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Best Behr White Paint Colors

The best Behr white paint colors from crisp bright white to whites with undertones. Let's look at popular white paint colors by Behr and examples of interior rooms and exterior houses.

Behr ultra pure white walls

You might be thinking, how many white Behr paint colors are there? Well, you will be surprised and possibly overwhelmed so in this post, I have narrowed it down to twelve white colors.

After many years of designing new homes and remodeling old homes, I have found that white is almost always used either for trim, walls, cabinets, or anywhere in a home. Recently I have been using Behr paint more and more, and I love it so when I started thinking of a white for our exterior doors I thought why not go to the most popular Behr white paint colors?

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.

Best Behr White Paint Colors

Before we dive into white paint colors, undertones, and pictures of room applications, here is a list of the best white paint colors by Behr

  • Ultra Pure White
  • Blank Canvas
  • Swiss Coffee
  • Spun Cotton
  • Sleek White
  • Whisper White
  • Cameo White
  • Painter's White
  • Polar Bear
  • White
  • Frost
  • Silky White

Now that we have a list of the best Behr white paint colors, here are examples.

Project Tips:

  • LRV – You'll read the term LRV throughout the post. It stands for Light Reflectance Value. The highest LRV is 100. The higher the number, the more light will reflect from the color. A high LRV is a high reflective white and is great for a small room or a room that you want to be bright and sunny. You can learn more about understanding LRV in paint in this post.
  • RGB – RGB is the amount of red, blue and green in each color. The colors with higher red levels will have warm tones, a higher blue will be a cooler white.
  • Large peel and stick samples from Home Depot for some of the Behr white colors. I find this to be the easiest way to see how a color will look in my home. I'll add them whenever available.
  • Paint Delivery: Did you know you can select your BEHR® Paint online and have it shipped to your door? If you plan ahead this will save you so much time because your paint will arrive in the mail. Consider purchasing other supplies like paintbrushes and trays at the same time.
  • Curbside Pickup: Add the paint to your Home Depot cart on the app when you decide on your paint color. Order the paint on the app for car delivery at the store. You will save yourself so much time and frustration from waiting in line at the paint counter. (Order a day or two in advance. Because of staff shortages, sometimes it takes a couple of days to get notified that your order is ready.)
  • Trim Paint Colors: When your picking a paint for your whole house, I recommend you pick the same trim color through your whole house. It is a great way to keep your home's appearance consistent and will make your life easier.

Behr Ultra Pure White

A couple of years ago, I was redecorating our guest bedroom, and because it is such a small bedroom, I knew a pure white color was what it needed. So I selected Ultra Pure White by Behr, and it is the perfect white paint color for this room. It has a soft appearance, and painting the trim and walls the same color made painting super easy.

With an LRV of 94 and color balance of 248 248 243, it reflects natural light a great deal, allowing the light to bounce off the walls and fill a room with sunshine. This is a great choice for a small room. It makes the room seem larger. Ultra Pure White is a good clean, crisp, and clear white. It works nicely with all colors. It a highly popular color to use on trim and doors.

Ultra Pure white by Behr Paint

To read more about this small bedroom transformation, read cheap small bedroom ideas.

Ultra Pure White is also an excellent color for trim, doors, walls, accent walls and furniture. Here is where my friend Lynsey used it as a trim color throughout their early 1900s Victorian home. Isn't it beautiful!

You can get a large peel and stick sample of Ultra Pure White from Home Depot.

Ultra pure white and hush by behr paint

You can watch the renovation of their historic home on their Instagram channel at the Pauline Manor.

And here is where my friend Fallon used Ultra Pure White on an accent wall.

Behr ultra pure white accent wall

You can find more images of Fallon's accent wall on her Instagram at Fallon's Homestead.

Blank Canvas by Behr

Blank Canvas is another color I have experience with, and I love it even more than Ultra Pure White. This beautiful warm white is even Behr's paint color of the year 2023. You can see the all the 2023 inspiring color trends here. I am not surprised because look at how beautiful this color looks on the side walls of my converted closet into pantry.

Blank Canvas Behr paint walls

With an LRV of 84, it has a color balance of  241 237 225 giving it a creamy undertone, this is a gorgeous white that has a warm neutral undertone. This is definitely one of my favorite white paint colors. This is a great place to start if you're looking at warmer white paint colors.

blank canvas by behr

To read more about this closet transformation into a butler's pantry, read how to turn a closet into a pantry.

Behr Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee has been one of Behr's best-selling paints. This creamy white looks gorgeous in this dining room by Jenna Sue Designs. I love her designs so much that I included it in Behr's popular paint colors. It is one of my favorite colors for interior walls.

swiss coffee paint
Photo courtesy: Evelyn Jean Home

With an LRV of 84 and color balance of 241 237 224, it is warm and slightly creamy color. To see more beautiful photos by Evelyn Jean check her Instagram at Evelyn Jean Home.

swiss coffee by behr

Spun Cotton

Spun Cotton is one of Behr's top colors and is popular among designers. It is a great option for every room in the house, walls, trim, furniture cabinets, or pretty much anywhere.

spun cotton by behr

With a LRV of 89 and color balance of 247 242 227, it's warmer than the other whites we've looked at so far.

Sleek White

Sleek White almost has a yellow look to it. With an LRV of 92 and color balance of 250 246 233, it gives your white a warm glow giving it a sunshine-y feel.

sleek white by behr

Whisper White

Whisper White has an LRV of 89, so it's bright but not overly so. It has one of the highest levels of green color in the color balance compared to the red and blue levels.

whisper white by behr

To best see the difference in whites, hold it up to the Ultra Pure White for a good contrast.

Behr Cameo White

Cameo White is the perfect paint color for the interior and exterior of your home. Consider using it on walls, furniture, and cabinets.

With an LRV of 81, which will give your room a calm feel. The color balance of 235 232 226 is a nice, neutral white base.

cameo white by behr

Painter's White

Painter's White is interesting as its LRV of 76 is relatively low. With a color balance of 229 226 218, it is a nice neutral color. It is a great wall color with the Ultra Pure White for the trim.

painters white by behr

You can get a large peel and stick sample of Painter's White at Home Depot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is beige coming back in 2023?

Beige is coming back in style but greige is probably more in style. Griege is an even mix of greys and tans which make it a great neutral paint color. Gray is not gone yet in fact many people are mixing greys and beiges in their home. Check out the most popular greige paint colors here.

Is beige a neutral color?

Yes beige is considered a neutral color but one thing to know is that beige has a warm undertone. Beige is a neutral with a warm undertone.

Is beige replacing gray?

I honestly do not think beige will replace grey and gray will replace beige. Both are consider neutral colors and neutral colors will always be a great color to use in home interior and exteriors. However, greys are becoming less people in the neutral family while beige is coming more prevelent.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear is highly light reflective with an LRV of 90. With a color range of 245 244 236 it definitely has a warm undertone. This is an excellent color for walls or furniture.

polar bear by behr

You can get a large peel and stick sample of Polar Bear at Home Depot.

Behr White

Another great trim, cabinet, door or anywhere color is Behr white. This color is evenly distribed with 235 235 230. That makes it a nice clean color.

Here is a beautiful excample of white by Behr on my friend Luci's kitchen cabinets. Luci has a blog on home decor at the White Oak Shop. They wanted a classic white that matched everything and since the cabinets when all the way to the ceiling picking Behr white was a no brainer.

Behr white painted on kitchen cabinets
Photo courtesy: White Oak Shop

This beautiful Behr white has a LRV 83 which means it's not going to be reflecting a lot of light and will give that calm look but keep that bright white feeling. This is perfect for a kitchen or bathroom cabinet and the perfect choice if you need a nice, neutral white.


Frost is different from all the other whites mentioned above as its color balance is  R 239 G 240 B 236, so it is highest on green, giving it cool undertones. This would make an excellent color for your trim if you like grays but keep in mind, with an LRV of 87, it will not reflect a lot of light. It's a great farmhouse matte color.

frost by behr

You can get a large peel and stick sample of Frost at Home Depot.

Silky White

Silky White has a low LRV of 83, so it is not highly reflective. It has a warm feel with a color balance of R 238 G 235 B 226. It would look great on your wall with Ultra Pure White on the trim, or even use it on the walls and the trim.

Behr paint silky white

Final Thoughts on the Best Behr White Paint

I hope this has answered your questions about most popular Behr white paint colors. From warm undertones to the coolest whites, you're sure to find the perfect shade for every room in your home. If you've used a Behr white paint for your walls, trim, or exterior, I'd love to hear what color you used and where you used it in the comments! If you'd rather use a shade of beige, check out my post about the popular Behr beige paint colors for a warm aesthetic. Looking for something with a little more color? Check out my post about best Behr gray blue paint colors for a cool calm aesthetic.

Happy Decorating!


Sunday 12th of February 2023

I have more room, red color and kitchen, bathrooms and bedroom furniture. I need a white trim color for walls two, any suggestions? For my whole house? Thank you ????

Linda McDonald

Monday 13th of February 2023

A popular white trim color is Pure White and you can use it throughout your house.