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How to Style Throw Blankets for a Warm and Cozy Aesthetic

This time of year, blankets are needed to help us stay warm and cozy but knowing how to style throw blankets will make your home decor look warm and cozy too. Today I am sharing different ways you can decorate with blankets that can be easily grabbed to cover up on a cool winter night.

How to style throw blankets

Have you ever walked into a room and something about it looks so inviting? There are beautiful fluffy pillows, candles, and baskets, but I bet there is at least one blanket in the room.

To top off all this lovely decor, I feel the person who decorated this room knew just how to style throw blankets to make it look even more special.

How to Style Throw Blankets

There are many reasons why throws are necessary for your home decor. They provide warmth to friends and family, offer a new texture to your home decor, and give color to your space.

In this post, we will break down different ways you can style your blanket or throw options to consider when shopping.

How to Style Throw Blanket on a Couch

I am starting this, how to style throw blankets, with probably my all-time favorite, and that is hanging on the back of a sofa.

Back of sofa blanket

If you have a sofa where the back is showing, this is a great way to create visual interest, add style, texture, and color.

I like to change out this blanket by season and holiday. For example, here is a picture where I place a fall blanket on the back of my living room sofa when I was decorating for fall.

One thing to consider is if your sofa has attached cushions, then you may not be able to place a blanket draped over the back of your couch. However, if you have detached cushions, then here is a great styling method to hang a blanket on the back of your sofa.

How to Drape Throw on the Back of Sofa

Fold the throw in half. If it has fringe, make sure you fold it where the fringe comes together.

Find the center of the throw and place it on the center of the back of the sofa.

Tuck your blanket behind the cushions, ensuring the fringe hangs down on the bottom.

I love this idea! This is one of my favorite ways to style a throw blanket. The back of the couch or sofa goes from plain to decorative. It is a great way to add a new aesthetic to your space.

Consider changing the blanket for other holidays like Christmas. This year, we have a new blanket to add: a Hearth and Hand green and red plaid. It adds a gorgeous pop of color. They also have coordinating throw pillows. I will be sharing that soon in our Christmas post.

Now there is another way to style your throw on a sofa or a chair, and that is the toss method.

How to Drape a Blanket over a Sofa or Chair

How to style a blanket on the back of a sofa

Here is another excellent example of decorating with blankets on couches. After decorating our mantel for spring, I tossed a blanket over our sofa to add a cozy feeling to the decor.

This is an easy way to make your family room feel cozier. There is no right or wrong way to toss a throw over an upholstered piece of furniture, but here is my trick.

Pinch the center of the blanket and pull it up in the air.

Gently drape the throw over the back of the sofa or chair. Start at the seating area and drape it over the back if the back of the furniture is not showing into the main living area. If you see the piece of furniture's back when you walk into the room, consider reversing this step so that it drapes more over the back.

This cozy throw is perfect for this styling. This a great option for a more casual look. It makes me want to curl up under my blanket on a chilly day with a cup of tea and a good book.

Spring decorating ideas for your fireplace mantel

You can use this same concept on a bench too. In our entryway, we have an old wooden bench. I love to change the decor seasonally, as I did here with the pillows, blanket, and flowers.

Large wall clock in an entryway

Who would have guessed there is so much to say about draping a throw over a piece of furniture? LOL!

Next, let's talk about a decorative storage solution using a basket. I love decorating with wicker baskets.

How to Style Throw Blankets in Baskets

Basket decoration with blankets

Probably the most popular way to store blankets is in baskets. But have you ever thought about styling your throw in a basket? I love baskets! They make incredible decorations, just like blankets.

This is one of the easiest ways to style your throw blanket. To style your basket with a throw, toss the fabric into the basket and then drape it a little over the side.

You can fold and roll your coverings if you want a tidy look for your basket. If you want to hide your throw blankets purchase a storage container with a lid. This is an excellent idea if you have toys or other items you want to hide too.

How to Hang a Blanket

Next on our agenda is how to hang a blanket. If you install hooks in your home decor, you can easily hang a spread as a decoration, plus it is easy to grab to get warm and cozy.

In our kitchen, we have a sitting room. It's a good idea to change out the decorations for holidays and seasons on these hooks. In the summer, I use a thin lightweight throw on the hooks, but when fall and winter come, I go for something thicker and warmer.

French Market basket hanging on a wall with blanket hanging on a hook

The added blanket on the wall also adds texture and color to the decor. As you can tell, I change the blankets by season.

They're lovely decorative accents. See how it adds texture in the photo above, but I pulled in fall colors with this inexpensive Target dollar spot blanket in the photo below. We do not use it much in the summer, but it gets used quite often in the winter.

Here are more fall decorating ideas if you want to see how I decorated the rest of the room.

Decorating your kitchen with copper and blanket hanging on a hook

How to Style a Throw Blanket on a Bed

Just like sofas, there are two ways to style blankets on beds. The first idea is folding a blanket on the bottom portion of the bed. I used an accent throw in our small guest bedroom at the foot of the bed.

How to style a throw on a bed

Here is how I styled this blanket on my guest bed with one of my favorite throws.

Fold the blanket where the fringe, if it has fringe, is on the ends.

Place the blanket at the foot of the bed, evenly hanging down on the sides. Make sure the throw sets on the top of the bed.

How to style a comforter on the foot of a bed

If you have a comforter instead of a blanket, you can fold it and set it at the foot of your bed as I did here in my daughter's bedroom. This comforter is the perfect addition to create a layered look.

You can also toss a blanket or throw it on a bed, as we did in the sofa picture. As before, pinch it in the center and drape it on the bottom corner. Let the end drape off the bed.

How to Style Throw Blankets at Tables

When throwing a party or even a special dinner night for your family, add a blanket or throw to a bench as I did her when decorating for fall. This gives them a softer and warmer place to sit, and it looks inviting.

Styling a blanket on a dining table bench

In the next photo, when I was setting our vintage farmhouse Christmas table, I used what looks like a fur blanket on the bench but don't tell anyone; it is actually a rug. Wink wink!

I wanted to share this idea because there are so many beautiful faux fur throws you can purchase, which would look amazing on your bench. The soft texture of the improvised seat cushion will be welcomed by your guests.

How to style a fur blanket on a bench

If your event is outside, this is the perfect spot for a blanket because it can easily be pulled off the bench to be used.

How to decorate a bench with a throw blanket

Did you notice there is a blanket on the dining table used as a tablecloth? A little secret I love to share is being resourceful and using sheets, blankets, and other fabrics as tablecloths.

Using a throw blanket as a tablecloth

Do you recognize this blanket? It is the same throw on the bed in my guest bedroom. I used a white sheet on this table and then set the blanket on the table on a diagonal.

Since we are talking about using blankets as tablecloths, here is another example.

How to style a table with a blanket

For our Thanksgiving table last year, I used the blanket from the back of the sofa and draped it across the center of the table. Next, I added a drop cloth runner I made down the center, going the opposite direction, and then set a piece of chalk-painted wood on top. Who knew decorative blankets were so versatile?

Final Thoughts

Now that we have talked about how to style your decorative throws, here are some of my favorite places to shop for throws and blankets. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods are great places to pick up blankets and throws to make your living space cozy. The quality is higher for a cheaper price.

I also like to shop at Target. They have trendy styles in different colors, which looks nice as a decoration, and they're usually machine washable.

Keep a throw or two in your main living areas and bedrooms. It is nice to have a couple of blankets for those cool winter nights, and it is a simple way to add layers and texture.

I almost forgot another idea that I do not use in my home and that is blanket ladders. If you have a place to hang a ladder, you can fold and drape your blankets over the steps. This makes a nice decoration and is very useful as a storage solution.

Now that we are finished decorating with blankets, where is your favorite place to buy blankets? Do you have a favorite blanket? What do you think is the best way to decorate with it?

Happy Decorating!

Eleanor Welch

Monday 18th of September 2023

Hi! Your home is gorgeous. Loved how you styled the blankets, can you link or provide me your source for the plaid fall blanket with fringe on the back of the couch? Thanks, Eleanor

Linda McDonald

Wednesday 20th of September 2023

This Hearth & Hand blanket is no longer available but Joanna Gaines has two new fall designs that are very pretty too.