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Brick fireplaces can be cozy and welcoming but if it doesn't fit into your decor then you will find how to paint fireplace bricks helpful. This DIY will show you how you can easily transform your room in one day just by painting your brick fireplace.

How to paint fireplace bricks

Dark brick fireplaces are perfect in just the right setting but if it is making your room dreary then how to paint fireplace bricks is just what you need to brighten up your style.

This post will take you step by step on how to paint your brick fireplace.

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How to Paint Fireplace Bricks

My daughter, Savanna, and I painted this brick fireplace in one day with one gallon of paint and a few other supplies. So to start this project you need to gather all your supplies.

Here is what you will need to get started.

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Clean the Brick

Before you get started painting begin by vacuuming the bricks. After you have vacuumed the bricks and mortar use the vacuum to clean around the fireplace opening and inside.

How to paint fireplace bricks beginning with cleaning the bricks with a vacuum.

Remove all the dust and if you find any wax like we did use a knife to carve it off of the brick.

How to paint fireplace bricks beginning with cleaning the bricks and scrapping away any wax that may be on the brick.

Once you have removed all the dust and dirt use some glass cleaner and paper towels and clean the glass on the inside and out. We also cleaned all the back areas of the fireplace.

Tape the Fireplace

Next take the painters tape and tape around the fireplace so the paint will not touch the black part of the fireplace.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  After cleaning the bricks tape off anything you do not want paint to get on.

Also tape off the mantel if you are not planning to paint the mantle. Drape the plastic dropcloth over the mantle and tape it down too.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  After cleaning the bricks tape off anything you do not want paint to get on.

After you have the fireplace and mantle taped off lay out the plastic drop cloth on the floor and tape it down up again the fireplace hearth. This will help keep the floor free of paint.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  After cleaning the bricks tape off anything you do not want paint to get on.

Last, tape along the wall where the fireplace brick and the wall meet. It is important to score along the tape edge or paint might get under the tape.

Now it is time to start painting.


Before we get started I want to encourage you to use a high quality paint plus primer like Marquee from Behr paint. The better the paint the easier the job.

We used Ultra Pure White which happens to be one of their most sold colors. There are more wonderful color ideas on the popular Behr paint colors post.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  Use a quality primer and paint combo like this one from Behr called Marquee

Now it also helps to have one or two other people. One can brush or sponge while the other rolls. I do not have a photo of Savanna rolling the brick but I did have this photo so you can see what kind of roller we used.

It is a longer nap roller which helps get the paint between the cracks. But honestly we still needed to use the sponge brush or paint brush so I think you can use just about any nap roller.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  A few tools you will need.  A roller with a long nap and a paint brush.

Pour some paint in your roller tray and start rolling paint onto the bricks. While one person rolls another person can dip the sponge brush into the can of paint and start pressing paint into the mortar.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  Filling in the mortar joins with paint.

If you are doing this project by yourself I would recommend doing the mortar part first then coming back with the roller.

It also helps to do it in section. Trim and paint the top part first. Once you have finished take a break and come back and do the bottom.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  Paint in sections especially if you are painting by yourself.  Here is the top section painted white and the bottom will come after a break.

Another tip is to start at the top of the fireplace and work your way down. We painted the crown the same as the fireplace because it was already white but not exactly the same white. So to make it all flow together we gave it a coat of the Marquee Behr paint.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  Painting the lower half of the fireplace.

Remove the Tape

Once you have finished painting the bricks go ahead and take off the painters tape. I recommend doing it while things are still a little wet because if you let it get good and dry and the paint is stuck to the tape then the paint may come off too.

Paint the Mantle

Now once you have painted your fireplace if you decide the mantle needs painting like we did then you may need more paint.

The brick on the fireplace took all of the gallon of paint so to do the mantle we needed another quart. This actually turns out pretty good because now there is paint for touch up if needed.

Clean the Wood with TSP

Before you start painting it is important to clean the wood with TSP. This product will remove any grime or smoke from the wood and the paint will adhere better.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  If you decide to paint the mantle like we did use some TSP to clean the wood before  you paint.

Simply use some kitchen gloves and a clean cloth. Put some TSP on the cloth and wipe down the wood. Clean it once or twice and let it dry.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  If you decide to paint the mantle like we did use some TSP to clean the wood before  you paint.

Paint the Wood

Now that the wood is clean simply use a paint brush and start painting on the paint. You will most likely need two or three coats. Let it dry in between coats and before you know it your mantel will be the same color as the brick.

How to paint fireplace bricks.  Paint the mantle with the same primer paint combo like the Behr Marquee paint.

Dry 24 Hours

I know you are excited to start decorating your mantle but let me recommend you let it dry for 24 hours. If you sit anything on the mantel before then it is good and dry then it will stick to the paint and possibly mess it up.

How to paint fireplace bricks white.

So, give it some time and let the paint cure and now you are finished.

Can you believe it? You have a completely different fireplace that has changed the whole feel of your room.


Yay! Your fireplace is finished so here are some styling tips for your mantle.

One beautiful way to decorate your mantle is with baskets. I share how to arrange the baskets on a fireplace to give it a warm and cozy look.

Another great fireplace decoration idea is changing decor out for holidays like this autumn mantle decoration post. There are loads of ideas.

And last how about decorating your fireplace with cotton. Cotton is very popular and also makes a fireplace feel warm and inviting. Here are some many ideas for decorating with cotton.

So you know the old saying that the fireplace is the heart of the home? Well, if you love your fireplace then it will naturally be a place you want to bring your friends and family around on those cold winter nights or even on beautiful summer days.

Happy Decorating!


Wednesday 1st of May 2024

Oh wow your fireplace turned out amazing! I think that a lot of homes are leaving the mantle the original color these days (2024) so it looked beautiful before painting it but even white it looks great! So glad I found this because I've been trying to figure out what WHITE I should use on my brick fireplace. I think I found the right color today! :)

Linda McDonald

Thursday 2nd of May 2024

Thank you for sharing! I am glad you found this helpful. Good luck on your fireplace makeover project.


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Saturday 26th of October 2019

Nice job but would recommend grouting the areas between brick and wood and then painting so there are no lines of separating showing

Linda McDonald

Tuesday 29th of October 2019

Thank you for the recommendation. That's a good idea.