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Building a Reading Nook Where Your Imagination Comes Alive

Let's talk about building a reading nook. We have rounded up some pretty amazing reading nook ideas and brought you great finds to build your own.  So now it is time to break it all down and learn step by step how to build your very own book nook.

reading nook

This DIY reading nook is probably the easiest decorating project you will ever create. You most likely have everything you need already in your home so if your looking for a fun decor project then you have come to the right place. Plus building a reading nook take no time to create.


Can you imagine the perfect spot so comfy that when you fall into it you find yourself melting into another world through a book?  Well, that is what I am hoping we create just for you with this cozy nook porch idea. A quiet space with a comfy chair where you can escape into another world through reading.

So, let's waste no more time and jump right through the pages of this post to learn how to build your very own reading nook.


reading nook hammock swing

The most important element of any reading nook is comfortable reading chairs — a cozy chair.  At our house, we have a hanging hammock swing on our back porch. It's the perfect reading space.

But you don't have to have a back porch in order to have a cozy nook.  Look for a corner in the bedroom or living room.  Or seek out a window where some cushions will fit. If you have a large window to set up your reading spot, you'll get lots of natural light to read by.

Now, begin searching for a chair that is easy for relaxing.  I usually suggest finding one in your home for practice.  Move that chair to a special spot and you have the beginnings of a comfy cozy reading nook.


A great idea is to add some throw pillows and/or blankets to your reading nook.  The soft feel of the pillow and if it is kind of chilly the throw blanket will make your reading corner even cozier.

reading nook pillow and blanket

Adding lots of pillows to your reading area will make it perfect for curling up in your book. Be sure to include pillows in your favorite color. It's an easy way to make your comfortable place extra special.


To anchor your space, even more, pull up a side table.  This gives you a place to set everything you need to make your adventure not interrupted.  I'll explain what I mean by that a little later.

Look for a small table or large that is at a good height for easy access.  You don't want one that you have to practically get out of the chair to reach things. You want this storage space to be easy to access and to hold everything that makes your special place perfect.

reading nook side table


Lamps are not always needed for reading nooks but if your lighting is not great then I would highly recommend one. If you have lots of natural light then you are good to go and don't need a lamp. But if your lighting is dim then consider a lamp so you don't have to strain.

Think about a lamp, string lights, or wall sconces that add the right amount of light for easy reading but are not overpowering. It doesn't require a lot of space but can make a big difference.

There are loads of options in the world from hanging lights, wall mounts, table lamps, and floor lamps.  The options are endless. We have recess lighting for night and plenty of God lighting during the day.  Haha!

Reading Corner Candles

What a good escape without some yummy candles!  Candles create an ambiance that just adds to your cozy nook experience.

If you plan to have your candles on for hours consider ones that are inside jars or place a small candle in a mason jar. If you notice on the window by the fern plant we have a jar candle there that is safer for the long term.

reading nook candles


I have talked about the importance of plants in your home decor before in our post “Plants are More than a Decoration.” So, here is a great place to put a plant.

Plants add so much life to a room.  It cleans the air and just looks really pretty.

reading nook plants


To add another idea for decoration consider using some books especially if they are ones that you love to look at or read often.

And if they are some of your favorite books, they will make sweet decorations because of those fond memories.

Or, if you really want to be creative, cover your books in natural craft paper, or paint them with chalk paint like my friend Holly did at Life on Southpointe Drive, and then display them.

reading nook books decorations

See how easy building a reading nook can be? Here are more fun ideas for reading nook decorations.


Well, we are almost finished with that escape space. Now all you need is a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, or whatever makes you feel good.

reading nook starbucks coffee

Oh, and remember a yummy dessert on your side table in case you get the munchies and don't want to leave your story!

reading nook snacks


Oh, wait!  I almost forgot.  Remember to pull up the good book you are reading.

reading nook Nicolas Sparks book

And if you have any fur babies they might just be the icing on the cake.  What's a good cozy reading nook without a warm furry friend? Now our perfect place is complete.

reading nook furry friends



So, now we have finished probably one of the easiest decorating jobs in your home — building a reading nook.  A true book lover paradise. These steps can be made for an adult, teen, and kids' reading nooks too. We designed our as a reading nook adult space but it can be easily be adjusted for kids by changing to colors children love.

Here is a quick checklist to follow and begin creating your imagination place. First, find an empty space to build your book nook. Remember it can be anywhere. A small space or large, inside or outdoors.

Now follow this list of what you will need to create your beautiful reading nook.

Well, there you have it, my friends.  I cannot wait to hear and see what lovely tranquil spot you have created in your own home. For more inspiration try these favorite reading nooks, cozy book nook ideas and these cozy nook finds.

Happy Decorating!

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