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Popular Sherwin Williams Green Paint Colors

The most popular Sherwin Williams green paint colors from light greens to dark greens. Here are examples of the best interior and exterior paint colors using green for your next home improvement project.

Most popular Sherwin Williams green paint colors.  Isle of Pines and Acacia green are two examples

After doing research to find the most popular Sherwin Williams green paint colors I learned that the most sold colors varied around America. Here is a list of the colors I heard over and over plus a surprising popular green in the Nashville area that isn't even on the Sherwin Williams chart.

Popular Sherwin Williams Green Paint Colors

With green making a come back I couldn't resist gathering the top green paint colors to help you pick a paint color for your home. Here is a list of the best Sherwin Williams green paint color.

  • Clary Sage SW 6178
  • Acacia Haze SW 9132
  • Sea Salt SW 6204
  • Evergreen Fog SW 9130
  • Escape Gray SW 6185
  • Ripe Olive SW 6209
  • Pewter Green SW 6208
  • Isle of Pines SW 6461
  • Cascades SW 7623
  • Greens SW 6748
  • Rosemary SW 6187
  • Shade Grown SW 6188

To start our journey of the best green paint colors let's work our way from the lighter colors to the darker colors. Each hue will have a photo featuring a person who has used that color and how they used it from green walls to the exterior.

Best Sherwin Williams Light Green Paint Colors

Greens are cool colors but did you know green colors can have warm and cool undertones. Light green paint colors are known to be relaxing and calm. They give a feeling of nature and good health.

Light green can be used on cabinets, accent walls, exterior, doors, or whole rooms. Let's look at popular light green paint colors and how they are used in these homes.

Clary Sage SW6178

Best Sherwin William paint colors Clary Green
Photo courtesy: This Old House

One of my favorite all times shows on television is This Old House and they knocked this kitchen renovation out of the park. If you are a lover of green then you will adore this Clary Sage SW 6178 paint color.

Look how soothing this color is on these kitchen cabinets. Green is such a great cool hue color and it matches so many things. Just look outside at nature and how well green goes with the blue sky, browns, and many other colors.

Acacia Haze SW 9132

Popular SW light green paint color acacia haze
Photo courtesy: Krafted Renovations

When I came across this room and how Acacia Haze was used I couldn't wait to share. This color is listed on Sherwin William's color trend chart. I only heard this color mentioned once but I couldn't resist sharing it here.

Krafted Renovations did a beautiful job using this light green color by Sherwin Williams in this dining room. They used it on the lower half of the wall and on the ceiling.

There are so many ways you can use this color but using it the way they did looks amazing! Even though they didn't have a chair rail that didn't stop them from painting halfway.

If you like Acacia Haze then you will most likely like Sea Salt which is our next light green color.

Sea Salt SW 6204

Sherwin Williams trendy paint color Sea Salt.
Photo courtesy: Sand and Sisal

This color is in the top ten most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors. In fact, it is so trendy until we wrote a whole post featuring examples of using Sherwin Williams sea salt and Sand and Sisal was one.

Sea Salt is a very light green color with gray undertones and in some lights has blue undertones. It is a beautiful neutral color to use in any room of your home. Sand and Sisal use this color in her living room.

Now that we have covered the light green paint colors let's look at the dark green colors.

Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog painted on shiplap on wall as headboard of bed
Photo courtesy: Come on in Designs

If you're wrestling over which green paint to settle on, you can't get much better than the January 2022 Color of the Month from Sherwin Williams, Evergreen Fog. This warm color pairs great with another popular Sherwin Williams white paint color, Shoji SW 7042. The two fall in the greige color family.

Laurie, from Come on in Designs has done a beautiful job styling this room. The shiplap accent wall ties in lovely with her bedding and the black hexagon lined pattern.

Escape Gray SW 6185

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray on a shiplap accent wall

When we gave my daughter's room a makeover, we were looking for the perfect paint to tie in the accents on the bedding. We browsed through the popular Sherwin Williams green paint colors and came across Escape Gray SW 6185 and knew it was the perfect fit.

This paint might have gray in the name, but make no mistake there are green undertones throughout. It pulled together everything in her Antique Vintage Aesthetic Bedroom. If you want to similar sage green paint colors, check out the post Best Sage Green Paint Colors.

Best Sherwin William Dark Green Colors

Now let's move to the dark green paint colors by Sherwin Williams. Dark greens are rich in tone and give a feeling of nature and wealth. These colors look amazing on cabinets, front doors, shutters, and accent walls. Here are great ways to use these popular dark green colors.

Ripe Olive SW 6209

Best Sherwin Williams green paint color Ripe Olive on kitchen cabinets
Photo courtesy: Savas Construction

Ripe Olive is one of Sherwin William's color trend colors so I was not surprised when I came across many rooms using this color. This dark color has a warm gray undertone and is overall a favorite color.

Savas Construction captured a beautiful modern farmhouse feeling by painting ripe olive on these cabinets and kitchen islands. The contrast of the white countertops is gorgeous.

Great ways to use this olive green color are on front doors, shutters, accent walls, under the chair rails, trim, and cabinets. You can use a dark green color on interior walls but you will need much natural light to keep it feeling like a cave unless it is your media room.

Pewter Green SW 6208

Popular SW dark green paint color Pewter Green in a laundry room
Photo courtesy: Brie Builds

Brie Builds also used a paint color from Sherwin William's color trends chart. Pewter Green looks so pretty in this laundry room and it goes well with this arts and crafts style wallpaper. I love how they painted it on the beadboard and used white on the cabinet as a contrast.

Laundry rooms are many times looked over when it comes to decorating so I wrote a post featuring farmhouse laundry room decor ideas. It is a great place to start if you are considering making your laundry room a dreamy place like Brianne.

Isle of Pines SW 6461

Trendy and popular Sherwin Williams dark green paint color Isle of Pines in a bedroom.
Photo: Sherwin Williams via Pinterest

Isle of Pine was brought up the most as a dark green when I called stores throughout America. I saw so many different ways to use this color but when I came across this photo pinned by Sherwin Williams I couldn't resist sharing.

Look at how the pretty Isle of Pine is paired with all these maps. It is a great wall color that also would look good in a home office, child's room, on cabinets, or accent walls. Something about this color made me think of an old green chalkboard.

Cascades SW 7623

This kitchen have two large islands painted in Sherwin Williams Cascades green paint
Photo courtesy: Maureen Lindstrom Designs

If you're looking for a Sherwin Williams green paint color that will help you with a statement piece in any room we have you covered. Cascades SW 7623 is what Maureen Lindstrom Designs used on her oversized kitchen islands and it makes a stunning statement in this kitchen.

Cascades is a timeless color that has also been featured as a color of the month for Sherwin Williams. It partners well with white cabinets in this kitchen and if you need help picking the right white, hop over to our Best Sherwin Williams White for Cabinets post.

Greens SW 6748

Sherwin Williams Greens painted on a dresser or buffet table
Photo courtesy: Alieta Treasure Hunting

I love the story my friend Alieta Casey tells of this piece. She bought it and gave it a new life with a gorgeous green paint color. The jewel tone is Sherwin Williams Greens SW 6748. Some ladies would much rather have a breathtaking Emerald piece of furniture over a piece of jewelry.

The assumption when Alieta bought this dresser, was that she would paint it a shade of gray and while that wouldn't have been wrong, this green color gives the piece so much personality.

Rosemary SW 6187

Kitchen cabinetry and island painted in a Rosemary green color by Sherwin Williams
Photo courtesy: Kendi Everyday

Sherwin Williams Rosemary SW 6187 is what Kendi Everyday painted her kitchen cabinetry and island. This warm color looks like you picked a sprig of fresh rosemary. A perfect color for a kitchen, but the opportunities for where you could paint this striking green paint.

Gold and black accents match this paint color with ease. Paired with wood flooring, Rosemary green gives off a great earthy feel to the room.

Shade Grown SW 6188

Bedroom wall painted in a deep Shade Grown green color
Photo courtesy: Brothers Painting & Renovation

This lovely accent wall not only has a fun pattern with wainscoting, it is also a fantastic deep green called Shade Grown SW 6188. The green is easily one of the Popular Sherwin Williams green colors because of the bold statement it makes. The team over at Brothers Painting & Renovation made a wise choice when they went with this paint color option.

It fits in a neutral category and could be made masculine by pairing it with blacks, whites and woods. Or you could give it a feminine feel by adding a touch of pink in the room. Either way, the possibilities are endless with this green paint color.

Favorite Green Paint Colors

In my search for the best green paint colors, I came across a few similar colors that are popular in certain areas of the country or ones I fell in love with that are not Sherwin Williams colors. They are so pretty until I couldn't resist sharing them. Marian with Miss Mustard Seed is one of those colors.

Miss Mustard Seed Boxwood

Boxwood is a perfect color for all farmhouse lovers. It is a gorgeous hue on the color palette and might be the right color for you. But where do you purchase Boxwood?

Popular green paint colors including Miss Mustard Seed boxwood green.
Photo courtesy: Miss Mustard Seed

She is the founder of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint. I have a simple tutorial on how to paint with milk paint if you would like to know more about milk paint. But for now, let's talk about this gorgeous shade of green that is called Boxwood in the milk paint line.

The cool thing about Boxwood is that Marian included the formula in her blog post in case you want to have Sherwin Williams mix it. There is a photo of the formula on the can of paint she had mixed in her blog post called Boxwood Recipe and Glass Hardware.

Now let's look at another fun discovery I found when I talked to a Sherwin Williams employee in Nashville.

Belle Meade Green

Best Sherwin Williams custom paint color Belle Meade
Photo courtesy: The Potted Boxwood

Another custom color that I came across while doing my research is Belle Meade Green in Nashville. Now if you go to a Sherwin Williams paint store and ask for this color they will most likely say it doesn't exist. But if you contact the Nashville Sherwin Williams on Heady Drive they have the formula.

This green is a fantastic color for shutters or front doors which is why I couldn't wait to share with you this beautiful photo by The Potted Boxwood. This dark green pairs nicely with white on this home. Belle Meade green also would make a wonderful accent wall.

It is a classic timeless color and the local Nashville people seem to be very fond of it and I can see why. If you want a unique custom Sherwin Williams color that only you will have in your neighborhood then this might be your shade of green. Unless you live in the Nashville area then you will be trending if you use this color.

Benjamin Moore Essex Green

Years ago jewel tones were popular and hunter green was the coveted color. I used Benjamin Moore Essex Green many times on the interior and exterior of the home. Since dark greens are making a come back I couldn't leave out this classic green color by Benjamin Moore.

Recently while visiting The Grove Museum in Tallahassee, Florida I saw these shutters and it reminded me of Essex Green. The Grove Plantation or also known as the Call/Collins house is next to the Governor's Mansion. The Grove was the home of territorial governor Richard Keith Call who built it in 1840 and later Governor LeRoy Collins. Today it has been restored and made into a museum.

The Grove Museum with Essex Green painted shutters

I wouldn't be surprised if this color is still on the popular paint colors list of BM. It is so green until it looks black. It is great neutral paint color. My favorite place to use it was on a front door and shutters but people used it on accent walls, under chair rails, cabinets, and even a trim color.

Behr Vine Leaf N 400-7

Do you want to know what prompted my search for Sherwin William's trending green colors? Well, it all started here in my daughter's mudroom laundry room.

We love to do projects together when I come to visit and usually she goes for white or light neutral colors but this visit she surprised me with green.

Popular Behr green paint color Vine Leaf

In her mudroom, we built a floating shelf unit to bring style and organization to this entryway from her garage. This mudroom storage unit acts as an accent wall too. It is stylish yet functional. Directions on this DIY mudroom storage unit are in the post.

If you are looking for a darker tone green Behr paint Vine Leaf is a great color to consider. My son-in-law said it reminds him of their school colors so it would make a great game room color too.


There is one thing I noticed while writing this post on popular Sherwin Williams green paint colors. Light and dark green paint colors look amazing with any wood tones. Look back at all the photos at the natural wood in each room. Notice the wood beams in the dining room with Acacia Haze on the ceiling or how about the wood mantle top next to Sea Salt.

Remember me talking about how green colors give a feeling of nature? Well, this is probably why green and natural woods look so amazing together. I mean if God paired wood and green together then why can't we.

So what is your favorite green colors and where are you considering paint it it inside or outside of your home?

Happy Decorating!

Nancy Lau

Monday 13th of June 2022

I saw that SW "Clary Green" was the most popular. I assume that you meant SW "Clary Sage"?

Linda McDonald

Thursday 16th of June 2022

Thank you so much Nancy for bringing this to my attention. You are correct. It is Clary Sage. They are all fixed now. Thanks again. Wishing you a good day!


Sunday 9th of January 2022

Linda I would like your opinion. We are building a new house and I’m choosing colors. I want to paint my large kitchen island and lower cabinets in Sherwin Williams Pewter green. Upper's and trim will be SW pure white. I will have a lot of natural light from large windows coming in east and west windows. I’m now wondering if this will make the green look too gray and not the green I want to show. I would appreciate your opinion or any other color choice you think would work. Loved your article on greens!

Linda McDonald

Monday 10th of January 2022

That is a very good question. It is hard to tell what exactly colors will do in different lighting. Even the time of year can affect the color. My best advice is to purchase a sample can and paint a large piece of foam board. Then stand it up in the room while the house is under construction. Stop by several times a day, morning, noon, and dusk to see how the green looks. This will help a lot but even after you get in the house the color may vary. Also, when picking out lighting look at the color of the light bulb. For example, if you want a true natural color light look on the back of the box and you will see a sliding scale. Anything from 4000 to 5000 is slightly warm to clear light. Over 5000 is a cool color light. This might help keep your green its true color. I hope this helps and good luck with building your home!


Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Love that dining room using Acacia green! I had been looking at Clary green, but I think I may like Acacia better, glad I found this. You're right, green really sets off wood tones. I too think green is such a versatile color because of it's staring role in nature. There will always be a shade of green that works with every color, and I think seeing these pairings in nature makes it so, since flowers come in every color. Olive and golden dijon yellow or rust like mums, sage and bright red like roses, purple and sage like lavender, pink and mint like tulips, periwinkle and chartreuse like an iris. I also think nature is the reason green and blue works so well together. Great article!!!

Linda McDonald

Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Thank you! I refer to nature with my clients any time too. It helps give them peace when putting colors together.