gray on bathroom cabinets and accent wall. This is a great neutral griege paint color.

You can use Repose Gray for outside your home or indoors. You just can't go wrong with this choice.

Alabaster SW 7008

Alabaster is a modern farmhouse paint color that is included in the Pottery Barn Collection. It's is paired with Pure White and Pediment.

Alabaster wall color Sherwin Williams

Here is an example of Alabaster by Sherwin Williams on a bathroom wall. This is a great white paint color with a warm undertone.

If you're on a hunt for an exterior paint that would be accented with another bolder color, Alabaster would be an excellent color to take into consideration.

Sea Salt SW 6204

If grays and whites are a little too drab for you, Sea Salt is an amazing option for you!

This is a farmhouse paint color that adds a pop of subtle color into your home. Retreat or Oyster Bay are two colors that ideal for an accent wall.

Digging into these paint colors is inspiring and makes us want to start a new project.


Benjamin Moore Farmhouse Paint Colors that include Gray Owl, Quiet Moments, Distant Gray and Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore is a company we featured in our post Best Choices For The Color Of The Year and we couldn't resist showing you farmhouse paint colors that they are well known for. We can't wait to tell you about these options!

Gray Owl 2137-60

Gray Owl is in a collection that are known for being bold and saturated colors.

It is an extraordinary color. One that has hues of brown mixed in and shades such as Desert Twilight and Durango pair well with it.

Quiet Moments 1563

Tranquil and soothing are two words that come to mind when trying to describe Quiet Moments. It's easy to imagine some time spent doing exactly what the color is called.

If you want to paint the outside of your home, consider the combination of Quiet Moments, Almost Black and Cotton Tail. There is no going wrong with these three together.

Distant Gray 2124-70

Distant Gray is a classic color that can used in some striking color combinations. Add Gray and Violet Mist with Distant Gray or Spring Violet and Coastal Fog. These would be so sweet in a nursery.

Distant Gray is color that would illuminate any farmhouse.

Edgecomb Gray HC-173

If you're on a hunt for a timeless gray than Edgecomb Gray is one of the best. You will be able to personalize your space with ease if you include this color there.

This would be great in a bathroom, or a living room or a dreamy choice for a farmhouse bedroom.

These Benjamin Moore options are beautiful farmhouse paint colors and we're excited that they can be incorporated on the exterior or interior of your home.


Farmhouse Paint Colors by Behr with Back To Nature, Light Drizzle, Painter's White and Battleship Gray

Behr has so many colors that are perfect farmhouse paint colors. We wanted to show you hundreds, but settled on these four that are their top colors. Each one brings it's own statement into a home or outside a home. Now the hard part is picking which one you want.

Back to Nature S340-4

Back to Nature is Behr's color of the year. It's a great green color that would fit in so many rooms or the outside of your home.

The coordinated palette that goes with Back to Nature include beautiful colors like Beach Foam and Snowy Pine. The possibilities on using this palette are endless and would be stunning.

Light Drizzle N480-1

Can you imagine Light Drizzle on a baby boy's bedroom wall with sweet farmhouse decor like wooden signs, maybe some sports decorations and white or navy furniture to pull together the room?

This color could be in so many places in your home. Not just a nursery. And there are colors like Peaceful Blue and Swirling Water that match and would create a sanctuary in your farmhouse.

Painter's White PPU18-8

Behr paint has a stunning white color in this Painter's White color. It's a warm tone and belongs in a farmhouse.

Urban Raincoat and Polar Bear are in the color palette along with Painter's White. If you have chair railing in your home these three colors would be simply gorgeous together.

Clock color is similar to painter's white by Sherwin Williams

In our house this clock is an antique but the old rustic paint color looks almost identical to painter's white by Sherwin Williams. Talk about the perfect farmhouse paint color or maybe I should vintage paint color.

Battleship Gray N360-4

This gray is one that is among many farmhouse gray palettes. Choosing one is difficult, but you can't go wrong with Battleship Gray. It would make a great accent wall in a home.

Behr has coordinated Battleship Gray with Vanity which has a purple tint to it and also Light Granite that is a warm cream color. Both would be the perfect pairing with this gray.


Farmhouse Paint Colors by Farrow & Ball with Slipper Satin, Manor House Gray, Pigeon and Light Blue

Warm and cool paint colors are included in these four Farrow & Ball paints. This company is commited to creating an eco-friendly product which is all the hype right now.

With it being a new year, why not include new paint on your walls?

Slipper Satin No. 2004

This is a popular off white with a name that leaves you thinking of ballet slippers. Slipper Satin has some neutral undertones.

Wimborne White is a partnering color for Slipper Satin. If you are looking for a color combo for your floorboards and walls, these two are a match made in heaven

Manor House Gray No. 265

Manor House Gray is a perfect one for our farmhouse paint colors. This gray is a cool color and will lift the mood in your home. It would be inviting to guests from the outside of your home or welcoming to those stepping inside.

Pitch Black and Railings are two colors that can be paired with Manor House Gray. Take the time to check out the palatte and imagine it in a mancave or office.

Pigeon No. 25

Pigeon is a cozy blue grey paint color. You might not love the birds, but their color is beautiful and the matched paint color would be in so many places.

When you're considering paint colors, but don't want to makeover a whole room. Consider a statement piece of furniture to paint. Like a kitchen island or a dining room table.

Light Blue No. 22

A silvery blue is exactly what Light Blue is. Farrow & Ball made in its first collection of colors. This is both a peaceful and calming paint color.

Blackened and Skylight are two colors that when partnered with Light Blue, make for a serene look. A farmhouse dream for sure. 


Farmhouse Paint Colors with Fusion Mineral Paint such as Champness, Soap Stone, Picket Fence and Champlain

If you have all of the walls in your home painted, but have a few tired pieces of furniture that need a makeover than Fusion Mineral Paint is a simple choice.

We have four colors that are farmhouse go-to colors.

Our first color is Champness and is one that we used on a DIY Farmhouse Sign. You can check out just how easy this paint is to use.

Soap Stone is a dark, but stunning option. The best part about this Fusion Mineral Paint is that there's no need for a finishing coat or wax.

A bright white option for a Fusion Paint is Picket Fence. It will brighten up any piece of furniture with ease.

Fusion Mineral Paint's most popular neutral color is Champlain. They describe this color as a warm white and it's beautiful.

With little to no prep-work and great coverage, Fusion Mineral Paint has great farmhouse paint colors to choose from and we just know you will be happy once you use it.


Farmhouse Paint Colors by Dixie Belle Chalk Paint including Fluff, Hurricane Gray, Caviar and Driftwood

Dixie Belle is a high quality mineral chalk paint and is perfect for painting on furniture. You can use it on pieces that are wood, metal, glass, ceramic, fabric and more.

Dixie Belle is a recognized name in almost every farmhouse. The chalk paint is simple to work with and there are so many colors to choose from. We found the top four sellers and wanted to share them with you.

Fluff is a soft white color with a tiny gray undertone. This color is great alone, but changes into something spectacular when paired with a dark wax or glaze.

If you're looking for a medium gray color to give a piece of furniture a makeover, consider Hurricane Gray. It's always lovely to have a dark statement piece in a light colored room.

Caviar is a matte black chalk paint. If you're looking for a chic feel in your farmhouse, choose something to paint this color.

Your farmhouse bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or really any room would be softened by adding a pop of driftwood chalk paint in it.

Dixie Belle chalk paint makes almost any project a breeze. If you have a DIY that you've been too intimidated to do, wait no longer.


Farmhouse Paint Colors with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint including the colors Linen, Farmhouse White, Grain Sack and Mora

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint is our favorite milk paint option. She has gorgeous farmhouse paint colors. The hardest part is settling on just one.

We wrote a post about How To Paint Milk Paint On Furniture.

MMS Milk Paint comes in a powder form and all you need to do is add water. The best thing about it coming like this is the long shelf life.

Jumping into colors that are popular, let's start with Linen. It's a cream that has sweet warm undertones.

Farmhouse White is just as it sounds, the perfect farmhouse paint color for a piece of furniture that needs a face-lift.

If you love grain sacks, then you're going to flip over Grain Sack as one of MMS's Milk Paint. This is what is considered a chameleon color. It looks different depending on what it is around. It can look white, gray or even beige.

Mora a color named after Mora, Sweden. It has hints of gray, blue and green undertones incoperated in it.

Farmhouse Paint Colors Miss Mustard Seed's 25 Milk Paint Color Swatch

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint has just five ingredients in it and there are 25 amazing colors to pick from. Selecting the best color for your farmhouse might be more fun than you could ever imagine.


We hope that you have fallen in love with each farmhouse paint color we have shared with you. They each add their own personality to your home and give inspiration to perfect the makeover you've been hoping for.

These four company's are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to company's that have captured the farmhouse look. We would love to hear if you choose one to add in your home.

Happy Decorating!


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