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Put a twist on this year's family gathering with this easy Thanksgiving table decorations DIY.  Using sunflowers as the inspiration your dining table will transform into a warm, cozy and joyous event.

Thanksgiving table decorations diy

Thanksgiving Table Decorations DIY

To start this Thanksgiving table decorations DIY, I want to encourage you to begin planning at least ten days ahead.  Work a little every day so that everything is ready to be placed on the table the day before the event.  Look for some Thanksgiving table decor Pinterest ideas or follow our design for that warm and cozy feeling.

Thanksgiving table decorations diy

Either way you will find loads of DIY dining table ideas.

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Plan Ahead

Plan your family gathering and table by preparing and shopping ahead of time.

Here is a checklist of holiday table decorations you will need to create this heartwarming table:


This year's inspiration began with this flower arrangement by Kendall Farms.  They have a fantastic eye for good design!  Their sunflower arrangement was perfect, and the flowers arrived fresh!!

Thanksgiving table decorations diy flowers by Kendall Farms

Once your flowers arrive make sure to follow the directions right away.

It was straightforward!

Unwrap the flowers.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY flower prep

Cut the stems about 1/2″ from the bottom.

Fill the crock provided with water.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY flower prep filling crock with water

Add provided supplement pack to the water.

Place the flowers into the crock and add some mini battery powered lights to give these already amazing flowers a little extra charm.

The lights will add to that warm and cozy feeling!

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY flower centerpiece by Kendall Farms

Sit the centerpiece in a refrigerator until the event.

Talk about the easiest centerpiece ever!!

Place Setting Decorations

Now the second most important spot to start your decoration is your place settings.  Here is a do it yourself Thanksgiving table decorations idea.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY place setting decoration

The place setting is the seat that is personal to your guests so why not give them a little something special.

Getting Started

You will need

Think about the centerpiece you have selected and coordinate your tags with the flower arrangement.

Measure and Cut

Now lay your roll of craft paper out and measure 9 1/2″ inches by 12″ and cut.

Measure craft paper for Thanksgiving table decorations DIY

Cut craft paper for Thanksgiving table decorations DIY

Count how many place setting and then cut that many more craft paper pieces.

Measure, Cut and Fold Top Center

Next, lay your ruler along the top of the 12″ side and make a mark at 4″ and 8″.  Bring down your ruler about 2 inches and mark four and eight inches again.  Now measure from the top of the paper down 2″ and then draw a line.

Measure top of craft paper for Thanksgiving table decorations DIY

Cut down that line 2 inches.

Cut top of craft paper for Thanksgiving table decorations DIY

Fold the centerpiece down.

Fold Sides

We are about half way finished.  Next, fold in the sides.

Fold craft paper Thanksgiving table decorations DIY

Fold Up the Bottom

Now fold under the bottom.  Try laying your silverware next to the envelope to get an idea of how much you want to fold under, or you can fold it under about 2 1/2 to 3 inches.

Fold bottom of craft paper for Thanksgiving table decorations DIY


This part is optional, but it gives your envelopes an extra layer of love.

Turn your sewing machine on the highest setting.  Now start sewing inside the edge a little more than a 1/8 inch.

Run down each side and the bottom.Sew along edges of folded craft paper for Thanksgiving table decorations DIY

Trim the thread close for a polished look.

Now you have your envelopes, and they are ready to be placed on the place settings.

Other Accessories

Grab what other accessories you plan to have on the table.  It is a tradition at our house to have the pilgrim salt and pepper shakers on the table.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY

Place the wine bottle wrap and bottle on the table.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY wine bottle wrap by The Polka Dot Press

This wine wrap is so adorable!  Look at how precious it is from the back.  The best part about the wrap is it looks beautiful from all sides.

And don't forget about some mini white pumpkins as a filler.

Drop Cloth Runner

There are so many beautiful table runners on the internet.  You can shop for a runner or make this very inexpensive sew DIY table runner.

There are more detailed directions in my other post.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY drop cloth runner

Distressed Milk Paint Wood

Think outside the box is the thought behind this milk painted wood piece.  To make this layer on your table simply purchase a 2″ x 9″ piece of wood.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY raw wood

Measure and cut the wood to the desired length that fits on your table.

Next hand sand it down a little and whip it off with a damp cloth

Now mix your Miss Mustard Seed milk paint color Ironstone and apply the paint in the direction of the wood grain.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY milk paint raw wood

For more detailed instruction and a video on how to mix and paint with milk paint click the image below.

Thanksgiving table decorations DIY. How to mix milk paint

Once the paint has dried use the sanding block again and start removing the paint from the edges.

Sand down any areas that your heart desires.  This is actually a pretty fun part!!!

Setting the Table

You have all the pieces ready, and it is time to dress the whole table.

Here are the steps by which you will need to dress the table.

  1. Drop cloth runner
  2. Ironstone milk paint distressed board
  3. Kendall Farms flower arrangement
    1. Add the lights by hiding the battery box inside the arrangement and weave the lights around the flowers.Thanksgiving table decorations DIY sunflower centerpiece by Kendall FarmsSit pilgrim salt and pepper shaker on one sideThanksgiving table decorations DIY Publix pilgrim salt and pepper shaker
  4. Sit wine wrap bottle on the other sideThanksgiving table decorations DIY wine bottle wrap by The Polka Dot Press
  5. Sprinkle the pumpkins on the milk painted board
  6. Sit plate chargers around the table (I purchased these at the Dollar Tree and painted them with milk paint)Thanksgiving table decorations DIY
  7. Sit a dinner plate and salad or dessert place on top of the dinner plate.Thanksgiving table decorations DIY
  8. Place the silverware envelopes on the place settings and put the silverware inside
  9. Tie the tags twine in a bow and gently sit them on the silverware envelopesThanksgiving table decorations DIY
  10. Place the mason jars in the spot for drinking glasses (what says warm and cozy more Thanksgiving table decorations with mason jars plus add some smaller jars for the kids)Thanksgiving table decorations DIY with mason jars
  11.  Drape flour sack towels on the back of the chair or the bench seat. (add some pillows to the bench for an added cozy look and comfort)Thanksgiving table decorations DIY pillows and flour sack towel napkins

And there is your warm and cozy Thanksgiving table decorations DIY.

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What a great evening we had with family and friends!

The decorations add just the right amount of cozy to the room.

I hope you have been inspired to dress up your table for this holiday season.  Another great place to look for ideas is our thanksgiving dinner table ideas.

Happy Decorating!

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Tuesday 6th of October 2020

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Saturday 27th of October 2018

Oh so beautiful! I can't believe those flowers came mail order... they look WAY better than the ones at my grocery store. I love your whole setup. :) gwingal