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There are so many brick fireplace makeovers you can do in your home. You can paint or chalk paint your brick fireplace, you can do a German schmear technique (we'll explain later) or you can cover over your fireplace with some great shiplap. The options are really endless. We'd love to get your creative wheels turning with some of our favorites!

Fireplace Makeovers

If you have a brick fireplace and feel like you need to give it a new look, we're ready to give you some great brick fireplace makeover ideas. You don't have to rip out your fireplace and start over to give it a new look. Most of these options are pretty simple.

Are you ready to check some out? We are!

Fireplace Makeovers

Do you have a brick fireplace and you have wished you could change it? Well, I am pretty sure after reading this post you will be inspired to try one of these do it yourself projects.

So let's get started talking about all the different ways you can do a brick fireplace makeover.

Simple German Schmear Makeover

Fireplace Makeovers by Our Cozy Little Mn. Home with a simple German schmear makeover

Libby and her husband, over at Our Cozy Little MN. Home, took on this fireplace makeover and the finished product is amazing! They did a German schmear effect taking a white mortar and simply smeared it onto the bricks.

This project took them about four hours and if you hop over to her Instagram page you can see the process in her highlights.

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Joint Compound German Smear Transformation

Fireplace Makeovers by Design Central Project with a joint compound German Smear

This is a 1905 Victorian home that is getting a makeover by Katherine, at Design Central Project. Using a joint compound is another way to accomplish a German schmear look. Fireplaces aren't the only place you can apply this technique.

Another fun fact about Katherine's fireplace is that their mantle is made from an old beam they found in the crawl space of their home. They just used some polyurethane varnish to give it a finished look.

A DIY German Schmear

Fireplace Makeovers by Mrs DIY with a diy German schmear

Mrs DIY shares how she transformed her fireplace with mortar in her Instagram highlight. She started smearing the grout lines with a thick layer of mortar and then brushed over the bricks with the excess mortar.

The way the brick still peeks through is what completes this look.

Faux German Schmear

Fireplace Makeovers by Grace Oaks Designs with a faux German schmear makeover

Hillary, over at Grace Oaks Designs, created a faux German schmear look to cover her fireplace. We don't want to give away how she pulled off this look, but it starts with brick paneling and joint compound. You don't want to miss the before and after on this fireplace!

If you love Hillary's mantle, you want to know that she bleached it recently to get it to look this way and it's beautiful.

A Taupe and White Painted Fireplace

Fireplace Makeovers by Decorate And More With Tip with a taupe and white painted fireplace

While we were on the hunt for fireplace makeovers, we came across Terrie's, over at Decorate And More With Tip. She painted her's with taupe paint and then took sponges shaped like a brick and sponged on white paint on random bricks.

Terrie shares details on her blog with how she specifically created this look and it's a simple, but impactful makeover.

A Fireplace Makeover With Shiplap

Fireplace Makeovers by The Coastal Oak with a shiplap fireplace makeover

Amy, at The Coastal Oak, took the bare wall where her fireplace was and transformed it by adding shiplap. The look is something that Chip and Joanna Gaines would create. Those of you that are good with wood will want to check this makeover out for sure.

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Painted Brick Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeovers by Blooming DIYER with a white painted fireplace

You can give your fireplace a simple makeover by painting your bricks white. Dale, from Blooming DIYER, has a beautiful white brick fireplace which makes her solid wood mantle look stunning.

We recently painted a dark brick fireplace. If you'd like to see the transformation and learn how then check out our post How To Paint Fireplace Bricks.

Whitewashed Fireplace

Fireplace Makeovers by Redesigned Space with a whitewashed fireplace

Whitewashing brick is when you take a 50/50 solution of water and paint and then paint over the brick. That's exactly how Cindy, over at Redesigned Space, created this gorgeous fireplace.

It's the absolutely perfect look for a farmhouse.

Chalk Paint Makeover On A Fireplace

Fireplace Makeovers by DIY Beautify with a chalk paint makeover on a fireplace

Cindy wrote a blog post over on her blog DIY Beautify all about how she created this fireplace makeover. She took chalk paint and used a dry/wet method of painting.

The finished look is something straight out of a magazine.

Graphite Chalk Painted Fireplace

Fireplace Makeovers by Galvanized Farmhouse with a graphite chalk painted fireplace

If you'd like to bring some color into your home, consider what Melisa, over at Galvanized Farmhouse, did with her fireplace. She took Annie Sloan's Graphite Chalk Paint and gave her fireplace a whole new look. This is a fun way of using chalk paint to makeover an otherwise boring piece.

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We hope you've enjoyed and been inspired by these fireplace makeovers. They make us want to cozy up and roast marshmallows. Now if our weather would just cooperate.

If you'd like some inspiration on styling your fireplace mantle, check out our post, Best DIY Fall Decor Mantle Using Baskets. It shows a look that is great at all times of the year, not just fall.

Happy Decorating!