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Do you find yourself asking where to buy Behr paint? All things you want to know about this great brand of paint and who sells Behr paint will be answered right here for you.

Where to buy Behr paint at the Home Depot.

Now, before we dive into where to buy Behr paint, we'd love to tell you how Behr paint got its start and how long Behr has been around. We want to even answer things like how much does Behr paint cost. Have no fear, we'll cover who sells Behr paint.


For starters, Behr paint has been around since 1947. The company was founded and named after Otho Behr Jr. He sold stains from the back of his station wagon. So you might say that Behr paint actually didn't start out as paint but began as stains.

Today you can find everything from exterior paint, interior paint, cabinet paint, ceiling paint, and more by Behr.

Where can I buy behr paint like this marquee paint.

We recently used Behr Marquee paint to paint over a brick fireplace. It is a great interior paint that includes a primer and was perfect to show you how to paint fireplace bricks.


Behr paint is sold exclusively at Home Depot. The color options for Behr paint are endless. And they have some amazing colors to choose from.

If you'd like to know what some of the Popular Behr Paint colors are, check out our blog post with a great list. These are the most sold colors shared to us by Behr paint.

Where to buy Behr paint and paint kit with paint and roller kit.

You can shop for paint in the store and we're excited that you can shop for Behr paint at home online from The Home Depot's website.


If you're wondering if Walmart sell Behr paint, we've got that answer.

You can find two 5-gallon paint buckets sold online at Walmart. It appears they are sold by another vendor so we are not sure if they are first quality Behr paint.

Paint brushes

Both paints available are for interiors and part of the Behr Pro collection. However, if you look at this same paint on Home Depot's website you will find that it is cheaper and a better deal.


When preparing to start a home improvement project, it is good to consider how much each part is going to cost.

We can take the guess work out of how much is a gallon of Behr paint.

A gallon of paint from Home Depot ranges between $20-$25. A gallon of paint covers around 400 square feet which is a small room like a bathroom.

Behr ultra stain-blocking paint and brimer in one, wooster pro roller kit

One of the best purchase options that we've found is their painting supply kits. These are great for first-time painters and they make a fantastic housewarming gift.

Not long ago we got 2 gallons of Behr ultra white paint, along with a 5-Piece Wooster Set All-in-One Project Kit.

We included our favorite Wooster paint brush in our Best Painting Tools List post. If you're looking for what you need to tackle a paint project, this post is a great place to start.


Guest bedroom painted in behr paint ultra white.

Recently we painted our spare bedroom in Behr‘s Ultra Pure White paint. The paint color has turned out to be one of our favorite shades of white. It has a soft calming tone to it.

You can check out the room in our post, Cheap Small Bedroom Ideas or you can see the best Behr neutral paint colors.

A little about painting an all-white room. If you paint the walls and the trim the same paint color and finish then you will get an even uniform look.

If your wall paint is one finish and your trim is another finish then they will look like two different colors of white even though they are the same color.


Now you know where to buy Behr paint, the only hard decision will be what room to paint first or you can paint furniture with Behr paint.

This reminds me to share that Behr has great chalk paint spray paint. It gives that beautiful matte chalky finish. We found that you will need about four cans of Behr chalk spray paint to paint a four-post full-size bed.

We'd love to hear what project you're planning to tackle next and if you buy your paint in the store or online.

Happy Decorating!

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