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Today I am sharing with you my best painting tools list. After years of trying different kinds of paint tools, these are my top go-to painting utensils.

Painting and decorating tools list featuring my wood crate that holds all my paint tools

So you have a paint color picked out and you are ready to paint but you need some supplies. This is where my best painting tools list will make your life easier.

After writing about Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors and Selecting Paint Colors, I decided it was time to share what's in my paint crate. I'm excited to share with you great painter's tools and equipment that will make your job a breeze.


You might have a few of your favorite must have painting tools on your list, but I want to show you even more.

Some of you have asked me what's in my paint crate, so I decided to write a post to let you in on some secrets.

Follow along as I share painters tools and equipment and the best painting tools list.

What Tools Do Professional Painters Use?

Now that you have a list lets dive deeper into each tool.


Best painters tools list featuring my wooden crate with a kitty sitting in a window

Kind of by accident all my tools found a home in a crate we had laying around.

At first, it was a beat-up green plastic milk crate, but then this beautiful natural finish wood crate was lying around in the garage, so I gave my paint supplies a new home. 

I think it is important to have one place for your supplies.  That way whenever you are ready to paint you can go through your inventory to see if you need anything quickly before you purchase your paint.  

It is also good for taking your supplies to your painting locations.  Give a wooden crate a try.  I think you will love it!


A Wooster paint brush is one of the best painting tools and equipment.

There are lots of paintbrushes to choose from in the whole wide world, but believe it or not, this short-handled guy by Wooster is my fav! It is ideal for cutting in corners and running along the edges.  It seems to clean up nice too. 

Just a side note, it is for latex paints only. 

Wooster has one just like it now if you would like it for your next paint job. 

Best paintbrushes by Sherwin Williams and a faux brush by Symphony.

I also love the Sherwin William's paintbrushes, and if I am doing any faux finishing, this Symphony brush works great.


best diy painting tools showing me painting the floor boards on a dropcloth

Drop cloths are a must on my painter's tools list. They are perfect for protecting your floor and furniture.

You can't have too many drop cloths.

I also love to use drop cloths in craft projects like table runners and rugs.


An open container of spackling on a board

A few more must-haves when you are gathering together your painter's tools and equipment are spackling and a spackling knife to cover up holes that you had on your wall.

Make sure you follow instructions on your container of spackling for how long it must dry before you move on to the next step of your painting project.


Sanding a wall after spackling has had a chance to dry, before painting

Another need for your painter's equipment is a sanding block so that you can smooth down the area you applied the spackling to.

These items can be overlooked, but are very important before you get your job started.


Painters tape on my front door to prep before painting

Painters tape is something you need in your painting crate. It will help create clean crisp lines when you are painting. Painters tape can protect things like outlets and doorknobs when you are painting.

Update: I recently discovered Frog Tape and I find that it works the best keeping paint from slipping under it

One quick hint is to remove the tape before the paint dries so that you don't peel off your fresh coat of paint.


Basket full of towels to use as rags for painting project

Everyone needs some paint rags around and my go-to stash is old thin dish towels.  They are perfect for cleaning up small paint spills and so much more. 

If you don't have any old ones lying around, grab some for your paint crate and you'll use them for paint jobs in the future.


A paint edger which is a recommended paint tool.

This nifty little tool is ideal for cutting in the paint along trim. 

I have a little trick to making it work. 

You have to barely dip the bristles into the paint, but do not saturate it because then you will have a big mess.  Just a little bit keeps it from getting onto the wheels which means no paint will get on your trim.

Give the paint edger a try and see how much quicker you can cut in a room.


Paint crate with painting tools like roller frames, brushes, sanding blocks and more.

As far as roller, I have found any frame and a short-haired roller works for me. 

However, if you have a wall with a lot of texture, then you will need a thick paint roller.   For the roller frame, I usually go with what is cheapest. 

Just make sure you have a few different length wood handles. 

I have taken my broom handle and unscrewed it and used it on my frame.  It works like a charm when your ceiling is higher.

Best DIY Painting Tools Ladder

best painting tools is a platform ladder shown here holding a can of Sherwin Williams paint.

This is my favorite ladder in the whole world! I am not exaggerating that this is a wonderful platform ladder

Over-sized shelf on a platform ladder holding a paint can from Sherwin Williams

I love that the top step is large and that it has an over-sized shelf for my paint can.  It works great if your ceiling is eight feet tall, but anything more than that you will need a taller ladder.


Painting my front door in my denim overalls which is in my best painting tools

You'll find me in my vintage denim overalls when I'm getting ready to do almost any job dealing with paint.

Having a go-to outfit shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to what should be part of your painting tools list.


Well, there you have it!  What's in my paint crate which is the best painting tools according to Linda! 🙂  I hope you find this helpful. Having the right tool can sometimes make a job so much easier.

But now if you need some tips on picking colors try my how to pick a paint color.  It's a great guide to picking out a color you will love.

Happy Decorating!

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I have my favorite items when starting to paint a project. You have a great list of things we all need to know. Thanks for sharing.

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