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All those warm and inviting cozy nooks we shared last Trending Tuesday made me want to curl up and read a great book.  This week we are sharing some pretty awesome finds to build your own reading corner and featuring someone pretty special.


Having a cozy nook in your home will have all your friends and family reading all day long.

Check out these items I discovered while searching for ideas after my reading nook round up post went live. I think these cozy nook ideas are sure to inspire.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  All opinions are all my own


cozy nook swing hammock chair

I am not going to waste any time sharing our very own hammock swing because I get messages all the time wanting to know where we found it.

Overall we are in love with this reading nook swing and have already spent countless hours here.  If I could add one thing it would be a circle cushion just the size of the seat.


What's a cozy nook without a good cup of coffee?  I discovered loads of beautiful handmade adorable mugs on Etsy and thought it would make these reading corner ideas even more special.


cozy nook plant

Looking for more cozy nook ideas? Here is a thought.  Bring some plants into your cozy nook.

Plants help clean the air in your home so this will make your nook even better.  But what really attacked me to this plant is the basket.  Isn't it gorgeous!


cozy nook compass pillow

Whether you have a nice chair, hammock swing or a reading nook canopy, pillows are a must.  What a fun pillow to add to your cozy nook collection.


Every cozy book nook needs a blanket or throw but not just any throw a soft and cozy one. this cable knit throw has all the textural feels to make your reading corner look warm and inviting.


cozy nook reading canopy

I adore this canopy!  Kids love reading canopies.  There's just something fun about hiding inside and crossing the bridge to their imagination in a good book.


I couldn't share all these reading corner ideas without sharing my all time favorite book.

If you are a follower of Jesus and you love fiction that takes place in a time in history then you will enjoy this book.

This story occurs during the gold rush out west mostly and it parallels the story of Hosea in the bible.

Let me warn you now that you will not want to put it down.  Haha!  You can pick up a copy online on Amazon or download it to your Kindle.


You can create a cozy reading nook at home with a few simple steps. Choose the spot carefully in your home. It can be in your bedroom, living room, or even your porch. You can make a cozy nook even in small spaces. It's ideal to have natural light in a quiet area. Choose seating you'll be comfortable in, like our hammock swing or a comfortable chair. A cozy blanket will be a perfect addition for chilly days. Bring in some greenery in pretty containers and baskets. Add a small side table for a cup of tea and cookies to enjoy while you read. Be sure to have good lighting to avoid eye strain. Don't forget a soft, fluffy area rug. Create ambience with personal touches like candles, photos, and memorabilia.


Just a quick reminder to sign up for Amazon Prime so you can take part in the Black Friday of July.  Get some Christmas shopping done early so you don't go broke in the month of December.


Now for the feature of the week.

I want you to meet Lauren with Blesser House.

We featured Lauren's gorgeous outdoor dinner party table recently but the coolest thing about Lauren is that I just found out she is my mentor at the Haven Conference.

Who would have guessed that one week I would feature her design for the first time and then the next week I would actually get to meet her.

So, here is Lauren who lives in North Carolina with her handyman hubby and sweet little daughter.

When you read her blog you get the feeling that she if extraverted fun and crazy but apparently, she is shyer and expresses herself through her writing.

If your looking for some fun reading and have a love for DIY, home decor, and Jesus then Blesser House is the perfect place for you to curl up in that new cozy nook and spend some time with Lauren.

Lauren's top post is “Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Reveal.”  This is a great place to start especially if you are planning to do any bathroom decorating.

So, while you are reading and surfing through Blesser House I will be meeting Lauren for the first time.

I am super excited and will share with you all about Haven and Lauren soon. 😉


Well, time flies when you are having fun or reading a book! Haha! There's nothing better to get away from everyday stresses than cuddling up with a good book, warm blanket, and comfy pillows in a cozy book nook. I hope you enjoyed these cozy nook ideas. Do you have a reading nook at home? I'd love to hear how you style it in the comments.

Keep your eyes open for my how to build a reading nook post. Don't miss these other helpful posts:

Happy Decorating!

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