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Best Chalk Paint Ideas From Furniture to Accessories

Are you looking for some unique ways to bring new life to your furniture and accessories using chalk paint? In this blog, we’ll provide you with some chalk paint ideas to update your furniture with white chalk paint, walls and more. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement, a subtle update, or something in between, you'll find plenty of inspiring ideas.

Best chalk paint ideas on furniture. 
Using chalk paint to paint furniture, walls and accessories.

Chalk paint is not the same as chalkboard paint. It can be used in different ways and with different techniques. When using chalk paint, you can create an aged appearance or easily distress what you're painting.

The best thing about using chalk paint is that there is little to no prep work.

You can use different brushes and sponges when painting with chalk paint.

Items you can chalk paint are only limited by your imagination. We found some great furniture pieces that have been chalk painted and wanted to share them with you.

Chalk Paint Ideas

If you are new to the wonderful world of chalk paint, you might ask what I can paint with chalk paint. The easy answer is almost everything.

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceiling
  • Furniture
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Fabric

See what I mean? This paint is so versatile and easy to work with.

Now that you know what you can paint with chalk paint let's look at some chalk paint ideas.

Chalk Painted Walls

Using Chalk Paint by The Restoration Roost chalk painted walls

One of the unique chalk painted ideas we found was on Tracy's Instagram, The Restoration Roost.

Believe it or not, Tracy painted her walls with chalk paint. They turned out beautiful and looked new and clean.

She used Amy Howard at Home chalk paint in Bauhaus Buff color.

If you want tips on how to paint a room like a professional, check out this post on how to paint a room.

Chalk Paint Dutch Door

Chalk paint door idea

Another great place to use chalk paint is on interior doors. In our laundry room, we took an old door and turned it into a dutch door and painted it this beautiful green color.

This color is by Fusion Mineral paint called Inglenook. Fusion is not actually chalk paint but gives the chalk paint look. The nice thing about this paint is you do not need a top coat.

Chalk Painted Piano

Using Chalk Paint by Old Salt Farm chalk painted piano
Photo courtesy: Old Salt Farm

Sometimes painting a family heirloom or vintage piece takes a lot of courage like Kierste did on this piano. She used white latex paint mixed with BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder.

Once you lay eyes on how stunning this piano turned out after it was chalk painted, you might muster up the nerve.

If you're looking to give your home a farmhouse look, you can do so by using chalk paint on a few pieces of furniture.

Chalk Paint Dining Room Furniture

Using Chalk Paint by Liv & Market chalk painted buffet
Photo courtesy: Liv & Market

Izzy and Mel have transformed this home office credenza into a 9-foot long buffet. The dual tone of this piece is breathtaking.

Using chalk paint transforms otherwise drab pieces in your home.

Chalk Painted Hutch

Using Chalk Paint by Farmhouse by Design chalk painted hutch
Photo courtesy: Farmhouse by Design

If you're looking for a piece to hold your Rae Dunn stash, consider a hutch.

But don't just settle for a natural wood hutch.

Consider painting with chalk paint to make the furniture a statement piece in your house. This hutch is painted with Annie Sloan's Pure White chalk paint.

Here is another idea for a chalk painted hutch in my home. This was my very first chalk paint project. You might say this was the beginning of my love for chalk paint.

After finding this piece while thrifting I felt like it needed a litle something to help the dishes stand out more. A friend who is an expert in applying chalk paint came over and showed me how to paint with chalk paint.

The beautiful chalky white finish was just wha this hutch needed.

Chalk Painted Bedroom Furniture

Using Chalk Paint by Shabby Chic Charming chalk painted vanity
Photo courtesy: Shabby Chic Charming

A vanity with a chair is trending just like using chalk paint to give these old fashioned pieces of furniture new lives.

A little sanding gives chalk painted pieces a vintage look.

The Annie Sloan Pure White chalk paint also lightens up an otherwise dark wood piece.

How to make an upholstered headboard from an old metal bed and bleached drop cloth

In our guest bedroom, you will find a beautiful white Winsor chair painted with milk paint, similar to chalk paint. I wanted to include this idea because it gives the same matte finish as chalk paint.

Now if you are interested in milk paint, check out this post on how to paint with milk paint.

Chalk Paint Accessories

Remember at the beginning I shared that you can almost use chalk paint on everything. Well, accessories like books and rugs are perfect to paint with chalk paint. Here are a few ideas you can paint with chalk paint.

Chalk Painted Books

One of my favorite things to paint with chalk paint are books. It is a quick DIY project and the paint coats into the cover and leaves a lovely chalky finish.

There are so many fun ways you can decorate with books from holiday decorating to playing a chalk painted book on your bookcase.

Chalk painted rabbit and accessories

Another fun way to use chalk paint is on decorative accessories. Here I chalk painted a bunny rabbit and the base of the weather vane. The colors didn't work with my design plan so in a matter of minutes I painted it white.

Chalk painted mirror frame

Another easy chalk painted idea is to paint frames on pictures, art and mirrors. After finding this mirror while thrifting I gave it a new gorgeous look with an off white chalk paint color.

This mirror get's moved around from room to room depending on decorations and I love hanging wreaths on it.

Here are tips on how to hang wreaths on mirrors if you would like to give it a try.

Painted rug

Here is an idea using chalk paint that many people are not aware of and that is painting fabric with chalk paint. You can paint upholstered furniture, clothes and even rugs.

One time I wanted a stripe rug under my doormat on my front porch so I decided to make my own for cheap with a drop cloth.

It was so easy and I have all the details in how to make a chalk painted drop cloth rug.

Chalk painted basket

And last did you know you can paint baskets with chalk paint? I have a post on how to paint baskets and I share steps on painting wicker baskets.

It is so easy and decorating with baskets is so much fun! They add texture and storage to your home decor.


Hopefully, we have gotten your creative juices flowing, and you're looking around your home at which piece you'd like to chalk paint.

Don't be afraid to try using chalk paint. It's simple and gives your furniture (or walls) a fresh new look.

Milk paint is different from chalk paint but gives a similar look. If you're interested in seeing how to paint with milk paint, we show you how over on this how to paint with milk paint post.

Happy Decorating!

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