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Best Behr Neutral Paint Colors

Best neutral Behr paint colors

Paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to transform a room but picking out the new paint color is hard when you are looking at a little paint chip. So when it was time to paint our guest room I decided to do a little research and find the best Behr neutral paint colors.

After spending hours searching and looking at photos these are the most popular Behr neutral paint colors.

Best Behr Neutral Paint Colors

  • Ultra Pure White
  • Cameo White
  • Swiss Coffee
  • Black
  • Graceful Grey
  • Antique White

Now that you know Behr's favorite paint colors let's look more closely at each color and an example of it used in a room.

Behr Ultra Pure White

Our first color example is Ultra Pure White and it is the color I choose for our guest bedroom. It is a white color but has the softest feel to it. Some white colors blind you when you enter a room but this white is gentle on the white and was the perfect backdrop for this cheap small bedroom makeover.

Popular Behr white paint color ultra pure white

I painted the walls and trim the same white Behr paint color. Talk about an easy paint job. No cutting in with two different colors. This is a great color for all your trim in your home too and it looks amazing on furniture.

Favorite Behr paint color Ultra Pure White

Here is another shot of the guest bedroom so you can see more of this popular Behr white color. Whether you have natural light or not this color will brighten a room.

Popular white paint color on kitchen cabinets
Photo courtesy: House on Heatherfield

Another beautiful example is this kitchen by House on Heatherfield. If you love white cabinets then consider painting them Ultra Pure White. White cabinets brighten any cooking space and this color is a perfect option.

This is a great color for all your trim in your home too and it looks amazing on furniture. Consider using Ultra Pure White on your cabinets, trim, walls, furniture, interior, and exterior. It also looks fabulous on the front doors.

Now keep in mind that this is a white-white color so if you want a little contrast and a warmer tone then try this next color.

Behr Cameo White

Julie Blanner used Cameo White in her guest bedroom and it is the perfect light warm yellow undertone. This warm Behr paint color makes the white-white bedding stand out but still gives the room that bright and light feeling.

Best paint color for bedroom by Behr
Photo courtesy: Julie Blanner

Cameo White is the perfect color for the interior and exterior of your home. Consider using it on walls, furniture, and cabinets.

Behr Swiss Coffee

Did you know that Swiss Coffee is the most sold Behr paint color? The Style Bunch picked a great color to paint their breezeway. The texture on their siding makes this color look a little darker than it is in an example in my popular Behr paint colors post. It is much whiter on a flat wall.

Isn't this space gorgeous!! Swiss Coffee has beautiful gray undertones and looks so pretty with white.

What is the most popular Behr paint color
Photo courtesy: The Style Brunch

You can use Swiss Coffee anywhere. It looks fabulous on cabinets, walls, trim, furniture, interior, exterior, shutters, and front doors. There are so many great ways you can use this Behr white paint color.

If these Behr whites are quite what you're looking for, check out the round up I did of all the best Behr white paint colors.

Behr Black

Accent walls were made for black and Behr black is perfect. Look at this pretty room by Hickory Grove. After jazzing up this wall with trim and painting it black it transformed the whole bedroom. If you love dark colors but don't want to make the room feel small consider an accent wall.

Best Behr neutral paint color in black
Photo courtesy: Hickory Grove

Black pairs nicely with any neutral color scheme. Great places to use Behr black paint color is accent walls, trim, cabinets, furniture, the exterior of a house, shutters, and exterior doors.

Behr Graceful Grey

Grey is still a popular color and Behr Graceful Grey makes a cozy reading nook. We love how Leanna Ziegler Design used this light gray color and then created a design on the wall in a white-white color.

Favorite Behr paint color graceful gray
Photo courtesy: Leanne Ziegler Design

Graceful Grey is a great deal like white paint colors in that you can use it anywhere. It has cool undertones. I recommend using it on walls, cabinets, furniture, floors, exterior, shutters, and doors. It is also great as a transition paint color in halls and larger open spaces like the living room, family room, kitchen and dining room.

Behr Natural Gray

Another fabulous Behr grey paint color is natural gray. It is more of a medium undertone color and looks like a dark gray in a room that doesn't have a lot of natural light. This color is also on my popular paint colors list by Behr and Fallon at Fallon's Homestead used it in a gorgeous way on the wall going up the stairs.

Stairs painted in Behr natural gray
Photo courtesy: Fallons Homestead

This cool neutral color looks great on walls both interior and exterior. It is great for cabinets, furniture, shutters, and your front door. It is one of those perfect paint colors that match almost everything.

Behr Antique White

Probably one of the most timeless Behr paint colors is Antique White. Another soft Behr paint color in a bedroom by Simply Vintage Decor. Just like Cameo White, this is color has warm undertones but very light and gives a nice contrast with white. The color and accessories make this bedroom look dreamy.

Bedroom painted in Behr Antique white
Photo courtesy: Simply Vintage Decor

Now let's talk about places to use Antique White colors. The best place to use it on interior and exterior walls. Because it is a light color it works just about anywhere but I particularly like it on walls.


Neutral Behr paint colors are so easy to use and they are a safe option if picking paint colors is hard for you. If a painter or contractor says you have to pick one color for your interior walls then any of these colours work except for black. Unless you want to live in a cave. LOL!

Now keep in mind that when picking white colors there are warm colors and cool colors. Depending on the look and feel you want depends on the color. If you want a warm glow in your space then use a color like Cameo. But if you do not like yellow undertones then go with a cool color.

Last, also consider the lighting in your room. If you have warm light bulbs they will add a warm tone to your painted walls, trim, and everything. If you have cool light bulbs then they will bring more true color to your paint. You can find this information on the box of the light bulbs.

Now that you have the best neutral paint colors look at where to buy Behr paint colors. Home Depot carries Behr but if you don't have a Home Depot near you there are other options.

Good luck with finding the right color for your home.

Happy Decorating!