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12 Best Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors for a Cool Calm Aesthetic

Today let's turn our attention to Behr gray blue paint colors. These shades of blue color are peaceful and pleasant and work beautifully everywhere on your interior and exterior. Here are the most popular Behr blue paint colors with gray undertones or gray paint colors with a blue undertone.

Behr grey blue paint colors french colony
Front Door Color: Behr French Colony

This month we have been talking about Behr paint colors for your interior and exterior, but mostly neutral colors, so I thought it was time to turn to actual colors. These Behr gray blue colors are perfect for our next list of the best colors to paint your home.

Popular Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors

Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors, so you can imagine I have painted the color blue on furniture, walls, and so on in my lifetime.

Our house has a beautiful gray blue chest under our television. Something about that color calls me every time I see it. It is so calming and french country, if you know what I mean.

How to paint a tv frame

I wish I could say what color is on the chest, but it came that way from Kirkland's. Hang around until the end, and I will match up a color if it's perfect for your DIY project.

Well, enough about me and how much I LOVE gray colors with blue undertones, let's dive into the top gray blue paint colors by Behr paint, starting with a list.

Behr Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

  • Hush (light gray)
  • Classic Silver
  • French Silver
  • Meteor Shower
  • Dark Pewter

Behr Blue Paint With Gray Undertones

After researching to determine the best colors, I found that some colors are gray with a hint of blue, while others are bluer with gray undertones. Hence, I put the colors in order from light to dark, with gray as the main color in the first set and blue as the main color in the second set. Here are the gray blue colors first.

  • Light Drizzle
  • Cumberland Fog
  • Absolute Zero
  • Watery
  • Intercoastal Gray
  • French Colony
  • Charcoal Blue



Since we are talking about gray colors first with blue undertones, I want to bring something to your attention. If you want a gray color, look at this first set of colors, but remember they have blue undertones.

Depending on the time of day and where the sun comes into the room, you may see a blue tinge in your paint.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let's look at this light gray color first. This beautiful Behr Hush color is in my friend Lynsey's old victorian home. She says it is a pleasant gray cool color.

Hush paint color by Behr paint
Photo Courtesy: Pauline Manor

All the main rooms of her home are painted Hush with Pure White trim, and from her perspective, it looks like a cool gray to her. With a light reflective value or LRV of 54, this light gray is on the deeper side, giving it a beautiful contrast with the Pure White wainscot.

Any room will look good with Hush but I think living room, master bedroom and family room, entryway or hall would be great with this color. This color works nicely in a small space too.

Behr hush light gray blue paint color

Other places to use this color are exterior, interior walls, furniture, trim and kitchen cabinets. If you love light cool colors, then you will love this color.

Classic Silver

Here is another light gray blue paint color called Classic Silver. With a light reflectance value of 48, this is a deeper color than Hush and a little less blue with a color number of 185 185 180. See less blue in this color combination with strong gray undertones.

You saw what a nice contrast Hush had with Pure white well, you can imagine the beautiful contrast of Classic Silver with a white-white color.

Classic Silver by Behr

I recommend using this paint color on interior walls, exterior, floors, accent walls, furniture, and cabinets.

French Silver

Anything with the word french in it will most likely show a little or a lot of blues. This medium-tone gray color family shows hints of blue. With an LRV 50 and 184 188 188, this medium tone is gray-blue with a deeper, cooler look.

Behr French Silver on front door

This color is almost identical to Monorail Silver by Sherwin William which I happen to have on my front door right now. Monorail Silver is LRV 50 R 184 G 188 B 187. See how it is almost identical to classic silver.

Behr french silver gray blue paint color

This color look more gray at certain times of the day and blue others. My door faces south west so it get lots of sun in the afternoons which affects its color. Great places to use this color are interior walls, doors and furniture.

Meteor Shower

I feel like we are moving closer and closer to blues. Making these color graphics helped you see more blue undertones but according to Behr, this is another gray family color. With an LRV 47 and R 177 G 184 B 184, this is a darker gray color and leans more blue.

Behr meteor shower

This color will work beautifully on interior walls, exterior, floors, accent wall, cabinets, and furniture.

Dark Pewter

Now I think we have crossed over into the dark color range. Dark Pewter is still considered a part of the gray color family with an LRV 29,  it is getting down there in those deep tones – those dark gray tones. And the color number leans bluer at 141 147 150.

Behr dark pewter

Great places to use this color are interior walls, but remember this will be a dark room, exterior, cabinets, trim, accent walls, furniture, and floors.

Project Tips:

  • LRV – You'll read the term LRV throughout the post. It stands for Light Reflectance Value. The highest LRV is 100. The higher the number, the more light will reflect from the color. A high LRV is a highly reflective white and is great for a small room or a room that you want to be bright and sunny.
  • RGB – RGB is the amount of red, blue, and green in each color. The colors with higher red levels will have warm tones, and a higher blue will be a cooler white.
  • Paint Delivery: Did you know you can select your BEHR® Paint online and have it shipped to your door? If you plan, this will save you so much time because your paint will arrive in the mail. Consider purchasing other supplies like paintbrushes and trays at the same time.
  • Curbside Pickup: Add the paint to your Home Depot cart on the app when you decide on your paint color. Order the paint on the app for car delivery at the store. You will save yourself so much time and frustration from waiting in line at the paint counter. (Order a day or two in advance. Because of staff shortages, sometimes it takes a couple of days to get notified that your order is ready.)
  • Trim Paint Colors: When picking paint for your whole house, I recommend you pick the same trim color throughout your whole house. It is a great way to keep your home's appearance consistent and make your life easier.
  • Paint Sheen: All paint colors will vary slightly depending on the paint sheen but usually not noticeable by homeowners. However, keep that in mind when you select paint sheens like matte or flat sheen, semi-gloss enamel sheen, satin enamel sheen and high gloss.


When I started laying out all the gray blue colors, I realized that at this point, they turned more blue-gray, so that is why I decided to break up the colors into two sets.

Behr has all these colors in the gray color family, but when put onto your walls, cabinets, and such, I feel they will lend more blue. So if you are looking for a beautiful blue color that will not overwhelm your room, you have come to the right place.

Here are the best blue gray paint colors:

Light Drizzle

Starting with a light blue gray color, consider Light Drizzle. This is a lovely color if you want a subtle blue room. With an LRV of 64, you can see that it is light but with depth and will contrast nice with white-white. The color numbers are 201 211 215. See how it is leaning more blue?

Behr light drizzle

This will be a beautiful blue-gray interior wall color. Other great places to use this color are on the exterior, cabinets, furniture, and porch ceiling sometimes called a haint blue ceiling.

Cumberland Fog

At this point in my research, I saw this color showing up over and over. Even though it is a blue gray tone it would make a lovely little boy's room, baby blue room, or bedroom color.

With an LRV 68, this is a great medium-value color that will contrast beautifully with white. The color numbers are R 206 G 216 B 220, so as you can see, it is leaning bluer.

Behr cumberland fog

Great places to use this color are interior walls, porch ceilings, and furniture.

Absolute Zero

This color resembles Cumberland Fog with an LRV 64 R 203 G 211 B 213. It seems slightly deeper in light reflective value but a little more on the gray side. So, if you love Cumberland fog but want a little tiny bit more gray, then Absolute Zero might be your color.

Absolute zero by Behr

The best places to use this color are interior walls, porch ceilings, and furniture.


This color was right on the cusp of blue and green-gray. I thought it was such a pretty color that I decided to include it. This would be an excellent color for a coastal house or laundry room.

With an LRV 49, this is a deep color and will not reflect a lot of light, but if your house is at the beach or gets a great deal of sun then this color will be nice in a room. Its color numbers are R 174 G 189 B 187, so you can see that it is heavier on the green side but still has a gray blue feeling.

Behr watery

I think when working with this color, if you keep your room more neutral with decorations, it will be a nice blue-green gray color, but if you include more blues, then it might read more blue and vice versa.

Beautiful places to use this color are interior walls, exterior, accent walls, trim, floors, furniture, and cabinets.

Intercoastal Gray

According to Behr, this color is also in the gray color family but like Watery, except it reads more blue. It's LRV 45, which makes it a darker color, and the color numbers are 168 181 188. See that higher blue number that will make it a tinge more blue.

Behr Intercoastal Gray

French Colony

Now we have crossed into the medium dark color range, and the darker shades. Here is another gray color family colour with the word french in it.

Remember when we were talking about french silver, and I said anything with the word french, it usually means it has a little blue? Well, here it is again, and this might be my favorite blue gray color.

This lovely color has an LRV 34, which makes it darker, and its color numbers are R 144 G 161 B 170, which makes it heavy on the blue side.

Behr french colony

Isn't this a lovely color for an accent wall? I think it is the perfect blue gray paint color. Other great places to use this color are front doors, shutters, exterior, cabinets, if you love blue gray on cabinets, and furniture.

Behr french colony paint color on front door

I fell in love with this color while researching the top Behr blue-gray paint colors. I love it so much that I painted my front door with it.

Behr blue gray paint color french colony

This painting project took me 30 minutes to do. I only painted one side of the door, and I used an angled stiff bristle paintbrush. This makes painting all those edges against the glass easier.

Charcoal Blue

Now for the darkest blue gray color, let's look at Charcoal Blue. With an LRV 19, this is a deep color. Its color numbers are R 111 G 123 B 132, which makes it a nice dark blue-gray color.

Behr charcoal blue

Great places to use this color are on interior walls. I can see this in a home library, cabinets, furniture, and accent walls. This would be a beautiful and dramatic dining room dusty blue color. It will also be a great exterior paint color.

Wow! We are finally at the end of the best gray blue Behr paint colors, or maybe I should say blue-gray paint colors by Behr. Here are a few final thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a grayish blue color?

Grayish-blue colors are colors that are neutral with blue undertones. Sometimes called gray with cool undertones because blue is a cool hue.

What gray blue paint color is most popular?

Depending on the paint company and how light or dark this color varies. Behr paint has a popular gray blue color called Hush. It is a light to medium color. Sherwin Williams popular gray blue paint color is North Star which is light. There are many more, but these are in the top most popular gray blue paint colors.

Where do you buy Behr paint?

Home Depot carries Behr paint and stain and has many color options. Behr paint is exclusive to the Home Depot.

Final Thoughts

Earlier in the post, I put some project tips on picking paint colors between gray-blue and blue-gray. Check out this section because picking these colors can be tricky, but you have come to the right place if you are looking for a soft blue or cool gray paint colors.

All these paint colors look great with white trim and ceilings. My best Behr white paint colors post will help you find the right white color.

Here are other posts about paint:

Picking any color can be tricky. If you want a blue room, it can turn out way too blue unless you incorporate a little gray into the mix, but it can be too gray if you want a blue room.

The main thing is to purchase peel-and-stick samples to try out for a few days and then purchase samples of the paint to paint a large area on the wall. Live with it few days to see how you like it over time.

Well, we are all finished with gray blue paint colors by Behr. Which colors are you considering? Share with me in the comments and what room you are painting.

Happy Decorating!

Marsha Ramsdell

Friday 16th of February 2024

This was so very helpful. Thank you.

Linda McDonald

Saturday 17th of February 2024

You're welcome! I am glad it is helpful!